Trang Tran panicked because of anti-fans, wherever she went she was fired from her job, it was difficult in America

Đức TríJun 12, 2024 at 16:22

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Former model Trang Tran and her life after settling in the US has been a topic of great interest to netizens over the past time. Even though she left Vietnam, she was still tormented by anti-fans in her home country, to the point of being helpless and admitting she was tired.

Recently, Trang Tran posted a clip sharing about life in America. She mentioned anti-fans: "In this world, there is no one more evil than anti-fans. I came to America and it was very difficult. First I went to work cleaning nail salons and cleaning toilets. I worked for 5 or 6 days then discovered by anti fans.

I was caught off guard because I took a photo and posted it at work, and anti fans called and attacked the store owner, raising their voices and insulting them. The shop owner was so scared that he let me quit my job and gave me $2,000 and said he sympathized with her. I went to the pho restaurant near my house to make it. I'm smarter now, I don't post my pho restaurant, but anti fans still find it and pressure people. I was laid off again. The shop owner gave me m.oney to buy a car and told me to compensate me. They said that because I'm from the same hometown, they can't help me. Seeing that I'm hard-working and hard-working, my anti-fans put too much pressure on me. You don't have much, give me $40,000, buy a car and apply for a job.

Trang Tran panicked because of anti-fans, wherever she went she was fired from her job, it was difficult in America - Photo 1

Going to this side without a car is like having no legs. That car costs $45,000, I added $5,000 to buy it. After that, I bought a lawn mower to cut grass for people. Grass cutting meal for a Western man's house. Next door is the house of a Vietnamese person. They took pictures of me and posted them to the Vietnamese community here. Anti fans saw it and rushed in to scold Mr. Tay's house. But they always speak in English. Such bad luck.

Trang Tran panicked because of anti-fans, wherever she went she was fired from her job, it was difficult in America - Photo 2

Mr. Tay said okay, from now on you don't mow my lawn anymore. So I sold the lawn mower again. I should have worked as a hired laborer, but now anti-fans have cornered me. I have to be the boss even though I don't know English, don't know the roads, and don't know how to use computers.

Coming over here, every Monday, I go ask for charity food and receive monthly allowance. My neighbors see my poor hard work but don't understand why I'm hated." She added: "I don't go to work anymore. Once in a while, if someone hires me to clean, I go, otherwise I stay home. Every month, people give me $3,000 in cash so I have m.oney for the market. Well, that's fine."

Trang Tran panicked because of anti-fans, wherever she went she was fired from her job, it was difficult in America - Photo 3

Even though she has to do more work in America, Trang Tran affirms that her life is still good. Before settling abroad, the female model once boasted of owning a savings book of 7 billion VND. In addition, she also has a house for rent in Vietnam. Trang Tran expressed: "I still have m.oney whether I work or stay at home. The m.oney I send here from renting a house in Vietnam is enough for me to spend comfortably, but staying at home and doing nothing will make people sad.

Being away from home makes everyone sad, I'm sad because I'm away from my friends. For people like me who are used to working, sitting idle at home is stressful. As long as I have the energy to work, I just keep working. Besides making m.oney, working also makes us feel valuable in this life."

Trang Tran panicked because of anti-fans, wherever she went she was fired from her job, it was difficult in America - Photo 4

Trang Tran's family lives in a spacious house in America, with a large garden, which she uses to grow vegetables and fruits. Outside of work, the female model focuses on taking care of her mother-in-law, husband and daughter. Whenever she has free time, her whole family goes out to hang out and gather for cozy meals.

Trang Tran panicked because of anti-fans, wherever she went she was fired from her job, it was difficult in America - Photo 5

Trang Tran is also very loved by her mother-in-law. She proactively helped her take care of little Fire Ant. In addition, Trang Tran often livestreams and cooks closely with her mother-in-law. Trang Tran shared: "My joy now is cooking. Currently I live in a far away country, in general, it's all about Kien's future, everyone. Living here, my husband also works from home. I don't come home until morning. Luckily, I still have my mother-in-law, but I'm not sure I'm stressed or depressed. My mother is also good at eating, drinking, and talking, but if my mother-in-law doesn't like me, I'd say life is no different. prison".

Trang Tran panicked because of anti-fans, wherever she went she was fired from her job, it was difficult in America - Photo 6

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