"Brother Overcoming All Obstacles" helps Su Huu Bang, Lin Zhiying revive his reputation

Bảo NamFeb 11, 2024 at 10:42

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Brother Overcoming All Obstacles is one of the top audience watching gamesshows in China. Remembering to participate in the program, many male actors received public attention, reviving their reputation after many years of working in the profession.

Brother Overcoming All Obstacles helps Su Huu Bang, Lin Zhiying revive his reputation - Photo 1

In addition, this can be considered a male version of the program Billion Billion Wind Turns. The show first aired in 2021 with the goal of finding the 17 best names to form the ultimate b.oy band.

After 3 seasons of broadcasting, many top actors in Cbiz but because of the end of time, they rarely appeared in front of the public have now returned to the stage, once again shining. In the original version of Brother Overcoming All Thorns, not only singers but also actors, models ... also participated in the performance of special repertoire. Let's take a look at the most impressive names after 3 seasons of Brother Overcoming All Thorns.

Brother Overcoming All Obstacles first season (2021)

In 2021, the show Brother Overcoming All Obstacles was introduced to the audience for the first time. Following in the same format as Billion Billion Wind Turns, many viewers look forward to seeing the epic performances of the actors when returning under the spotlight.

Brother Overcoming All Obstacles helps Su Huu Bang, Lin Zhiying revive his reputation - Photo 2

In the finale, 17 best actors were formed into the debut group including Tran Xiaoxuan, Li Chenghui, Zhang Tri Lam, Zhang Qi, Yan Chenghuo, Huang Quan Trung, Truong Tan (leader), Lin Chi Huyen, MC Hotdog, Au Duong Tinh, Zhao Van Trac, Liu Giao, Gai, Cao Khan Yu, Xie Tianhua, Bai Jigang, Zhang Yunlong.

Brother Overcoming All Obstacles helps Su Huu Bang, Lin Zhiying revive his reputation - Photo 3

In particular, what makes the audience admire the most is that the show has brought names that are "past time" to help them revive their reputation. Chen Xiaoxuan was once famous everywhere for the movie "Loc Peak Ky". But the older he gets, he doesn't have many opportunities to appear in front of the camera. Through the program, the image of a mature man who is funny and loves his wife and children is more and more known to the audience.

Hong Kong actor Zhang Zhilin is also one of the stars attracting top love in the show. The "Vast Sky" star has the opportunity to be invited to more shows with better compensation than before. The image of a man who is "afraid of his wife" is both handsome and affectionate and attracts everyone's attention.

Brother Overcoming All Obstacles Season 2 (2022)

Overall, Brother Overcoming All Obstacles season 2 is not much different from the first season. In particular, this season also has the participation of many famous faces such as To Huu Bang, Ngo Kien Hao, Lam Phong, Phan Vy Ba...

Brother Overcoming All Obstacles helps Su Huu Bang, Lin Zhiying revive his reputation - Photo 4

After many rounds of competition, the list of 17 male artists was released as a group including Do Duc Vi, Ren Hien Qi, Tran Xiaoxuan, Trinh Quan, Tin, Truong Tri Lam, To Huu Bang, Truong Chan Yue, Ngo Kien Hao, Ngo Khac Dan, Lam Phong, Phan Vy Ba, Ly Thua Huyen, Zhou Baihao, Zhang Yunlong, Pham The Century, Duong Truong Thanh. In particular, To Huu Bang is the champion of the contest with the highest score. In addition, Chen Xiaoxuan is also one of the top 2 on the list of champion candidates.

Brother Overcoming All Obstacles helps Su Huu Bang, Lin Zhiying revive his reputation - Photo 5

Meanwhile, actors Liu Kaiwei and Wu Zhuxi also participated in the competition but had to say goodbye early. Notably, Liu Kaiwei had previously set expectations that participating in the show would help him recover his reputation after his divorce from Yang Kai. However, for the audience, no special sympathy was shown for this Hong Kong actor.

Brother Overcoming All Obstacles Season 3 (2023)

The Brother Overcoming All Obstacles season 3 lineup is mainly composed of actors from China and Taiwan. The most special is actor Lam Chi Dinh - who is associated with many famous movies and possesses an "ageless" beauty. It is known that the crew had to spend a large amount of m.oney to invite Lin Chi Dinh to participate because he has not participated in activities in the entertainment industry for many years.

Brother Overcoming All Obstacles helps Su Huu Bang, Lin Zhiying revive his reputation - Photo 6

In addition to Lin Zhiding, other names are equally prominent such as Zhang Dong Liang, Hua Shaoyang, Tang Wuzhi, Du Hao Ming. Younger faces are also of interest to people such as Wang Yuechen, Ma Boqian...

Brother Overcoming All Obstacles helps Su Huu Bang, Lin Zhiying revive his reputation - Photo 7

The final confirmed debut lineup consisted of Chen Chu Sinh (team leader), Lin Zhiding, Hu Yanbin, Wang Yaoqing, Wang Lichen, Lu Yi, Zhang Yuan, Zhang Liangdong, Ba Yuan, Tai Guoqing, Dong Baoshi, Li Jiujie, Tin, Crocodile, Ma Ba Qian, Luo Jiefu, Ma Xiaolong.

Brother Overcoming All Obstacles helps Su Huu Bang, Lin Zhiying revive his reputation - Photo 8

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