TikToker Quynh Truong bought a car at the age of 22, admitted using "tricks"

Minh NgọcFeb 27, 2024 at 10:06

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At the age of 22, the pretty g.irl Quynh Truong, famous on TikTok, soon bought a car for her father thanks to her million-view mukbang videos. Once suspected of eating a lot but still being thin and beautiful, Quynh Truong is not afraid to admit her "tricks".

It is not difficult to come across mukbang videos (eating while recording clips or livestreaming) on social media platforms. One of the faces most known to netizens recently is hotgirl Quynh Truong.

Quynh Truong (born 2002, Nghe An) is currently a senior student majoring in Information Technology, National Economics University. She is widely known for posting videos containing cooking instructions and food mukbangs.

TikToker Quynh Truong bought a car at the age of 22, admitted using tricks - Photo 1

After a short period of time pursuing a job of eating and recording, the f.emale s.tudent originally from Nghe An quickly attracted more than 2.1 million followers on the TikTok platform. She is fortunate to be fondly called "mukbang beauty" by the audience.

TikToker Quynh Truong bought a car at the age of 22, admitted using tricks - Photo 2

Not only attracting attention with her beautiful face and outstanding appearance, Quynh Truong also surprised the online community by possessing a series of impressive academic achievements, such as: Holding the position of valedictorian for excellent students at the provincial level. Nghe An in 9th grade; scored 27.25 points in the 2020 high school graduation exam... and was also a student at Phan Boi Chau High School for the Gifted - a famous school for the gifted in Nghe An and the whole country, a student at the Nghe An provincial level in 9th grade. ..

TikToker Quynh Truong bought a car at the age of 22, admitted using tricks - Photo 3

Talking about her fate in the profession, Quynh shared: "During the COVID - 19 outbreak, Quynh was exposed and initially produced videos on the TikTok platform mainly for entertainment purposes. On a random occasion, Quynh When I was inspired to go out to eat, I recorded and uploaded the video and suddenly received a lot of positive interactions from everyone. Gradually after that, I practiced filming more videos on the topic of eating, taking care of myself, and taking care of myself. only innovating and being creative in each product video. And up to now, Quynh is pursuing the production of food and drink content on TikTok."

TikToker Quynh Truong bought a car at the age of 22, admitted using tricks - Photo 4

She said that creating food content not only helps her become more known but also creates a stable source of income. In early February, Quynh Truong showed off her newly purchased car, making people admire.

"The daughter is 22 years old. For 18 years, her father has been driving her to school, taking exams, everywhere she goes, there's always her father with the engine running, the whole neighborhood is awake. Now let her take her father to pick up the car, let's go chill" - TikToker g.irl confide.

TikToker Quynh Truong bought a car at the age of 22, admitted using tricks - Photo 5

In addition to such positive things, Quynh Truong also has to face many mixed opinions. Of particular interest is the suspicion that her video was cut and assembled, only chewing and not swallowing. In response to this question, Quynh affirmed that she ate and did not spit out the food. In the clips there are few swallowing scenes because the video length is short, so most of the footage had to be cut, mainly keeping the eating scene and appetizing expressions.

TikToker Quynh Truong bought a car at the age of 22, admitted using tricks - Photo 6

"The main time I spend studying and working, arguing with opinions like this doesn't help me develop myself, it just wastes time. I just hope everyone has a lighter and better view of life. life!" - Quynh Truong said. This clip of her speaking up has received 15 million views and many people think that such a response is reasonable.

TikToker Quynh Truong bought a car at the age of 22, admitted using tricks - Photo 7

Regarding eating a lot but still being pretty and not fat, Quynh Truong said that the eating clips are normal people's daily meals, not too much. At the same time, she also works out a lot to stay in shape. However, since making the mukbang video, she also gained 5kg.

The "mukbang fairy" is also not afraid to admit that she has beautiful and sparkling images on social networks thanks to the "trick" of using the app and believes that online she must be beautiful.

TikToker Quynh Truong bought a car at the age of 22, admitted using tricks - Photo 8

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