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Ngan 98 was "plagiarized" by a tiktoker from mukbang, copying her boyfriend sitting next to her

Nguyễn Kim17:58:01 12/05/2024
The female Tiktoker is said to imitate Ngan 98's mukbang style. Even the way to have her boyfriend sit with her during mukbang is the same. Currently, netizens cannot help but feel bored and criticize the female Tiktoker.

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'Mukbang fairy' accused of arrogance after fame, netizens immediately defend

Phương Thảo06:30:29 02/05/2024
Emerging with extremely attractive Mukbang clips, Quynh Truong became a mukbang fairy in the heart of the online community. She also possesses an extremely pretty, clear beauty, lovely way of talking that captures the hearts of many viewers.

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"Mukbang Fairy" Quynh Truong 2k2 admitted to being old and said a word to the men who closed the door

Thanh Phúc19:05:58 26/04/2024
H.ot tiktoker specializing in creating mukbang content Quynh Truong recently made fans stir with a meaningful status line she posted on her personal page. After reading it, the men felt sad and thought they had closed the door.

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Loi Con quit singing to work as a food reviewer, eating ice cream is enough to take the spotlight from Quang Linh

An Nhi13:34:24 24/04/2024
Present in Vietnam, c.hild idol Loi Con stole all the spotlight from Quang Linh Vlog. No matter where he appears, many people pay attention. Recently, while enjoying Vietnamese ice cream, Loi Con's armpit-tingling delicious expression made fans excited.

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The copy of 'mukbang fairy' Quynh Truong no one dares to book or beg to find a job

Đức Trí16:51:36 21/04/2024
Tiktoker specializes in making mukbang - Hina Quynh Nhu, who has a reputation as a copy of mukbang fairy Quynh Truong, was recently caught by people posting on the forum to apply for a job, seriously lacking bookings despite owning an account with more than 200 thousand followers. .

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'Mukbang fairy' Quynh Truong 'turned off the lights' in front of the Mexican mukbang lady, blocking the window

Đức Trí16:57:06 12/04/2024
Vietnamese netizens are extremely excited about the emerging internet phenomenon coming to Vietnam, a lady specializing in making mukbang content from Mexico. Making the entire eating and drinking clip is in the car, making people immediately think of the mukbang fairy Quynh Truong.

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David Ngo: Overseas Vietnamese are "mixed mines" causing a TikTok storm, increasing their followers rapidly

Phương Thảo17:17:31 11/04/2024
David Ngo is emerging as a TikTok phenomenon. Even though he doesn't know much Vietnamese, David makes a strong impression because of his hometown scoldings. However, it was also the mixed mine that made him receive many...

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'mukbang fairy' Quynh Truong continues to Hina Quynh Nhu, the clone witty at the end

Trí Nhi16:47:05 08/04/2024
Tiktoker Quynh Truong has just made waves with an extremely harsh tie with her alleged clone character - tiktoker Hina Quynh Nhu. However, the attitude of witting back to the original is what makes the online community fall back.

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Quynh Tran JP criticizes the way Vietnam does business, netizens scold him: I'm starting to know how to favor foreigners

Hương Duy07:12:13 19/03/2024
Just because of a squid, Quynh Tran JP received a storm of criticism from the audience in her home country for speaking without standards. Many people believe that the female YouTuber is no longer the same as before, her personality is no longer as close and friendly as before.

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The guy with cancer freely mukbangs d.rugs, the story behind it will convince anyone who hears it

Phượng Vũ14:43:23 17/03/2024
Having had cancer for 4 years and facing d.eath twice, the young man was never afraid. He was even optimistic enough to share his medication journey, inspiring many young people.

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Afraid of little Mai's 4kg lard mukbang, fans grimaced, fearfully criticizing her lack of charm

Pinky12:08:13 16/03/2024
The online community is extremely confused over the mukbang scene that is considered the most horrifying ever, when saint-eater Mai made the challenge to eat 4kg of lard. The plate of lard on air made many people look at it in horror.

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'Mukbang Fairy' publicly announces her best boyfriend, heartbroken fanboy online

Phong Trần15:42:17 13/03/2024
Famous for her Mukbang channel with 2.2 million followers and many million-view clips, Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong made many fanboys fall in love online when she suddenly announced her sweet love affair with her best boyfriend.

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TikToker Quynh Truong is likened to "Vietnamese version Boki", once accused of "chewing without swallowing"

Khánh Huyền14:56:44 01/03/2024
TikToker Quynh Truong is a very h.ot name with Mukbang content thanks to her sweet, pretty beauty and extremely quality content and images, attracting viewers. When she first emerged, she was repeatedly questioned for chewing and not swallowing.

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Quynh Truong: studied IT, became a H.ot TikToker, bought a car at the age of 22 thanks to eating

Phong Trần07:40:07 29/02/2024
TikToker Quynh Truong is also known as the mukbang fairy because not only is she beautiful, she also makes many people hungry online because she eats so deliciously, neatly and beautifully.

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The mukbang fairy "hinted" at the h.ot g.irl plagiarism, attracting more than 11 thousand followers

Phi Đức14:48:19 28/02/2024
Recently, the online community was abuzz about the mukbang fairy having her style copied by a new TikToker as her content. Quynh Truong also made a move to mention the g.irl studying under him.

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TikToker Quynh Truong bought a car at the age of 22, admitted using "tricks"

Minh Ngọc10:06:41 27/02/2024
At the age of 22, the pretty g.irl Quynh Truong, famous on TikTok, soon bought a car for her father thanks to her million-view mukbang videos. Once suspected of eating a lot but still being thin and beautiful, Quynh Truong is not afraid to admit her tricks.

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"Korean eating saint" revealed after weight loss, current physique surprised fans

Bình Minh15:18:29 16/02/2024
Recently, the popular Korean eating saint made people surprised by his incredibly slim physique, post-weight loss. She looks as beautiful as the idols of Kim Chi.

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Mukbang "deep-fried toothpick" becomes a trend, Korea has to issue a warning

Khánh Huyền18:47:46 27/01/2024
As a recent mukbang trend in Korea, the deep-fried toothpick dish received many mixed opinions from the online community. This country has also taken steps to warn people about this dangerous dish.

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B.aby Mai confidently took on the challenge of eating a "super giant", now receiving a sad ending after a long time of making millions

Hoàng Phúc14:02:02 15/11/2023
Recently, the b.aby name Mai has become famous on social networks. The reason comes from videos participating in the challenge of eating super giant portions to receive r.ewards that are usually cash.

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Who is Miss Hai Bao? Becoming a phenomenon when mukbang with his wife, suspected of breaking up with Aunt Hai because of a new love

Keng11:33:34 20/07/2023
Ms. Hai Bao, also known as Nguyen Ngoc Linh, is a rapidly spreading online phenomenon on the TikTok platform. Born in 1991, she has attracted great attention from fans through unique and attractive mukbang videos.

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Ha Linh still posted a clip of eating and drinking even though she announced that she would stop reviewing food, fans were angry: Don't change the concept

Minh Lợi16:11:55 25/04/2023
Although she once announced that she would stop doing food reviews, until now, Ha Linh still uploads eating clips on her Youtube channel. This action of the female youtuber continues to cause controversy. Explaining this, Ha Linh said it was a mukbang, not a review Accordingly...

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Quynh Tran JP has stopped being criticized for "allum", posted a photo of "dropping hearing" to receive a rain of compliments

Jennie13:58:47 19/09/2022
The "makeover" of Sa's mother today makes everyone admire for the secret. Quynh Tran JP is probably also gradually changing herself to stay healthy and beautiful in the eyes of the public. Recently, Quynh Tran JP surprised netizens when she had time to lose weight and tighten...

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Quynh Tran JP announced great good news in Vietnam but was criticized by the people at the same time for one thing

Nắng10:20:53 03/09/2022
Quynh Tran JP is a name that is no longer strange to many netizens when associated with vlogs recording life in Japan or close mukbang clips, lots of laughter next to her son Sa. After working as a YouTuber, Quynh Tran finally entered the business when she recently announced...

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Quynh Tran JP spent hundreds of millions to make teeth for her biological mother, shocked at the scene of the garden house in Japan being "abandoned"

Hoàng Phúc11:02:54 05/04/2022
After 3 months of celebrating Tet in Vietnam, Quynh Tran, Sa and her best friend Nhan Vlog returned to Japan. If you follow Quynh Tran JP's YouTube channel regularly, everyone knows that she had such a "careful" Tet holiday that she had to shoot vlogs with her mother every day...

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