Duc Nhan revealed a difficult childhood to raise a beautiful granddaughter like a beauty, as a "treasure" in the house

Hoàng AnhFeb 08, 2023 at 12:04

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Duc Nhan Vlog is loved not only for his delicious cooking videos, but also for his kind heart. Anyone who follows Duc Nhan knows that in order to have the life like today, her childhood had to go through many difficulties. Also because of the events and hardships in life, she created a heart of compassion as if she loved her own b.ody, all of which is proven by the way she treats and takes care of her family.

Duc Nhan revealed a difficult childhood to raise a beautiful granddaughter like a beauty, as a "treasure" in the house - Photo 1

Last Tet holiday, she and her Japanese husband Teru returned to Vietnam to take a warm photo with her family.

Worth mentioning, as soon as it was posted, viewers quickly focused their attention on Duc Nhan's beautiful niece. Although there is no specific information, but her beautiful appearance and tall figure still receive many compliments.

It is known that this is the first c.hild of Duc Nhan's sister. Since the female YouTuber couple returned to Vietnam to live, she has gradually appeared more in family photos.

Duc Nhan revealed a difficult childhood to raise a beautiful granddaughter like a beauty, as a "treasure" in the house - Photo 2

Although not born, Duc Nhan and his granddaughter still have many similarities. There are even accounts that praise "Daughter Duc Nhan is as beautiful as Miss". Her poses and expressions are also very diverse, not shy in front of the camera.

Through the way of interaction, it can be seen that the relationship between Duc Nhan and his granddaughter is very good. Even many times, the female YouTuber did not hesitate to call her "treasure of her life".

Duc Nhan revealed a difficult childhood to raise a beautiful granddaughter like a beauty, as a "treasure" in the house - Photo 3

In fact, Duc Nhan's granddaughter has suffered a lot since birth. According to the female YouTuber, because the family was too difficult, her mother and she had thought about giving her grandson to someone else to raise. Even getting a birth certificate for the grandchild could not be done, causing her to go to school later than her peers.

Duc Nhan revealed a difficult childhood to raise a beautiful granddaughter like a beauty, as a "treasure" in the house - Photo 4

Duc Nhan added: "Take care of me since I was in the mother's womb, hold me in my arms since I was a b.aby monkey. I love you because I have suffered many disadvantages. Since I was born, I have not known my father's face yet. Not hugging the b.aby like other children, the emotional disadvantage is not enough, even the hospital fee, the aunt has to carry the c.hild through each room, each person sharing the obstetrics department to beg them for every penny, to have enough m.oney to pay the hospital fee for the c.hild. c.hild and mother.

There is one thing that God did not take from me that is 'beautiful, lovely' since I was born, everyone who looks at me likes it. Although your mother is stupid, she doesn't know everything including breastfeeding, or seeing her c.hild cry, she has to hug and pat... The c.hild is so disadvantaged that 1 month old, other people's children are in the arms of their parents. , being hugged and loved every day. And I have to go with my aunt every alley, up to Nha Trang, into each house to beg for every penny to buy milk and take care of my family."

Duc Nhan revealed a difficult childhood to raise a beautiful granddaughter like a beauty, as a "treasure" in the house - Photo 5

According to Duc Nhan, around the time her first granddaughter was born, she had to work very hard to take care of her family. In particular, when her sister gave birth to her second c.hild, the responsibilities on the female YouTuber's shoulders became heavier and heavier. Even, to m.ake m.oney, she decided to drop out of school, leave her family, try to do all kinds of jobs, busy from morning to night in the strange land of Saigon.

Even so, she still considers herself luckier than her granddaughter. Because at least she had some precious time with her father. Up to this point, the thing that makes her regret the most is letting her niece come live in a strange family.

Duc Nhan revealed a difficult childhood to raise a beautiful granddaughter like a beauty, as a "treasure" in the house - Photo 6

The female YouTuber confided: "The thing I feel most guilty about is probably sending my c.hild to 'stay at someone's house' when he was only 8, 9 years old - the age that needs to be cared for, protected and loved by his family. All because I want my children to go to school, study at night with lights on, and have adults tell you to tutor.

I love you and my children more than myself, because at least I can know the warmth, memories, love and protection... of my father. As for 2 children, it is entirely from aunt, mother and grandmother. Now, looking back at my aunt's daughter, I know that she has grown up and is about to leave the arms of her aunt, mother and grandmother. Although later on, when I grow up and understand everything, I just hope that my heart is always towards this small family. Even though my family doesn't give me everything I need like other families, here I love and protect my children with what they need in their own way."

Duc Nhan revealed a difficult childhood to raise a beautiful granddaughter like a beauty, as a "treasure" in the house - Photo 7

In fact, this is not the first time Duc Nhan mentioned his niece. She even considers them both "precious treasures" of her life. She confided on her personal page: "For Nhan, two grandchildren are everything. Although she did not give birth to two children, Nhan personally took care of them since she was still in the mother's womb. The two children were in need of too much, fate. Being an aunt and uncle will make up for everything for the two children until they grow up, get married and have children."

Duc Nhan revealed a difficult childhood to raise a beautiful granddaughter like a beauty, as a "treasure" in the house - Photo 8

Through the clips and pictures Duc Nhan posted, it can be seen that Teru also treats his wife's niece very well. On the last Tet holiday, he also prepared a large pile of m.oney to celebrate the age of two grandchildren. Whenever he has free time, he takes his wife's family to eat delicious food and buy furniture.

Although he still has many things to worry about, Duc Nhan does not forget to take care of his granddaughter. She is also very grateful to her aunt and uncle. Hope the female YouTuber's family will always be as happy as it is now.

Duc Nhan revealed a difficult childhood to raise a beautiful granddaughter like a beauty, as a "treasure" in the house - Photo 9

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