Pets become money-making tools for mukangs

team youtuberSep 23, 2020 at 17:09

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In a live broadcast video, a German shepherd dog is f.orced to chew on Sichuan chili chicken by its owner. The dish is described as making the eater feel a burning sensation throughout the b.ody and numb the tongue.

Before China is implementing a plan to limit wasteful eating videos online, from here, b.arbaric forms of fishing were born. Some people have f.orced their pets to eat large amounts of food. Especially dogs, they have to stand in front of a giant plate of food, even being f.orced to eat chili. Just to m.ake m.oney and keep fans.

Pets become a money-making tool for mukangs - Photo 1

Pets become money-making tools for mukangs - Photo 2

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