Tieu Chien owns the most enthusiastic fans in Cbiz for a reason, acts extremely sweet with fans

nekoJan 18, 2023 at 15:15

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Not an artist with the largest number of fans in Cbiz, but undeniably Tieu Chien's fans are among the most enthusiastic in supporting idols.

It can be said that as long as it is a product or magazine represented by Tieu Chien, all of them will quickly sell out. As long as the event has Tieu Chien participating, the h.ot search for that day will explode. As long as it is a film by Tieu Chien, the producer will not worry about the film lack of temperature.

Tieu Chien owns the most enthusiastic fans in Cbiz for a reason, acts extremely sweet with fans - Photo 1

What makes Tieu Chien fans can be so wholehearted is probably a big question of many other fandoms when looking at their own idols and how the fandom works.

Recently, the image of Tieu Chien hand-drawing a rabbit and writing New Year greetings has received attention. In particular, netizens also noticed that the actor had a red bracelet on his hand. This is the "credit" of Tieu Chien and fans.

Tieu Chien owns the most enthusiastic fans in Cbiz for a reason, acts extremely sweet with fans - Photo 2

In 2020, Tieu Chien encountered the biggest scandal in his career. The actor was asked to withdraw from the entertainment industry by the online community, and the films and brands Tieu Chien represented were boycotted. At that time, Tieu Chien was "missing" for a long time, his career was completely frozen.

Tieu Chien owns the most enthusiastic fans in Cbiz for a reason, acts extremely sweet with fans - Photo 3

To comfort the actor, fans made many posters with Tieu Chien's face and hung a lot of red strings on them to hope to bring them good luck.

Tieu Chien owns the most enthusiastic fans in Cbiz for a reason, acts extremely sweet with fans - Photo 4

Although he did not say it directly, it can be seen that the actor appreciates and appreciates this action of the fans. Tieu Chien also delicately often wears a red bracelet as a "credit" between himself and his fans.

Before that, the social network spread the "heart-stopping" moment of Tieu Chien and the young fan. The behavior from the actor Tran Tinh Lenh for the g.irl made people extremely excited.

Tieu Chien owns the most enthusiastic fans in Cbiz for a reason, acts extremely sweet with fans - Photo 5

Accordingly, when the actor was enjoying the party, a l.ittle g.irl timidly approached to give him the letter. Tieu Chien expressed her happiness at the c.hild's love, at the same time showed a very bright smile and warm eyes for the l.ittle g.irl.

This caused the "plum residence" to constantly whisper and talk about the lovely interaction between Tieu Chien and the young fan.

Tieu Chien owns the most enthusiastic fans in Cbiz for a reason, acts extremely sweet with fans - Photo 6

Through this, it can be seen that Tieu Chien is not only a sophisticated male artist, but also a person with a warm heart. When becoming a celebrity, Tieu Chien is always aware of his responsibilities, he is careful in every action to every statement. In the process of artistic activities, with the title of the top, Tieu Chien has to face a lot of pressure, and many people spread fake news to find a way to d.rown the actor, as well as bring him back. very large amount of anti. But absolutely no one can find fault in his personality as well as his profession.

Tieu Chien owns the most enthusiastic fans in Cbiz for a reason, acts extremely sweet with fans - Photo 7

Facing a lot of pressure, unlike many other artists who will argue or urgently speak up, what Tieu Chien's fans both love and respect is that he always hides the difficulties in life, but gives fans positive energy in any situation. In the times when fans took extreme actions because of the actor, instead of denying responsibility, Tieu Chien chose to apologize on behalf of the fans.

Tieu Chien is known to many audiences through the hit movie Tran Tinh Lenh co-starring with Vuong Nhat Bac. After only one night, Tieu Chien became the face of countless brands, the number of fans increased rapidly. The actor quickly became the top of Cbiz with a huge fan base and solid career.

Tieu Chien owns the most enthusiastic fans in Cbiz for a reason, acts extremely sweet with fans - Photo 8

However, recently, Tieu Chien's films have not been smoothly broadcast. The actor also did not appear on New Year's Eve programs of major stations. Even so, Tieu Chien's fans still did not choose to leave, they always accompanied the actor whenever there was a chance.

In general, in order to have a generation of passionate fans like today, the biggest core is the positive energy that an idol can bring to his fandom, this is what Tieu Chien has done. done very well over the years.

Tieu Chien owns the most enthusiastic fans in Cbiz for a reason, acts extremely sweet with fans - Photo 9

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