Tran Hieu blocked Tran Nghien Hy's phone and was cold towards her children to find an excuse for divorce

Bút BiJun 20, 2024 at 07:04

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Information about Tran Hieu - Tran Nghien Hy's divorce is taking over public opinion in the land of billions of people. Just as promised, on the afternoon of June 19, paparazzi Giang Tieu Yen livestreamed revealing the inside story behind the breakup of Cbiz's top star couple.

According to an exclusive source in Giang Tieu Yen's circle, Tran Hieu is the one who filed for divorce from Tran Nghien Hy at the end of 2023. The actor did not r.eveal the reason for wanting to end the relationship with the Taiwanese beauty. However, he announced in front of Tran Nghien Hy that he would leave empty-handed to escape the marriage with her.

Tran Hieu blocked Tran Nghien Hys phone and was cold towards her children to find an excuse for divorce - Photo 1

After that, Tran Hieu moved out of the house and did not pay attention to Tran Nghien Hy and her mother for the past 6 months. This actor even changed his phone number and blocked Tran Nghien Hy's social network account. Therefore, Tran Nghien Hy can only contact her husband through his staff or friends when needed. During the separation, Tran Nghien Hy did not go to the film set to meet Tran Hieu. Last April, Tran Nghien Hy was caught taking her son to school with a heavy mood and a haggard appearance.

Tran Hieu blocked Tran Nghien Hys phone and was cold towards her children to find an excuse for divorce - Photo 2

Currently, the information that Tran Hieu "coldly violently" divorced Tran Nghien Hy caused a stir in Chinese public opinion. The audience did not agree with the actor's way of ending their relationship. Some people even suspected Tran Hieu of having an affair outside, which is why he ended such a c.ruel relationship with Tran Nghien Hy. Currently, the two leading entertainment news sites in the country of billions of people, Sina and Sohu, have not yet been able to contact Tran Hieu and Tran Nghien Hy to verify information that the star couple has broken up.

Tran Hieu blocked Tran Nghien Hys phone and was cold towards her children to find an excuse for divorce - Photo 3

From 2023 until now, netizens have also noticed signs of instability in the top star couple's marriage. On Tran Nghien Hy's birthday last year, Tran Hieu did not post to congratulate his wife. He came to the party but only took care of his son. In June of the same year, Tran Nghien Hy was revealed to be sobbing at Duong Thua Lam's concert. On July 5, Tran Nghien Hy did not wish her husband a happy birthday like every year.

Tran Hieu blocked Tran Nghien Hys phone and was cold towards her children to find an excuse for divorce - Photo 4

The relationship between Tran Hieu and Tran Nghien Hy started quite early. In 2011, after the resounding success of the movie The G.irl That Year We Chased Together, Tran Nghien Hy became the first love in the hearts of many men. And Tran Hieu was also among them at that time.

It wasn't until 2013, when they co-starred in the movie New Condor Heroes, that Tran Nghien Hy and Tran Hieu met for the first time. Although this film has caused a lot of controversy, it was even severely criticized by the public. However, thanks to the movie, "Duong Qua - Tieu Long Nu" found the true love of his life.

Tran Hieu blocked Tran Nghien Hys phone and was cold towards her children to find an excuse for divorce - Photo 5

At the time of being paired in The Condor Heroes, "Qua Nhi - Co Co" had a lot of good feelings for each other, but at that time the two just stopped at the level of friends. It wasn't until a year later that the two officially started dating. At that time, even though he was 4 years younger than his girlfriend, the Mainland actor appeared to be a mature, responsible man. Tran Hieu always takes time to care for his girlfriend despite the geographical distance.

The two's relationship progresses at rocket speed. After only a few months of dating, Tran Hieu romantically proposed to his girlfriend during a trip to Paris, France. The couple married in July 2016 in a solemn wedding in front of the blessings of thousands of fans. And in December of the same year, "Tieu Long Nu" gave birth to her first son, nicknamed Tieu Tinh Tinh.

Tran Hieu blocked Tran Nghien Hys phone and was cold towards her children to find an excuse for divorce - Photo 6

However, their love story was heavily vilified by public opinion because Tran Nghien Hy was 4 years older than her husband and was pregnant before getting married. In 2019 and 2020, the marriage of Tran Nghien Hy and Tran Hieu encountered difficulties and was constantly entangled in marital troubles. At that time, the two had to frequently correct themselves and appear together with high frequency to confirm their emotional attachment.

At the end of 2020, Tran Hieu was rumored to be having an affair with Lam Duan after collaborating in the movie Dream of Flowers. The actor That Year the Flowers Bloomed and the Moon Was Full immediately posted photos with his wife and children to erase suspicions about his infidelity.

Tran Hieu blocked Tran Nghien Hys phone and was cold towards her children to find an excuse for divorce - Photo 7

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