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Stray Kids plots to overthrow Jimin (BTS), raising ambitions to dominate Kpop

Mỹ Hoa10:19:50 20/07/2024
While senior Jimin released his second solo album titled MUSE. The album is about love, including 7 songs including the title song Who. The group Stray Kids expressed their ambition to dominate the global music market with their new album ATE, taking the throne.

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Lee Know: male god with outstanding visuals and admirable career journey

Hoàng Anh09:59:19 17/07/2024
Lee Know of the group Stray Kids takes it very seriously and becomes the group's dancing machine. He has a passion for performing and dancing, so he started pursuing it from a very young age. Lee Know is 1m72 tall, has a unique real name Lee Min Ho, born in 1998.

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Felix is the shining male god of JYP, a formidable force in the Kpop entertainment world

Lan Chi21:42:20 13/07/2024
Felix is a member of the top fourth generation b.oy group Stray Kids, under JYP Entertainment. Having gone through many challenges and rigorous skill assessments, he was given the opportunity to join the entertainment industry by his management company.

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Tieu Chien: announcing good news with 'girlfriend', fans are extremely happy

Bảo Yến10:40:11 11/07/2024
Recently, Tieu Chien suddenly received great good news that made fans extremely happy. Accordingly, the handsome actor and his older girlfriend received sweet fruits after nearly 1 year of living together. Tieu Chien is the cult screen god of Cbiz. Handsome appearance...

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Tieu Thuan Nghieu: the male supporting actor was stoned, becoming more impressive than the male lead

Hoàng Anh11:31:56 09/07/2024
Tieu Thuan Nghieu is a male star who played the character of Lam Hao Thanh who was in love with the female lead Ky Van Hoa (Dich Le Nhat Ba) in the movie Ngu Giao Ky. This handsome and affectionate man is very popular with female fans

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A Family Affair: A global romance blockbuster, the main couple explodes chemistry

Kim Oanh15:15:35 03/07/2024
According to data from Flix Patrol, the romantic comedy A Family Affair is currently ranked first in 85 countries, including Vietnam. With the script according to the motif, the age difference, like a mother who loves her daughter's idol has caused a fever at the theater

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Mark Lee is a formidable factor in Korean entertainment, SM praises him wholeheartedly

Bảo Yến14:55:56 29/06/2024
Before officially debuting, Mark Lee was favored by SM Entertainment to participate in many projects such as SM Rookies or filming MVs with his seniors EXO to increase recognition, this became a stepping stone for him to succeed.

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Thai male god Win Metawin falls in love with his student Ho Ngoc Ha, his visuals explode

Pinky13:47:00 28/06/2024
Thai actor Win Metawin just had a reunion with his student Ha Ho - singer and model Phi Phuong Anh, at an event in Malaysia. This clash made many fans excited, enthusiastically sharing the affectionate images of the two.

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Phan Tri Han appeared to "protect" Chi Pu in Cbiz, openly dating each other?

Đình Như11:56:03 22/05/2024
Recently, Chi Pu posted a new MV teaser video, marking her return to the music industry in 2024 called Finding You. Notably, she even made a big deal to invite Phan Tri Han to play the main male role in the MV.

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NALA wrote a letter at 1 a.m. before his d.eath, the last sentence was emotional

Bút Máy16:28:11 09/05/2024
After being treated by doctors, makeup artist Lam Nguyen died suddenly at the age of 30. Two days earlier, he left a letter for family and friends that made anyone unable to hold back tears.

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My Nam Byeon Woo Seok asserts his status, worthy of the title of the national god

Chitshere07:19:34 03/05/2024
Recently (1/5), Korean fan girls were heartbroken by the appearance of beauty Byeon Woo Seok at the red carpet of the 25th Jeonju International Film Festival.

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Shunsuke Michieda: 'National treasure of beauty', before Thanh Xuan 18x2, he played b.oy love

Pinky14:36:47 22/04/2024
Japanese male god Shunsuke Michieda is causing a stir with the electric work Thanh Xuan 18x2: Journey towards you. However, few people know that this male star with once-in-a-lifetime beauty previously played a sympathetic role in a b.oy love project.

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Chau Tuan Vy: The male god has a terrible education, almost causing Bach Loc's career to collapse

Hướng Dương22:11:38 23/03/2024
Chau Tuan Vy is considered a real male god in real life with high education, loyalty and many talents. However, in 2023, he was suddenly assassinated, making fans surprised.

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Duong Duong was admitted to the hospital for surgery, his condition was bad: Knowing the cause, everyone felt sad

Mỹ Hoàng15:04:17 22/03/2024
The news that male idol Duong Duong had to be hospitalized for surgery made his fans extremely worried. Although the surgery has ended, the actor's health has not yet returned to normal.

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Chu Chinh Dinh: The new ancient male god of the Chinese screen, overwhelming Nham Gia Luan

Hoa Tuyết14:19:03 22/03/2024
Chu Chinh Dinh was originally an idol and started acting in 2020. Recently, the handsome man attracted attention when appearing with a cool image in the movie Liet Diem.

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Han So Hee's "male god" boyfriend and 5 facts not everyone knows

Hoàng Trang17:13:49 20/03/2024
Up to now, the buzz about the explosive love drama between Hyeri - Ryu Jun Yeol - Han So Hee still shows no signs of cooling down. Many people cannot help but be curious about the male god who caused two famous female stars to receive bitter results when falling in love.

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Jennie - V both revealed a "super" mood, the g.irl did 1 thing for the first time after leaving YG

Uyển Đình09:32:48 09/03/2024
On March 8, BLACKPINK's Jennie and V made fans stand still when they both made moves on social media. Worth mentioning, they both share a melancholy mood that caught fans' attention.

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Harry Lu is suddenly h.ot again, what life is like after 20 surgeries for accidents

Phương Thảo10:21:51 05/03/2024
Recently, the TikTok social network suddenly trended the cut of Harry Lu's patriarchal dialogue in the movie 4 years 2 guys 1 love: B.aby, I drove you to eat ice cream.

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Li Fei: The boss of historical short films has both color and stature, burning the hearts of millions of female fans

Phi Yến14:12:58 01/03/2024
Having just entered the entertainment market since 2020, although still young in both age and career, Li Fei has had certain achievements, not inferior to his peers.

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Hoang Hien: "Short-legged male god" in the Chinese world still makes fans c.razy because of his talent

Nguyễn Kim14:33:27 25/02/2024
Hoang Hien is one of the actors who is classified as capable by taking on main roles in major projects. In particular, Hoang Hien is also loved by many people because of his calm and elegant handsome appearance.

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Old love Zhao Luxiu "played big", spent nearly half a billion fans, still far behind this person!

Snow09:53:16 13/02/2024
On the occasion of Tet to Spring, Tran Triet Vien did not hesitate to pocket m.oney to give fans nearly 500 million VND. This act of his generosity surprised many people.

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Chi Pu released a series of visual photos flooding the screen with the male god Zhang Dong Liang

Phong Trần17:01:41 06/02/2024
A series of photos of Chi Pu paired with the legendary male god of Cbiz - Truong Dong Luong made netizens almost rub because they are too beautiful. Netizens from China praised the Vietnamese singer from beauty to talent after the Xuan Van Gala.

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Vu Mong Lung: Ancient male god who captivates the hearts of Cbiz fans and aspires to become a multi-talented artist

Keng15:16:55 31/01/2024
Born in 1988 in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Vu Mong Lung graduated from Beijing Performing Arts Training Academy in 2010. When mentioning Vu Mong Lung, many people immediately remember the phrase Ancient Male God.

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Dich Le Nhiet Ba flopped miserably, still not wanting to get married to Tran Triet Vien

Hướng Dương11:03:58 23/01/2024
Dilraba fans are very unhappy when they hear that their idol is likely to collaborate with Chen Zheyuan. Is it because of the recent noise of Tien Kiem 4?

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