Tran Phi Vu and Truong Tinh Nghi resumed their old love after 2 years

Đình NhưJun 24, 2024 at 21:37

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At the end of 2022, the combination of Tran Phi Vu and Truong Tinh Nghi in the film adaptation project The Lighter and the Princess Dress (another name: My Lighting Warms You) made the whole world explode and attract attention. attention of countless audiences.

It is also thanks to this unexpected success that the careers of Tran Phi Vu and Truong Tinh Nghi have changed well.

Tran Phi Vu and Truong Tinh Nghi resumed their old love after 2 years - Photo 1

Nearly two years after the shocking collaboration that day, soon, the couple Ly Tuan - Chu Van (the male and female leads in The Lighter and the Princess Dress) will have a reunion at Tencent's Trade Conference, taking place released on June 24.

According to the list announced by the organizers, in addition to Tran Phi Vu - Truong Tinh Nghi, the Chieu Thuong Conference also has the participation of many famous Chinese actors such as Truong Nhuoc Quan, Duong Yen, Dilraba Dilmurat, Dan Kien Thu , Dang Vi, Phung Thieu Phong, Canh Diem, Tran Tinh Huc, Vuong So Nhien, Dien Hi Vi, Ly Lan Dich...

Tran Phi Vu and Truong Tinh Nghi resumed their old love after 2 years - Photo 2

Tran Phi Vu and Truong Tinh Nghi were voted as one of the most popular couples on Chinese screens in 2022, after The Lighter and the Princess Dress aired.

Transforming into the role of technology genius Ly Tuan, Tran Phi Vu was highly appreciated by the audience. The public's prejudices about a "Crown Prince of Cbiz" who only relies on his parents have gradually been dismissed.

It was thought that the actor would soon enter the top ranks like Tieu Chien and Vuong Nhat Bac when a series of photos of him in bed with fans were revealed. Although they explained that they were both single at that time, Tran Phi Vu's career still declined rapidly. A series of scandals about director Tran Khai Ca's appearance and taking advantage of his ex-wife to get a green card were also revealed,...

Tran Phi Vu and Truong Tinh Nghi resumed their old love after 2 years - Photo 3

Tran Phi Vu then disappeared from social networks and was rumored to retire. However, the actor continued to return to participate in activities and join a new film crew. Currently, Tran Phi Vu is still only filming movies with his father as director and hopes to compete for awards and use his strength to regain fans' sympathy.

There are many people who once loved and pushed the boat of Tran Phi Vu - Truong Tinh Nghi and chose to turn their backs. There are also fan couples who continue to stay and support, hoping for the day when the two actors "cultivate into righteousness." In real life, the happy ending is like the love between Ly Tuan - Chu Van in the movie.

Tran Phi Vu was born in 2000 and grew up in a family rich in artistic tradition. His father is famous director Tran Khai Ca and his mother is famous historical actress Tran Hong.

Tran Phi Vu and Truong Tinh Nghi resumed their old love after 2 years - Photo 4

Tran Phi Vu entered showbiz quite smoothly. In 2021, he decided to give up his American citizenship and take Chinese citizenship to facilitate his path to filming in the country of billions of people.

Tran Hong - Tran Phi Vu's mother is famous throughout Asia for her pure, flawless beauty. She was born in 1968 in a prosperous and happy family. Her father is a bank employee, her mother is a civil servant. From a young age, she showed her talent for art, participating in performance activities at school.

After graduating from high school, she passed the entrance exam to the acting department of Shanghai Drama Academy (China) with excellent results. With a height of 1m66 and a beautiful face like a flower, Tran Hong quickly found a place in the entertainment industry.

Tran Phi Vu and Truong Tinh Nghi resumed their old love after 2 years - Photo 5

Works associated with Tran Hong's name include Lieu Trai, Thai Nu Chi Loving... but the most prominent among them is Romance of the Three Kingdoms (1991). In the movie, she plays Diao Chan. With her perfect appearance and natural acting style, she was praised by the audience and the media as "the most beautiful Diao Chan on screen", "ancient treasure" or "the most beautiful beauty in Chinese entertainment".. .

In addition to the famous films mentioned above, Tran Hong also scored in films such as Mai Lan Phuong, Vo Chi, Lu Bo and Dieu Thuyen... or the romantic works of female writer Quynh Dao such as Thuy Van Gian, Ky Doi Diem Duong Hong, Yen Chai Long Long...

Tran Phi Vu and Truong Tinh Nghi resumed their old love after 2 years - Photo 6

When his career flourished, Tran Hong was fortunate to meet the most important man in his life. In 1992, she accidentally met director Tran Khai Ca. Even though they didn't talk, the two left a deep impression in each other's hearts.

Tran Phi Vu and Truong Tinh Nghi resumed their old love after 2 years - Photo 7

Tran Khai Ca is known as "the person who has never been poor" in the Chinese entertainment industry. He was born into a prestigious family in Beijing. Chen Kaige's father is a director and lecturer at the Beijing Film Academy and his mother is a famous screenwriter.

Tran Phi Vu and Truong Tinh Nghi resumed their old love after 2 years - Photo 8

Chen Kaige is among the highest paid directors in China, at the same level as director Zhang Yimou. Investors who want to cooperate with Tran Khai Ca must pay contract fees, millions of dollars in salary, and spend m.oney to make movies for him.

Tran Phi Vu and Truong Tinh Nghi resumed their old love after 2 years - Photo 9

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