Trieu Lo Tu silently "humiliated" the beauties, only one person was undefeated

Châu AnhJun 24, 2024 at 16:30

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Trieu Lo Tu is one of Cbiz's famous little flowers. In recent years, the actress's career has increasingly flourished, receiving many remarkable achievements that other beauties of her age can hardly achieve.

Trieu Lo Tu was once called a "time-traveling beauty" or "time-traveling saint" thanks to continuously making her mark with time-traveling genre films such as: Oh my Majesty, Heavenly Thunder, Spring Flowers. Thu Nguyet, Tran Thien Thien in rumors...

Trieu Lo Tu's artistic path has had many positive changes in recent times. In 2023, she will have three movies airing: Afterglow, Can't Hide, and Hidden God. All three works play an important role in the acting career of this Chinese star.

Trieu Lo Tu silently humiliated the beauties, only one person was undefeated - Photo 1

In particular, since Tinh Han Xan Lan, his career, popularity, and influence have increased dramatically, increasingly standing firmly at the top of the 95th page, almost "far ahead" of his peers. other.

Trieu Lo Tu's recognition, whether in his home country of China or abroad, makes many people admire him. In the rankings of search index and hashtag views on Douyin, Tieu Hong Thu has never been without a flower g.irl.

Also according to the latest update, the Trieu Lo Tu hashtag on Douyin has officially reached the milestone of 100 billion views, making the Unconcealable Thief beauty the first 95-year-old flower to achieve this achievement.

Trieu Lo Tu silently humiliated the beauties, only one person was undefeated - Photo 2

Although Trieu Lo Tu did not have a very good starting point, she was just an amateur actress with a passion for the profession, but over the years she has indeed shown the audience progress in her acting skills, no longer having too much of one color like old. In 2023, the Can't Hide Theft fever appeared, sweeping the small screen and social networks at home and abroad, helping Trieu Lo Tu catch the eyes of many film producers and directors.

Trieu Lo Tu silently humiliated the beauties, only one person was undefeated - Photo 3

Currently, in addition to the series Ngoc Chau Sa which has finished filming, just waiting for the day to air, Trieu Lo Tu has another female lead series, which just started filming in early June, which is Let Me Shine. The most unexpected thing is that a junior like a beauty named Trieu could escort the famous male star Tran Vy Dinh, who has been active in the Chinese entertainment industry for many years.

Trieu Lo Tu silently humiliated the beauties, only one person was undefeated - Photo 4

Notably, participating in Let Me Shine also includes Van Bang, a young actress born in 1996 with beautiful beauty and relatively stable acting skills, but unfortunately she has been active in the arts for so many years. Van Bang has not yet been able to become a "line 1" star.

The moment Van Bang shared a frame with Trieu Lo Tu on the set of Let Me Shine has been hotly discussed on social networks for many hours. As usual, it is inevitable that there will be a competition between beauty and appearance...

Trieu Lo Tu silently humiliated the beauties, only one person was undefeated - Photo 5

Trieu Lo Tu silently humiliated the beauties, only one person was undefeated - Photo 6

Trieu Lo Tu and Van Bang both have their own beauty. If "The Saint of Time Travel" looks gentle, sweet, and somewhat childish, then Van Bang is more mature and mature, and also has a very "strong female" feeling. . In the comments section, many viewers gave the star "It Turns Out I Love You" a vote.

On June 10, at the opening ceremony of Let Me Shine, as the female lead (female lead) in the film, Trieu Lo Tu naturally became the center of attention, even though she had just recovered, but in general Trieu Lo Tu's condition is still very good, full of energy with a smile always on his face, receiving many compliments from netizens.

Trieu Lo Tu silently humiliated the beauties, only one person was undefeated - Photo 7

As previously revealed, the television version of Let Me Shine will be significantly renewed after it airs, because the original film is about sisterhood. The content of the TV version will mainly revolve around the life of the female lead Hua Nghien, a strong woman who refused to give in to fate and experienced an unfulfilling marriage with the perfect CEO Tham Hao. Minh (Tran Vy Dinh).

Trieu Lo Tu silently humiliated the beauties, only one person was undefeated - Photo 8

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