Duong Mich was criticized for his "fake" acting, related to Liu Yifei

Bút ChìJun 22, 2024 at 12:38

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Recently, QQ reported that the scene where Liu Yifei gave birth in The Rose Story received a lot of praise from the audience thanks to her realistic acting. Besides, in this scene, Liu Yifei is also highly appreciated for not wearing makeup, having a bare face, messy hair, and dry lips like a pregnant woman who has just gone through real pain to welcome her b.aby. born.

Duong Mich was criticized for his fake acting, related to Liu Yifei - Photo 1

Even though she has a bare face and is in the worst condition, Liu Yifei still makes the audience jealous with her smooth skin and elegant facial features. Especially her bright eyes, full of love when she saw her daughter being born. "It can be said that Liu Yifei has no bad moments," an audience commented on Weibo.

Duong Mich was criticized for his fake acting, related to Liu Yifei - Photo 2

Besides, viewers also appreciate Liu Yifei's spirit of sacrifice. But it's also because of this that Duong Mich "could get s.hot even lying down" when netizens compared her to Liu Yifei in terms of karma.

Recently, in the movie Harbin 1944, Duong Mich and her role as agent Quan Tuyet had a scene where they had to train in the mud, but she was criticized for wearing the mud so neatly that it looked like she was wearing a mask. It's a pity that Duong Mich took the trouble to film the harsh training scene but couldn't sacrifice her beauty, letting the scene be laughed at.

Duong Mich was criticized for his fake acting, related to Liu Yifei - Photo 3

Some comments expressed frustration with Duong Mich: ""I've seen Tam Sinh Tam The: Thap Ly Dao Hoa, and also seen the behind-the-scenes of Ho Chau Phu Lady, she can't even hold a sword, let alone act." , "Duong Mich says she can't do it, she never fully transformed into the role", "In this series, the idol filter has been cut, Duong Mich is old according to her real age. But that's not enough. Duong Mich himself has a huge idol burden and can't stand it when he's ugly"...

Duong Mich was criticized for his fake acting, related to Liu Yifei - Photo 4

2024 is probably the most difficult time for Duong Mich when she consecutively failed in 3 film projects. The first was the war spy drama Harbin 1944, which was highly appreciated by Duong Mich but failed miserably. The film belongs to the drama series, and is the future path that Duong Mich is aiming for. In the movie, Duong Mich's acting performance was unstable, her voice was poor, her beauty declined, and her face was haggard.

Duong Mich was criticized for his fake acting, related to Liu Yifei - Photo 5

Most recently, the historical drama The Demon Fox Little Red Princess: Nguyet Hong Thien starring Duong Mich and Cung Tuan aired with mediocre results, said to be unworthy of the number of 8 million pre-orders. of movie.

The film was also criticized for having simple dialogue, a plot with little depth, unattractive cuts, the main couple failed to create chemistry, especially Duong Mich's acting was so lethargic and tired that the audience left the film. Currently, the film's Vlinkage media index has reached rock bottom at 65.9, while films scoring 80 are average, films with scores above 90 are considered h.ot.

Duong Mich was criticized for his fake acting, related to Liu Yifei - Photo 6

In the film industry, Nothing A H.ot Pot Can't Solve is just an instant noodle movie starring Duong Mich but was only filmed for 19 days. The film opened in theaters for 5 days and earned 53 million yuan and had to withdraw because the revenue was too poor and could not bear advertising fees and theater maintenance fees. The film was criticized for having a poor plot, unattractive editing, and a less famous cast.

Duong Mich was criticized for his fake acting, related to Liu Yifei - Photo 7

As for Liu Yifei, the actress's movie The Rose Story is causing a fever throughout Chinese social networks. The movie continuously breaks hotness records on the Tencent Video platform for modern love movies.

After only 25 minutes, The Rose Story became the fastest film to reach 22,000 points on the platform, the previous achievement belonged to Yang Zi's Thua Hoan Ky with 30 minutes. After that, the film also broke the milestones of 23,000 and 24,000 heat points the fastest in 2024.

Duong Mich was criticized for his fake acting, related to Liu Yifei - Photo 8

On the other hand, Liu Yifei's ability to call for advertising investment is also very good. After 5 episodes, up to 11 brands registered to advertise evenly for each episode, with a total duration of 410 seconds. This achievement proves that Liu Yifei's influence has been recognized by investors.

Rose Story also had positive ratings growth. The film aired on China Central Television CCTV8 with a base rating of 0.6% then reached a peak rating of 1.9%, the average of the first 2 episodes reached 1.3191%. This growth shows that the film content is loved by the audience.

Duong Mich was criticized for his fake acting, related to Liu Yifei - Photo 9

After the movie aired, the topic "I fell in love as soon as Liu Yifei appeared" also became the hottest keyword on the social network Weibo. The audience praised Liu Yifei's youthful appearance.

Duong Mich was criticized for his fake acting, related to Liu Yifei - Photo 10

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