'Mukbang fairy' Quynh Truong 'turned off the lights' in front of the Mexican mukbang lady, blocking the window

Đức TríApr 12, 2024 at 16:57

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Vietnamese netizens are extremely excited about the emerging internet phenomenon coming to Vietnam, a lady specializing in making mukbang content from Mexico. Making the entire eating and drinking clip is in the car, making people immediately think of "mukbang fairy" Quynh Truong.

The mukbang village has been extremely h.ot in recent days thanks to the trumpet performances of two female tiktokers Quynh Truong and Hina Quynh Nhu. Accordingly, "mukbang fairy" Quynh Truong was said to have acted offensively towards her "copy", making clips of eating in the car, but with gestures that imitated Hina Quynh Nhu, in order to mock her.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turned off the lights in front of the Mexican mukbang lady, blocking the window - Photo 1

Not stopping there, Hina Quynh Nhu's side also immediately responded, specifically, the female tiktoker was also not suitable when she pushed Quynh Truong back, made the same clip of eating in the car, and even sarcastically said that she was catering to the wishes of anti-fans. . This back and forth kicking scene caused a stir among the people.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turned off the lights in front of the Mexican mukbang lady, blocking the window - Photo 2

However, recently, Vietnamese social networks suddenly emerged with the phenomenon of mukbang from Mexico, a middle-aged lady who specializes in making clips of eating in cars. Immediately, many people immediately thought of "mukbang fairy". However, no one here imitates anyone, because this Mexican lady has been following this content for a long time. Regarding the content of this mukbanger's clips, netizens are also interested.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turned off the lights in front of the Mexican mukbang lady, blocking the window - Photo 3

This Mexican lady is known to have an account called @ash_loves_condiments, specializing in making eating and drinking clips, regardless of anything in the car. Recently, she caused a fever among Vietnamese fans when she mukbang Vietnamese food, from Hue beef noodle soup, pho, bread, drinking milk coffee,... and gave her all the compliments. This mukbang lady is famous for eating from dry dishes to liquid dishes, but she has to eat in the car for her to accept it.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turned off the lights in front of the Mexican mukbang lady, blocking the window - Photo 4

The car even has a small table so she can eat all the dishes to her heart's content. In general, instead of eating at home or on the dining table, this Mexican lady just finishes cooking at home, then puts it in a box and takes it out to the car to eat. Many people think that perhaps eating in the car will be more delicious.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turned off the lights in front of the Mexican mukbang lady, blocking the window - Photo 5

Unlike many other mukbang channels, where they only eat in the car when it's convenient, her channel specifically only has scenes of eating in the car. Whether she cooks it herself or buys it from outside, she still has to bring it to the car and film it for everyone to see. From here, videos of both mukbang and talking have received a lot of attention. Especially on Tiktok channel, she has more than 1 million followers and more than 51 million likes. The country lady has a special love for Vietnamese food. Surfing around her channel, it's not difficult to come across videos of her mukbanging Vietnamese food.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turned off the lights in front of the Mexican mukbang lady, blocking the window - Photo 6

In the video review of Hue beef noodle soup, not only does the Mexican lady eat Vietnamese food, but she also makes people excited by pronouncing Vietnamese dishes very clearly. Normally, cilantro dishes are not popular with foreigners, but she still put it all in to get the fullest flavor. As soon as she took her first bite, she immediately praised the taste as if it came from heaven, and also questioned which was better, pho or beef noodle soup.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turned off the lights in front of the Mexican mukbang lady, blocking the window - Photo 7

Talking about the deliciousness of Hue beef noodle soup, she said that there really is no word to describe it because it is so delicious. Next are dishes like milk coffee and stir-fried pho, all of which she expressed her love and passion for. While enjoying the coffee, she wondered what this delicious dish was. The remaining dishes she also thought were delicious beyond words and indescribable.

Foreign ladies' car mukbang videos quickly received a lot of attention from the Vietnamese online community. Not only thanks to the love for Vietnamese food, but also the mukbang on the car, causing netizens to cry out famous mukbangers Quynh Truong and Hina Quynh Nhu about the noisy plagiarism. It can be seen that there are no originals here, because mukbangs on cars have been done by foreign mukbangers for a long time.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turned off the lights in front of the Mexican mukbang lady, blocking the window - Photo 8

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