"Mukbang fairy" Quynh Truong turns into a "summer fairy", her cake style is mesmerizing

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Quynh Truong is a female tiktoker with a huge number of followers thanks to posting food and drink content. Famous for her "pure" beauty, Quynh Truong is even considered a "mukbang fairy", besides the h.ot g.irl's fashion sense is also enchanting.

As one of the hottest names specializing in food in TikTok Vietnam, Quynh Truong - a beauty born in 2000 is fondly called "mukbang fairy" by many people because of her beautiful, sweet beauty and attractive expressions. Thanks to that, after a period of creating content, Quynh built a TikTok channel that achieved the dream number of 2.5 million followers and more than 60 million likes.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turns into a summer fairy, her cake style is mesmerizing - Photo 1

Possessing an outstanding visual and slim figure, in addition to attractive eating clips, Quynh Truong's everyday style also attracts many people's attention. She pursues a youthful, gentle style like a lady. If you want to ask for "infor", you can refer to it below.

In the most recent post on her personal page, the h.ot mukbang g.irl made a memorable impression in a pure white dress set like a muse. This outfit includes a short-sleeved crop top with a high-waist flared skirt made of silk fabric that is both flattering and light, very suitable for summer travel.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turns into a summer fairy, her cake style is mesmerizing - Photo 2

Next is Quynh Truong's youthful and adorable pink jumpsuit set that "exploded inboxes". From the candy-like color scheme to the clever design to s.how o.ff your bust and bust, it can satisfy even the most demanding girls.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turns into a summer fairy, her cake style is mesmerizing - Photo 3

Quynh Truong also suggested for women to wear in the summer the set of off-the-shoulder snowsuits with bow belt skirts that the TikToker once wore to the beach. The set is not at all fussy, consisting of 2 items mixed together in a minimalist way but extremely eye-catching, showing off both attractive collarbones and long legs.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turns into a summer fairy, her cake style is mesmerizing - Photo 4

It can be seen that Quynh Truong possesses an extremely impressive fashion sense that everyone is fascinated by and has become a fashion icon that many girls must learn from. Previously, when Quynh Truong started to become popular on tiktok, the beauty born in 2000 was also called out along with another tiktoker, Hina Quynh Nhu, when this person was accused of blatantly copying Quynh Truong's content.

Quynh Truong fell in love with TikTok during the Covid-19 epidemic, but at that time she only made entertainment videos. It wasn't until early 2023 that she seriously pursued eating and drinking video content and has maintained it until now.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turns into a summer fairy, her cake style is mesmerizing - Photo 5

In a sharing with the media, Quynh Truong also explained the reason for choosing mukbang as the content throughout. She said that creating food content not only helps her become more known but also creates a stable source of income. In early February, Quynh Truong showed off her newly purchased car, making people admire.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turns into a summer fairy, her cake style is mesmerizing - Photo 6

In addition to such positive things, Quynh Truong also has to face many mixed opinions. Of particular interest is the suspicion that her video was cut and assembled, only chewing and not swallowing. In response to this question, Quynh affirmed that she ate and did not spit out the food. In the clips there are few swallowing scenes because the video length is short, so most of the footage had to be cut, mainly keeping the eating scene and appetizing expressions.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turns into a summer fairy, her cake style is mesmerizing - Photo 7

"The main time I spend studying and working, arguing with opinions like this doesn't help me develop myself, it just wastes time. I just hope everyone has a lighter and better view of life. life!" - Quynh Truong said. This clip of her speaking up has received 60 million views and many people think that such a response is reasonable.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turns into a summer fairy, her cake style is mesmerizing - Photo 8

Regarding eating a lot but still being pretty and not fat, Quynh Truong said that the eating clips are normal people's daily meals, not too much. At the same time, she also works out a lot to stay in shape. However, since making the mukbang video, she has also gained 5kg. The "mukbang fairy" is also not afraid to admit that she has beautiful and sparkling images on social networks thanks to using the app and believes that online she must be beautiful.

Mukbang fairy Quynh Truong turns into a summer fairy, her cake style is mesmerizing - Photo 9

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