The copy of 'mukbang fairy' Quynh Truong no one dares to book or beg to find a job

Đức TríApr 21, 2024 at 16:51

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Tiktoker specializes in making mukbang - Hina Quynh Nhu, who has a reputation as a copy of "mukbang fairy" Quynh Truong, was recently caught by people posting on the forum to apply for a job, seriously lacking bookings despite having an account of more than 200 thousand people. monitor.

The Vietnamese mukbang village has recently been famous for two super h.ot names, Quynh Truong and Hina Quynh Nhu. With the same beauty and delicious, clean eating style, the two quickly won the hearts of netizens, attracting a large number of followers. However, because they built their image in the same direction, making food and drink content, many times the two were suspected of insulting and arguing with each other, especially when Hina Quynh Nhu was called a copy of Quynh. Truong.

The copy of mukbang fairy Quynh Truong no one dares to book or beg to find a job - Photo 1

Accordingly, Hina Quynh Nhu is a new face appearing in the mukbang village. She started making mukbang videos at the end of November 2023 and currently has more than 200 thousand followers. It is worth mentioning that Quynh Nhu's video making style was commented by netizens to be quite similar to Quynh Truong. From the channel's bio to the way she eats, smiles, and chooses gentle, cute outfits, Quynh Nhu all makes people think of Quynh Truong.

The copy of mukbang fairy Quynh Truong no one dares to book or beg to find a job - Photo 2

Below the video of both, netizens left many controversial comments. One side believes that Quynh Nhu clearly imitates Quynh Truong, but the other half asserts that everyone eats and drinks the same so it cannot be said like that.

As someone who has just emerged after Quynh Truong, and has a reputation for imitating and copying styles, even though Quynh Truong has received many followers, it is very rare for any brand to dare to book and work with this female tiktoker.

The copy of mukbang fairy Quynh Truong no one dares to book or beg to find a job - Photo 3

Recently, netizens suddenly discovered that Hina Quynh Nhu had posted on groups specializing in booking KOL/KOC. Accordingly, she uses her main account to call, introduce herself and hopes that people who need to book can see and choose her. Specifically, the female mukbanger wrote: "Hello everyone, I am Hina Quynh Nhu, owning a tiktok channel with more than 253 thousand followers. Up to now, Hina's channel interacts completely naturally, without the intervention of advertising. Advertise and only accept tiktok shop products. Hina has been working in the live industry for nearly 2 years and has experience live with many different types of products.

The copy of mukbang fairy Quynh Truong no one dares to book or beg to find a job - Photo 4

After the first 2 live sessions at Hina Quynh Nhu's tiktok channel achieved very good effects, the Hina team wants to have the opportunity to cooperate with more brands. Currently, Hina team still has an empty schedule. Hope to be able to cooperate and work with everyone."

Through the above post, many people believe that she is seriously lacking bookings and has to beg to find a job, something that celebrities rarely do. Many people believe that Hina Quynh Nhu is far behind "mukbang fairy" Quynh Truong in this area. Although famous, it is difficult to have a clean image to receive advertising from third parties, which KOLs always do to earn more. income on social networks.

The copy of mukbang fairy Quynh Truong no one dares to book or beg to find a job - Photo 5

Previously, Quynh Truong once revealed suspicions that there was an act of flirting with Hina Quynh Nhu when her style was constantly copied. Specifically, Quynh Truong shared the English status of famous rocker Kurt Cobain, roughly translated: "Becoming someone else is a waste of who you are." Many people immediately suspected she was referring to her clone. In the comments section, many people also continuously called Hina Quynh Nhu's name, pushing her name to the top of search keywords.

The copy of mukbang fairy Quynh Truong no one dares to book or beg to find a job - Photo 6

Currently, the opinions and popularity of the two names Quynh Truong and Hina Quynh Nhu on social networks are continuously receiving attention. However, some people also think that Hina's mukbang work should not be equated with copying Quynh Truong, because this content has not been too strange for a long time, and should not be attacked to affect the image of both.

The copy of mukbang fairy Quynh Truong no one dares to book or beg to find a job - Photo 7

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