Thuy Tien reported shocking news while Hang Du Muc's husband asked for a divorce because of Quang Linh

Thanh PhúcJun 15, 2024 at 11:33

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Miss Thuy Tien made fans excited when she suddenly announced the good news and flexed herself while netizens were pointing arrows at three characters, Hang Du Muc and his wife, and the youtuber close to Thuy Tien, Quang Linh Vlog.

Accordingly, the online community is extremely excited by the news that Hang Du Muc's husband posted on a forum accusing his wife of being irresponsible to the family, constantly going on business trips, abandoning the children, and not answering the phone. He said that the female tiktoker only knows how to livestream, and openly said that there was a problem with Quang Linh Vlog. He believes that even though they are sisters, Quang Linh is still a man. The situation became increasingly tense when Hang Du Muc's Chinese husband bluntly demanded a divorce.

Thuy Tien reported shocking news while Hang Du Mucs husband asked for a divorce because of Quang Linh - Photo 1

Amidst the noise of events related to Quang Linh Vlog, Miss Thuy Tien - his close friend, who has collaborated on many volunteer projects, suddenly announced great good news about herself. Accordingly, she appeared indifferent to the negative news online and did not touch anything about the three people's affairs. Instead, she completed her Master's degree program after a long period of effort.

Thuy Tien reported shocking news while Hang Du Mucs husband asked for a divorce because of Quang Linh - Photo 2

Specifically, Miss Thuy Tien said she has just completed a master's program in Restaurant and Hotel Management at the Swiss University of Tourism and Hotel Management. The beauty queen said she had never thought about studying for a master's degree before. But for the people who are following and accompanying her, she wishes and hopes that she can convey motivation and help everyone. "The audience's support gives me more motivation to go beyond my comfort zone and develop myself more," she said.

Thuy Tien reported shocking news while Hang Du Mucs husband asked for a divorce because of Quang Linh - Photo 3

Thuy Tien said her master's program lasts 2 years, belongs to the distance learning system, and is taught entirely in English. This coming November, Thuy Tien will officially go to Switzerland to receive her diploma. Fans of Miss Grand International are also excited about the queen's proud achievements. It can be seen that the audience is looking forward to the image of Thuy Tien wearing a graduation outfit in Europe in the near future.

Thuy Tien reported shocking news while Hang Du Mucs husband asked for a divorce because of Quang Linh - Photo 4

In May 2022, Thuy Tien won a master's scholarship in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the Swiss University of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHMS University Center). SHMS is a large-scale hotel management training school in Switzerland. Before that, she prepared documents, made a CV, wrote a motivational letter, submitted transcripts, a certificate of completion of the study program in Vietnam and some necessary documents. After reviewing the application, school leaders interviewed Thuy Tien directly in Vietnam. After that, she received an admission letter from the school.

Thuy Tien reported shocking news while Hang Du Mucs husband asked for a divorce because of Quang Linh - Photo 5

Thuy Tien was a student majoring in French Literature, class of 2016 at Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities, but saved her study results. In 2019, she began studying the international hotel and restaurant management program at Hoa Sen University.

Thuy Tien was born in 1998 in Ho Chi Minh City. The beauty was crowned Miss Grand International 2021 in Bangkok, Thailand. She was honored as "Typical Vietnamese Young Face" in 2021. During her time in office, she was busy with many schedules. She has been to countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Colombia... and participated in volunteer activities in many provinces and cities, recording talk shows in Vietnam.

Thuy Tien reported shocking news while Hang Du Mucs husband asked for a divorce because of Quang Linh - Photo 6

Along with community activities such as Cheer Up, Little Things, Loving School and the humane and meaningful reality TV series of Du Dem and Nong Dan, Thuy Tien also hones her knowledge. through registration and completion of a master's program.

Thuy Tien reported shocking news while Hang Du Mucs husband asked for a divorce because of Quang Linh - Photo 7

Most recently, Miss Grand International 2021 has just completed the project "Bringing electricity to the highlands" at two schools in Nam Tra My District, Quang Nam Province. Meaningful project to help the learning and spiritual development of highland children here.

Thuy Tien reported shocking news while Hang Du Mucs husband asked for a divorce because of Quang Linh - Photo 8

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