Thuy Nga: "The tycoon" once owned the rights to Big 5, regained MUVN, organized the Miss International contest herself

KengAug 27, 2023 at 14:18

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Not many people know, before the Uni family and Golden Lotus became 2 big "forces" in the Miss Vietnam market, there used to be a "miss tycoon" who owned most of the rights to major beauty contests. That is Ms. Thuy Nga - general director of Elite Vietnam.

The bearer of the world's largest Miss pageant series to Vietnam

Before the Miss Domestic market appeared two big "forces", Lotus Golden and Uni Media, beauty fans were familiar with the names Nguyen Thi Thuy Nga and Elite Vietnam.

Thuy Nga: The tycoon once owned the rights to Big 5, regained MUVN, organized the Miss International contest herself - Photo 1

Since 2002, businesswoman Thuy Nga with the ambition to build the first Miss and Model training company in Vietnam, changing the way society views modeling, bringing Vietnamese beauty to the world, together with her associates founded Elite Vietnam.

In two decades of operation, Ms. Thuy Nga and Elite have successfully brought in over 30 copyrights of Miss and model contests, and organized contests to send representatives to international contests.

The beginning of bringing international pageants to Vietnam was Elite successfully bringing the sub-pageant of Miss Earth - Miss Earth to Vietnam in 2007. This was followed by Miss Universe in 2008 in Nha Trang.

In the following years, Elite held the right to send Vietnamese representatives to participate in Big 5 contests such as Miss World, Miss International, Miss Supranational ... It was also the first unit to hold the right to send contestants to Miss Grand International.

Thuy Nga: The tycoon once owned the rights to Big 5, regained MUVN, organized the Miss International contest herself - Photo 2

The Miss Ao Dai Vietnam pageant was established in 2014, pioneering the format of organizing beauty pageants in the style of reality TV in Vietnam. Top 3 will be appointed to represent Vietnam at Miss World, Miss International and Miss Supranational respectively.

In 2017, Elite Vietnam cooperated with Golden Lotus, established Golden Lotus Entertainment Company, officially holding the copyrights of 10 major Miss contests in the world. In the following years, Golden Lotus became a "big force" in the Vietnamese beauty village through the success of representatives to the international arena such as Luong Thuy Linh, Do My Linh, Tuong San, Thuy Tien, Do Thi Ha... The name "Miss Tycoon" of the person who brought major pageants to Vietnam was gradually used to call Ms. Pham Kim Dung - Chairman of Golden Lotus Company.

After a long period of "silence", Ms. Thuy Nga and Elite Vietnam have made an impressive comeback with Miss Charm 2023 - Miss International Beauty. This is the first international competition owned by Vietnamese. Although it is the first year of the competition, there are still some "hotels" during the contest, but Miss Charm still receives positive reviews from beauty fans because of the attentive reception with the contestants and the thoughtful investment in activities within the framework. In particular, the Top 3 Miss Charm 2023 crowned are fully deserved, proving the fairness and prestige of the contest.

Thuy Nga: The tycoon once owned the rights to Big 5, regained MUVN, organized the Miss International contest herself - Photo 3

"Miss tycoon" returns with the "big bang" Miss Universe Vietnam

The news that the new unit bought the rights to Miss Universe Vietnam after the Uni family ended the relationship has caused Vietnamese beauty fans to constantly stir. Specifically, the copyright of the contest has officially belonged to Miss Universe Vietnam Trading Joint Stock Company. Ms. Thuy Nga is currently the chairwoman, supermodel Lan Khue is the Director of the Southern Region.

Accordingly, on February 24, 2023, the organizers of Miss Universe Vietnam have officially signed the copyright with JKN Group, the owner of the Miss Universe contest in Vietnam.

Thuy Nga: The tycoon once owned the rights to Big 5, regained MUVN, organized the Miss International contest herself - Photo 4

This signing event took place in Ho Chi Minh City. HCMC, with the participation of reigning Miss Universe R'Bonney Nola (Filipino-American) and 2nd runner-up Andreína Martínez (Dominican Republic), President Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, "notorious" businessman in the field of media and entertainment in Thailand, owner of Miss Universe, supermodel Lan Khue, beauty Quynh Nga, Miss Le Au Ngan Anh, Miss Dieu Ngoc, MC Hoang Kim.

Praise H'Hen Nie wholeheartedly

Among the Misses, Thuy Nga especially praised H'Hen Niê. She said: "Every pageant has a special mark. However, the contest that left me with the most emotion was the one we organized: Miss Ao Dai Vietnam - Road to the Miss World crown.

The second pageant was Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 with the winner being Miss H'Hen Niê. The result made me very emotional, as did Miss H'Hen Nie later. Everything she has done so far has given me great emotions.

Thuy Nga: The tycoon once owned the rights to Big 5, regained MUVN, organized the Miss International contest herself - Photo 5

H'Hen Nie is also one of the Vietnamese contestants, I feel that it is true that a miss can both show her beauty and contribute to social activities. H'Hen Nie's activities make me feel that she is truly inspiring."

The "love - money" story is normal for beautiful people

As someone who has experience in organizing beauty contests, Ms. Nga is not afraid to talk about "love - money" between beauties and giants. "I still think that "love-money" is normal, it happens to beautiful people in any country in the world, not just Vietnam.

It is clear that apart from some of the arrests that are related to the title of beauty, there are many other beauties who are succeeding in social fields.

Thuy Nga: The tycoon once owned the rights to Big 5, regained MUVN, organized the Miss International contest herself - Photo 6

I think those true values are undeniable. I'm not concerned about anything because I believe if you really don't have indigo on your hands, there's nothing to fear.

I think the fact that so many contests are open that people can't remember is just one part. If that individual is excellent, then no matter what competition the public remembers. I don't see that we have too many competitions."

Thuy Nga: The tycoon once owned the rights to Big 5, regained MUVN, organized the Miss International contest herself - Photo 7

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