Miss World Vietnam invited Miko Lan Trinh and "boy" Kenji to the final, quickly "turning the car" when stoned

Gia HoàngJul 17, 2023 at 10:00

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Pham Kim Dung - "captain" of Golden Lotus is said to have recently invited Miko Lan Trinh and transgender lover - "boy" Kenji to the final of Miss World Vietnam. This move from the BTC Miss World Vietnam side has caused a fierce controversy.

Miss World Vietnam invited Miko Lan Trinh and b.oy Kenji to the final, quickly turning the car when stoned - Photo 1

The Vietnam Beauty Fashion Fest fashion show within the framework of the Miss World Vietnam 2023 contest took place in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh on July 16. Before the event, Miss World Vietnam's social network channel suddenly shared a clip of Miko Lan Trinh and her homosexual lover Hoang Kim Uyen (Kenji) present at the airport preparing to move to the venue.

Miss World Vietnam invited Miko Lan Trinh and b.oy Kenji to the final, quickly turning the car when stoned - Photo 2

Specifically, the BTC side unexpectedly invited the "great blueprint" couple Miko Lan Trinh and her transgender boyfriend to attend the event, a TikTok account also posted pictures of Miko - Kenji at the event. the airport with the caption "The guests have arrived in Binh Dinh", making netizens think that the couple is one of the invited guests to the final night of Miss World Vietnam 2023 taking place on July 22. After a series of noisy private lives in the past, the fact that the two became guests at a fashion event caused many netizens to flood the personal page of "Miss tycoon" Pham Kim Dung to express their opinions.

Miss World Vietnam invited Miko Lan Trinh and b.oy Kenji to the final, quickly turning the car when stoned - Photo 3

This has made beauty fans unhappy and "questioned" Mrs. Pham Kim Dung - "Miss tycoon" and also the person behind the Miss World Vietnam contest. Under a comment from a beauty fan asked: "Auntie, why did you invite Uncle Be to the final?". When asked by an account why she invited Miko Lan Trinh and Kenji to the event, Pham Kim Dung said: "The two friends will not come to the show, my dear". To the point that the female CEO had to turn off the comment feature.

Miss World Vietnam invited Miko Lan Trinh and b.oy Kenji to the final, quickly turning the car when stoned - Photo 4

The businesswoman frankly shared, "Miss tycoon" said: "The two guests probably also read the information. Maybe you are also afraid to affect the program, so you have your own plans, You guys won't come to the show anymore so the audience can focus on the show rather than on you." Pham Kim Dung said that he was quite embarrassed when he met information like this. The businesswoman also said that she had other measures for guests and had her own plans. This will limit the influence of Miko Lan Trinh and Kenji with this show.

Miss World Vietnam invited Miko Lan Trinh and b.oy Kenji to the final, quickly turning the car when stoned - Photo 5

Talking about the fashion show under the framework of Miss World Vietnam suddenly received mixed opinions from the audience just because of the guest, director Hoang Nhat Nam - husband of CEO Pham Kim Dung also shared shortly after: I think the audience is an unparalleled power to the entertainment industry, from the past, not just now, when social networks develop. An artist or anyone active in showbiz, they will survive thanks to the development of social networks. the audience's love. They have the right to praise, criticize, support and oppose. I think the audience is a fair person, they love when they see that the artist has valuable inspirations in life, but they are angry when Some artists get caught up in drama, making them feel disappointed or hurt about the image that people expect.

Even myself or my aunt Dung (Mrs. Pham Kim Dung) is really not as h.ot as the star who often appears in public, but there are audiences who love us. They send messages to inquire about health, buy milk tea, fruit, I have a big project, other people feel happy and have more energy. Therefore, it is necessary to accept that as a person of the public, then you must build and maintain your image by trying to forge your professional profession, professional ethics and ethics in lifestyle and behavior. .

I have many times staged big shows, invited a lot of artists, thousands of people to attend so I will also have to respect the audience and will also listen and adjust everything.

As for the individual cases, I would like to refrain from commenting further, but I think that artists who are ordinary people will also have problems. Even I have a number of times when doing shows sometimes make mistakes that the audience cannot ignore. They have the right to be disappointed and criticized, I have to accept to change myself and try to train better."

Miss World Vietnam invited Miko Lan Trinh and b.oy Kenji to the final, quickly turning the car when stoned - Photo 6

Despite being voiced by insiders about the issues being discussed, Miss World Vietnam is still receiving criticism from everyone and being constantly outraged by netizens in posts. The number of negative comments has also increased significantly. It is known that the clip posted previously has been removed, this action accidentally became a "ignition" to confirm this promotion, the Golden Lotus family is using dirty media to attract public opinion. Miko Lan Trinh and Kenji have not shared anything about this.

Miss World Vietnam invited Miko Lan Trinh and b.oy Kenji to the final, quickly turning the car when stoned - Photo 7

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