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Truong Ngoc Anh was upset and revealed the truth about her old company being sued by Uni for 6.6 billion

Hoàng Phúc09:20:46 31/01/2024
After receiving information that his company was sued to demand a refund of 6.6 billion VND in advance m.oney related to the film project Indispensable, Truong Ngoc Anh officially responded.

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Thuy Nga: "The tycoon" once owned the rights to Big 5, regained MUVN, organized the Miss International contest herself

Keng14:18:02 27/08/2023
Not many people know, before the Uni and Golden Lotus families became 2 big forces in the Miss Vietnam market, there used to be a miss tycoon who owned most of the rights to major beauty contests. That is Ms. Thuy Nga - general director of Elite Vietnam.

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Thao Nhi Le and UNI counterattacked, accusing MUVN of lying, pointing out unreasonable points in 8 email agreements

Keng11:42:48 01/04/2023
Mr. Tran Viet Bao Hoang countered, suspecting that the information shared by the representative of Miss Universe Vietnam about the negotiation to appoint Thao Nhi Le to participate in Miss Universe was incorrect. The overseas Vietnamese runner-up also spoke up soon after. Late...

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Lan Khue stands in front of the "counterattack" of CEO Uni, Thao Nhi Le is "protected" extremely harshly by the international community?

KiKo11:47:03 26/02/2023
The charm of runner-up Thao Nhi Le surprised many people when she received a lot of support from the international community. On the side of Lan Khue, the female supermodel is currently facing a massive attack from fans after the statement of CEO Bao Hoang. Recently, the Miss...

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Miss Universe was bitterly "ca khà" by Miss Universe Vietnam, Lan Khue is not the real "last boss"?

N.P08:14:08 25/02/2023
In recent days, the copyright noise as well as the change of owner of Miss Universe has become a h.ot topic of debate. In the midst of "h.ot water", the homepage of Miss Universe Vietnam - under the sovereignty of Uni has recently made a confusing move. Recently, Uni Media - the...

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Luc Huy: The perfect piece of Uni5, the announcement of leaving the group was surprising, thanks to all but Dong Nhi

Hoàng Phúc16:43:47 29/12/2022
Luc Huy is a member of Uni5 group, with the ability to sing and dance and play the guitar very well. He makes female fans "stand still" by his appearance and extremely handsome face similar to Korean oppa's. Who is Luc Huy? As one of the pieces of the group Uni5, Luc Huy is a...

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