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Tho Nguyen got angry and scolded the fried egg hotgirl, the reason related to Huong Giang?

Đình Như10:21:59 19/04/2024
Tran Thanh Tam - associated with the title Fried Egg H.ot G.irl. She actively participates in showbiz but gets into a lot of noise. Recently, she even offended Huong Giang when she brought her seniors to create content to attract views.

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"Hotgirl fried egg" Tran Thanh Tam revealed a photo of 70kg obesity, chubby b.ody, new beauty "fire"

Kim Lâm09:04:34 09/08/2023
Tran Thanh Tam is a h.ot tiktoker who not only has a beautiful beauty, but also possesses a slim, well-proportioned b.ody. However, her recent photo made people burn with a large b.ody, weighing up to 70kg.

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"Hot g.irl fried eggs" Tran Thanh Tam openly loves "uncle", blushing when she looks at her emotions

Nguyễn Kim14:52:13 30/06/2023
Tran Thanh Tam is a rather private person, rarely sharing her personal life and feelings. The fact that the h.ot g.irl omelette announced her marriage and made her lover public on social networks was of particular interest to the online community.

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Phi Thanh Van shows off her huge breasts, striving to buy 9 more villas

Thuý Minh14:37:32 10/02/2023
On the afternoon of February 9, actress Ly Nha Ky, actress Phi Thanh Van and a series of Vietnamese stars attracted attention when showing off their colors on the red carpet of the launching event of the Women's Empowerment Contest - MsMA 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City. Here, the...

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"Hotgirl with fried eggs" went to international competition: No one saw them off, criticized for carrying 5 suitcases, but the exam only lasted 3 days.

Hoàng Phúc15:16:13 10/12/2022
Although he previously stated that he would not compete for Miss, Tran Thanh Tam expressed his enthusiasm to bring the crown back to the country. The pictures of her at the airport made people pay attention. Tran Thanh Tam is a name that attracts the attention of fans when...

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Viet Phuong Thoa, Ciin and h.ot Vietnamese TikTokers cause confusion because of their different beauty

Hoàng Anh10:38:49 23/09/2022
It can be said that today's beauty filters do not owe the viewer 1 apology, but many apologies. Still knowing that making yourself more sparkling on social networks is not against the law, but sometimes showing up with real faces after 7749 filter layers of top beauties is...

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'Hotgirl fried egg' clearly stated the market price of 15,000 USD, how did the parents react?

N.P15:20:46 13/09/2022
Before the suspicions about being in the $ 15,000 p.rostitution line of "tu Ong" Le Hoang Long, hotgirl Tran Thanh Tam faced a crisis, encountered many problems in the advertising contract, the incident also affected not small to her parents. Recently, the case of the Vietnamese...

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H.ot g.irl fried egg is suspected of being involved in a 15k USD travel line, "Miss tycoon" begs for 1 thing

Hoàng Phúc07:22:36 09/09/2022
Regarding the fact that he runs a p.rostitution line up to tens of thousands of dollars per night, although the identities of the actors, beauty queens, and models involved in the case have not been officially announced, many sources have leaked. The leak shows that it's not Thu...

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Le Bong and Tran Thanh Tam caused controversy when entering the final of the famous beauty contest

Hoàng Anh13:52:25 29/07/2022
Closing episode 5 of the reality TV show of Miss Fitness Vietnam - Miss Sports Vietnam 2022, the program crew held a press conference to announce the crown and the top 30 best entered the final. Most notably, Le Bong and Tran Thanh Tam were both approved. Many people believe...

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How is Tran Thanh Tam 'hotgirl fried egg' popular for a while?

Hoàng Anh20:03:57 15/06/2022
Today, when social networking platforms develop like storms, it has never been so easy for people to be famous. No need for outstanding talent, no need for a new idea, some people can still become an idol of thousands of people. The ways they become famous can be by being...

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