Taylor Swift kisses her boyfriend in a $100 million castle, r.evealing her huge fortune

Bút MáyMay 20, 2024 at 17:00

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Earlier this month, Taylor Swift restarted her Eras Tour with a tour in France and as usual, boyfriend Travis Kelce was present to accompany her.

According to Page Six, after finishing the show, earlier this week, the couple immediately boarded a private jet and flew to the Lake Como area in Italy to begin a short vacation that was supposed to last for 3 days.

Taylor Swift kisses her boyfriend in a 0 million castle, r.evealing her huge fortune - Photo 1

The couple showed their willingness to play by renting a room at the expensive villa Sola Cabiati. This place is described as a castle with architecture inspired by the 16th century. According to valuation, this villa is worth up to 100 million USD (about 2,330 billion VND). The nightly rental price here is estimated to be about 21 thousand USD, or more than 534 million VND.

Sola Cabiati includes a private swimming pool, a nursery decorated in Arabic style, a private chef, and a private maid.

Taylor Swift kisses her boyfriend in a 0 million castle, r.evealing her huge fortune - Photo 2

Page Six added that Travis and Kelce even went out to eat at Locanda La Tirlindana restaurant on May 15. This is a special restaurant where diners have to take a boat to dine. The two certainly had a romantic time while dining next to the romantic Lake Como. Notably, the "Country Music Princess" was also caught giving a passionate kiss while sitting on a boat admiring the scenery.

Taylor Swift kisses her boyfriend in a 0 million castle, r.evealing her huge fortune - Photo 3

Recently, Forbes magazine (USA) officially announced the list of USD billionaires in the field of culture and sports globally in 2024. With assets of 1.1 billion USD (nearly 26,000 billion VND), female Singer Taylor Swift made the public burst into tears when she first appeared on the list of global USD billionaires. According to Forbes, Taylor Swift is the first artist to achieve a 10-figure fortune mainly thanks to her musical activities.

Taylor Swift kisses her boyfriend in a 0 million castle, r.evealing her huge fortune - Photo 4

Regarding love, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce began to appear at the end of last summer. Rumors of the couple's dating surfaced when Taylor Swift regularly appeared in the stands to cheer for the Kansas City team, where Travis Kelce was playing.

Despite being busy with The Eras Tour and music projects, Taylor has rarely been absent from Kansas City's matches since September 2023. The two then did not hesitate to publicly show their emotional gestures.

Travis Kelce is said to have actively hooked up with Taylor Swift. At the end of July 2023, in an episode of the New Heights podcast, the rugby star revealed that he attended a concert by female singer 8X and put his phone number on a bracelet at the event to give to someone. beautiful but unsuccessful.

Taylor Swift kisses her boyfriend in a 0 million castle, r.evealing her huge fortune - Photo 5

By September, there was information that the two were in the courtship phase. Not long after that, the owner of the hit Look what you made me do surprised the public when he appeared in a Travis Kelce match. Surprisingly, since then, the 34-year-old singer has come to watch Kelce's matches a total of three times. Taylor Swift even invited some of her famous friends like Sophie Turner, Blake Lively, and Ryan Reynolds along. The beauty was also seen laughing and having fun with Travis Kelce's mother in the stands.

Taylor Swift kisses her boyfriend in a 0 million castle, r.evealing her huge fortune - Photo 6

In addition, a source from Us Weekly revealed in early October: "Taylor Swift is enjoying getting to know Travis Kelce. They are experiencing it slowly, but she also has expectations for the relationship." She likes that Travis is a good and normal man. He's down-to-earth and not influenced by fame. She also thinks he's a charming guy."

While Taylor Swift has not publicly commented on the romance, Travis Kelce seems more relaxed about it. According to People, in a recent pre-match interview, this rugby star said that he likes the "chaos" in his current life and is still enjoying it.

Taylor Swift kisses her boyfriend in a 0 million castle, r.evealing her huge fortune - Photo 7

During the Super Bowl in February, Taylor flew more than 20,000km from Japan to the US to cheer for her boyfriend. After Travis and his teammates won, the 34-year-old female singer also appeared on the field to celebrate.

The male rugby player flew to Australia and Singapore respectively to watch his girlfriend's Eras Tour in person. By March, the couple spent a lot of time together, from a joint trip to the Bahamas to watching the Coachella show together in Los Angeles. At this year's Eras Tour, Travis continued to accompany his girlfriend to take advantage of the off-season break.

Taylor Swift kisses her boyfriend in a 0 million castle, r.evealing her huge fortune - Photo 8

Before being rumored to be dating Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce had a romantic relationship with model Kayla Nicole. However, they announced their separation in 2022 after 5 years of togetherness. As for the Shake it off singer, she also ended her 6-year relationship with actor Joe Alwyn a while ago, then dated Matty Healy, but this relationship ended after less than a month.

Taylor Swift kisses her boyfriend in a 0 million castle, r.evealing her huge fortune - Photo 9

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