Taylor Swift confirmed her feelings for Travis Kelce in Messi's hometown, fans were excited to congratulate

Bình MinhNov 14, 2023 at 16:50

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Many people present recounted that as soon as Taylor Swift left the stage, she immediately went to her boyfriend's side - Travis Kelce, then hugged and kissed him passionately, surprising everyone.

It is known that Taylor Swift recently held a music live show " The Eras Tour" in Argentina - Lionel Messi's hometown. In addition to enjoying the female singer's performance, the audience was also particularly interested in her relationship with American football star Travis Kelce; after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift confirmed her feelings for Travis Kelce in Messis hometown, fans were excited to congratulate - Photo 1

Notably, during the show on the evening of November 11, when singing the song "Karma", Taylor Swift changed the lyrics to "Karma is the guy from the Chiefs (the name of the football team from Kansas City that Travis Kelce serving), he will return home for me".

The act of putting the name of her boyfriend's football team in the song is implicitly understood as a way for Taylor to confirm her romantic relationship with Travis Kelce. In particular, when he heard this part, the singer's face seemed surprised, but then he turned to where the rugby player was standing and patted him on the shoulder, then appeared excited at the sound. cheers from the audience; Meanwhile, Travis looked shy and covered his face with his hands.

Taylor Swift confirmed her feelings for Travis Kelce in Messis hometown, fans were excited to congratulate - Photo 2

Throughout the show, Travis Kelce always showed support for his girlfriend, typically the moment the male player held up the sign "We will be together" while Taylor sang The Archer: "I used to be a hunter and prey. Who can leave me, who can stay by my side?".

As for Taylor, after completing the performance, the singer waved goodbye to the audience, then went straight to her boyfriend Travis Kelce and warmly hugged and kissed him in front of everyone. Faced with this unexpected situation, many people expressed surprise and joy, exclaiming: "Oh, so sweet", "So happy",...

Taylor Swift confirmed her feelings for Travis Kelce in Messis hometown, fans were excited to congratulate - Photo 3

Previously, according to Dailymail, Taylor Swift introduced Travis Kelce to her family for the first time. The singer's father - Mr. Scott Swift, 71 years old, appeared very comfortable and happy at the meeting. Meanwhile, the "country music princess" has appeared close to the football player's mother many times and received her support in dating her son.

Not only that, Travis Kelce's mother Donna also loves Taylor Swift very much and finds the 33-year-old singer to be a wonderful g.irl: "After a few weeks of my son meeting Taylor, Donna thought Taylor was very adorable. She appreciates Taylor and approves of her son dating her. She feels they are both very sincere with each other. Travis' mother hopes to see Taylor more," the source revealed on Dailymail.

Taylor Swift confirmed her feelings for Travis Kelce in Messis hometown, fans were excited to congratulate - Photo 4

Taylor Swift was born in 1989 and is known as a talented American singer and songwriter. She won the Grammy A.ward 11 times and is the only female artist in Grammy history to win the title "Album of the Year" 3 times.

The personal life of the "country music princess" has been a subject of media attention for many years. She has spent a lot of ink in the press with dozens of unfinished relationships with a series of handsome male stars.

Taylor Swift confirmed her feelings for Travis Kelce in Messis hometown, fans were excited to congratulate - Photo 5

Most recently, Taylor Swift caused a stir when she broke up with British actor Joe Alwyn after 6 years of a secret relationship. Returning to single life, 8X female stars are constantly paired with other famous names.

Before being caught up in dating rumors with football player Travis Kelce, the American singer was rumored to have had a romantic relationship with F1 driver Fernando Alonso and the leader of the 1975 band - Matty Healy, but this relationship also ended. ended in less than a month.

Taylor Swift confirmed her feelings for Travis Kelce in Messis hometown, fans were excited to congratulate - Photo 6
As for football star Travis, before falling in love with Taylor Swift, he had a relationship with model Kayla Nicole. However, they announced their separation in 2022, after 5 years of togetherness.

Taylor Swift confirmed her feelings for Travis Kelce in Messis hometown, fans were excited to congratulate - Photo 7

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