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Taylor Swift kisses her boyfriend in a $100 million castle, revealing her huge fortune

Bút Máy17:00:47 20/05/2024
Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce had a luxury vacation when the singer finished her Eras Tour in France. The couple is not afraid to give each other many intimate actions and gestures.

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Loving Taylor Swift for less than a year, the football player's boyfriend spent $8 million in "love waste"

Đông Nguyên19:45:32 24/03/2024
Taylor Swift's new boyfriend - Travis Kelce - has a fortune of about 50 million USD. But since dating Taylor Swift in September 2023, the male player has spent up to 8 million USD on the beauty.

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Taylor Swift dresses boldly, "sticky like sam" with boyfriend on New Year's Eve

An Nhi13:32:03 03/01/2024
On New Year's Eve, Taylor Swift had a great moment with her boyfriend. During the transition of the old year to the new year, the couple did not hesitate to exchange a passionate kiss in front of many people, making everyone admire.

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Taylor Swift got angry in the middle of the stadium, screaming while watching her boyfriend play, revealing an attention-grabbing expression

Uyển Đình16:31:46 19/12/2023
Present at her boyfriend Travis Kelce's match, Taylor Swift had an attention-grabbing expression that caught the camera's lens. Accordingly, the female singer revealed a moment of anger and shouted loudly while watching her boyfriend's match.

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Taylor Swift "abandoned" her boyfriend after a short time going public, the b.oy's strange attitude attracted attention

Uyển Đình17:34:56 27/11/2023
The love story of Taylor Swift and American football player Travis Kelce received a lot of attention from fans around the world. Recently, while Taylor Swift was on tour in South America, her boyfriend was in a strange mood back home.

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Travis Kelce first revealed his love story with Taylor Swift, could he be thinking about marriage?

Minh Ngọc10:04:32 23/11/2023
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship has become a h.ot topic since they announced their romance in September 2023. Most recently, in one of his interviews, Travis Kelce told details about his love story with Taylor Swift for the first time.

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Taylor Swift dating a Korean who is 6 years younger than her: Baseball player, visual god, what's the truth?

Kim Lâm09:21:25 17/09/2023
After rumors of Taylor Swift dating a Korean baseball player 6 years younger, it shook the online community, especially the Kbiz entertainment industry. Quickly, many fans immediately verified the information and learned the surprising truth.

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Taylor Swift is about to get married to Joe, has done all the shopping to prepare for the day to come home together?

N.P17:02:28 19/10/2022
Recently, Taylor Swift was caught by netizens with her fiancé shopping in New York City. Previously, the singer was proposed by her boyfriend and is currently said to be preparing to go home together. Media reported that on October 17, Taylor Swift had a rare outing with fiance...

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