Taylor Swift's fate: Bad guys broke into the house, the record was equaled by Ariana Grande

Phi YếnJan 23, 2024 at 14:42

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As a top name, Taylor Swift naturally becomes the focus of many people's attention, and so is her billion-dollar apartment. Having had intruders break into her home many times, the female singer made fans worried.

According to recent NBC news, the "country music princess's" million-dollar apartment in New York City continues to be the target of bad guys. Last Saturday, a man was arrested near her home, in the Tribeca area, causing the fan community to worry about the idol's safety.

Taylor Swifts fate: Bad guys broke into the house, the record was equaled by Ariana Grande - Photo 1

Although police did not confirm that the break-in occurred at Taylor Swift's home, they did arrest the bad guy on the street when he was trying to open the door to a building. Surrounding people saw and reported this situation to authorities.

Currently, it is unclear whether the "Queen of Pop" was at home at that time, because on Sunday she was scheduled to go to the Buffalo, New York area - where her boyfriend Travis Kelce was preparing to compete in the tournament. NFL semi-finals.

Taylor Swifts fate: Bad guys broke into the house, the record was equaled by Ariana Grande - Photo 2

In fact, this is not the first time Taylor Swift's house in Tribeca has been broken into. For example, in 2021, a c.razy fan of the singer You Belong With Me successfully broke into this apartment. Patrick Nissen, 28 years old, was arrested at 8 a.m. in the lobby of the building. Luckily, at that time, Taylor was not at his home.

It is known that the intruder once declared on Twitter how much he loved Taylor Swift: "I'm looking for true love and Taylor Swift makes me c.razy. I feel the connection between me and her." . I am ready to conquer this love."

Taylor Swifts fate: Bad guys broke into the house, the record was equaled by Ariana Grande - Photo 3

In addition, Nissen also has many other posts about his love for the "Country Music Princess". Worth mentioning, when discovered breaking into the female singer's building, this person also showed signs of mental illness, constantly talking to herself.

In just 1 year, the house of the singer Lover continued to be visited by bad guys. A 35-year-old c.razy fan named Joshua Christian broke in and shouted over the house intercom that he would harm Taylor Swift if he prevented them from being together.

Taylor Swifts fate: Bad guys broke into the house, the record was equaled by Ariana Grande - Photo 4

Afterwards, the "Queen of Pop" shared in an interview with Elle: "My life is filled with days of fear of being followed. I always carry a first aid kit in case of being attacked." In fact, if you are threatened or have had bad guys break into your house, you cannot escape the decline

think negatively".

Many fans advised the female singer to move house or strengthen the security system further. However, perhaps with her position as a top star in the world, it is inevitable that she is often stalked by c.razy fans or greedy people.

Taylor Swifts fate: Bad guys broke into the house, the record was equaled by Ariana Grande - Photo 5

Ignoring this issue, Taylor Swift was recently equaled by Ariana Grande's record on the Billboard chart. This g.irl had an impressive comeback with "Yes, And?" - the single that paved the way for his next studio album.

This is a product that has received a lot of attention, because it marks the comeback of the singer born in 1993, after many years of focusing on the business of cosmetics and fashion products.

Taylor Swifts fate: Bad guys broke into the house, the record was equaled by Ariana Grande - Photo 6

After more than a week of release, "Yes, And?" by Ariana Grande has dominated all 9 Billboard charts. And this is the 6th time in her career that the female singer has had a song debut at the top of the Billboard H.ot 10 chart.

This means that she officially equaled Taylor Swift's record of having 6 songs debut at the top of the chart above. At the same time, the famous star couple is also the female artist with the most songs reaching #1 on Billboard in the past decade.

Taylor Swifts fate: Bad guys broke into the house, the record was equaled by Ariana Grande - Photo 7

"Yes, And?" is a Pop/dance song with bold retro colors. As Ariana Grande shared, the song has a strong Vogue vibe from "pop queen" Madonna. With a bustling, vibrant rhythm, "Yes, And" creates a party atmosphere filled with lights and entertainment.

Taylor Swifts fate: Bad guys broke into the house, the record was equaled by Ariana Grande - Photo 8

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