Taylor Swift publicly humiliated her ex-boyfriend, the male lead's reaction "shocked" netizens

Kim LâmApr 27, 2024 at 11:11

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In The Tortured Poets Department, Taylor Swift is said to hint at many people, from old enemy Kim Kardashian to a list of ex-lovers such as Matty Healy, Joe Alwyn to current Travis Kelce.

Recently, a reporter from Entertainment Tonight encountered Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend - Matty Healy - on the street. Immediately, he approached and asked Matty: "Hey, how do you rate Taylor Swift's diss song for you compared to the other 30 songs?". Matty Healy asked confusedly: "The diss song is for me?".

Afterwards, Matty said: "Well I haven't listened to (that album) much. But I'm sure it's great!". Matty Healy's reaction was highly appreciated by Taylor Swift fans as well as expressed surprise when he seemed to only care about the quality of the music, not letting personal matters interfere.

Taylor Swift publicly humiliated her ex-boyfriend, the male leads reaction shocked netizens - Photo 1

In Taylor Swift's new album - The Tortured Poets Department, the audience discovered that it has many tracks written for Matty Healy of the band The 1975. Matty Healy can be considered one of Taylor Swift's most hated ex-lovers. Taylor Swift, is the love that came to her right after breaking up with Joe Alwyn and before Travis Kelce of the present.

He has an impulsive personality, often causing trouble on stage with a series of thoughtless actions and statements, and even shows signs of discrimination against LGBT and women. The two are said to have secretly dated in 2014 and then in 2022.

Taylor Swift publicly humiliated her ex-boyfriend, the male leads reaction shocked netizens - Photo 2

"You smoke and eat seven bars of chocolate" (literally: You smoke and eat seven bars of chocolate). According to the inference of Taylor Swift fans, they pointed out that the band The 1975 in 2013 released a song called Chocolate with the word "chocolate" implying an addictive substance. Taylor Swift's album has many adult words, deep meanings, and complex word usage, so this can also be an interpretation.

In addition to Matty Healy, in The Tortured Poets Department, fans believe that the central character of the 11th studio album of "Country Music Princess" is her ex-lover Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift publicly humiliated her ex-boyfriend, the male leads reaction shocked netizens - Photo 3

The romance between the British actor and the American music superstar began in 2017. After 6 years together, they thought the two would have a beautiful ending, the wedding of the century. However, they suddenly broke up in March 2023. It can be said that among the group of ex-lovers, Joe Alwyn received the most love from Taylor and at the same time gave her the most creative inspiration.

However, when love ends, the sweet words turn bitter. Right from the new album's title, it shows the ironic attitude that Taylor has towards Joe. The Tortured Poets Department is believed to have originated from a WhatsApp chat group called The Tortured Man Club of Joe and actors Andrew Scott. and Paul Mescal.

Taylor Swift publicly humiliated her ex-boyfriend, the male leads reaction shocked netizens - Photo 4

As for Joe Alwyn, despite being an entertainer, Joe Alwyn likes a private lifestyle. He loved Taylor for 6 years but always kept their relationship as private as possible. Meanwhile, Taylor likes flashy and bright things. Page Six identified a former love as a barrier preventing Taylor from becoming the greatest artist of her generation.

With his quiet personality, it is not surprising that Joe did not react when his ex-girlfriend publicly accused him. The 9X actor's most obvious move is to block the comments section on his personal Instagram.

Taylor Swift publicly humiliated her ex-boyfriend, the male leads reaction shocked netizens - Photo 5

Daily Mail's own source said Joe has no intention of speaking out about this and hopes the album doesn't r.eveal too much about their relationship. According to the source, Joe doesn't expect Taylor to criticize him or their relationship, instead reflecting on their time together. For the actor, the fact that his ex-lover made an album to attack him is absurd and shocking because he helped her write songs for the albums Folklore and Evermore (under the stage name William Bowery).

Taylor Swift publicly humiliated her ex-boyfriend, the male leads reaction shocked netizens - Photo 6

Currently, Joe devotes all his attention to work. He appeared in the films The Brutalist, Hamlet and Brideshead Revisited. The biggest project is Yorgos Lanthimos's comedy Kinds of Kindness, scheduled for release in June. In the film, Joe collaborates with two of Taylor's good friends, Emma Stone and Margaret Qualley.

Taylor Swift publicly humiliated her ex-boyfriend, the male leads reaction shocked netizens - Photo 7

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