Taylor Swift "abandoned" her boyfriend after a short time going public, the b.oy's strange attitude attracted attention

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The love story of Taylor Swift and American football player Travis Kelce received a lot of attention from fans around the world. Recently, while Taylor Swift was on tour in South America, her boyfriend was in a strange mood back home.

Taylor Swift and American football player Travis Kelce started dating each other in September this year. After many ups and downs in love, Taylor Swift fans are probably a lot more realistic and don't have much hope anymore. Current fans just hope Taylor Swift will be truly happy with her choices.

Taylor Swift abandoned her boyfriend after a short time going public, the boys strange attitude attracted attention - Photo 1

Recently, football star Travis Kelce was seen wandering alone on Thanksgiving day while his girlfriend, singer Taylor Swift, was in Brazil. In the video posted by TMZ , Travis Kelce drove for a walk near his newly purchased villa in Kansas City on November 23. The 34-year-old player looks worried behind the wheel of a luxurious Rolls-Royce. Sources say Travis is spending the holidays alone in his hometown.

Taylor Swift abandoned her boyfriend after a short time going public, the boys strange attitude attracted attention - Photo 2

Previously, Travis Kelce confessed on his brother's podcast that he would eat KFC on Thanksgiving because "I don't have anyone here."

Taylor Swift cannot return to the US for the holidays with her boyfriend and family because she is on her Eras Tour in South America. Taylor will have three shows in São Paulo, Brazil this weekend. Meanwhile, Travis Kelce is also busy practicing for Sunday's match. He took the opportunity to fly to Argentina two weeks ago to cheer Taylor on as she kicked off her world tour.

According to TMZ , Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift had to separate on Thanksgiving but planned to spend Christmas together.

Taylor Swift abandoned her boyfriend after a short time going public, the boys strange attitude attracted attention - Photo 3

Unlike her "deeply committed" love affair that lasted more than 7 years with Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift did not hesitate to publicly express her feelings for Travis Kelce everywhere. And the 70,000 viewers in Argentina of The Eras Tour just witnessed another extremely affectionate "sex fight" between Taylor Swift and her boyfriend.

Specifically, right after finishing nearly 3 and a half hours of performing in front of 70,000 audiences in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Taylor Swift rushed backstage where Travis Kelce was waiting in front of the backstage tent. Without hesitation from tens of thousands of eyes watching, Taylor Swift passionately kissed her boyfriend, even twirling around a few times in happiness. No need to say how Taylor Swift fans had the opportunity to "scream".

During the three-hour concert, Taylor also expressed her love to Travis many times. While singing the song Willow , she turned to her boyfriend and said, "That's my man." According to Page Six , Taylor also looked at Travis lovingly while singing the song Lover .

Taylor Swift abandoned her boyfriend after a short time going public, the boys strange attitude attracted attention - Photo 4

In the song Karma , Taylor changed the lyrics from "Karma is the guy on the screen" to "Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me", referring to her boyfriend's Kansas City Chiefs football team. While the audience cheered and sang along, the rugby star hugged his face and smiled shyly. Taylor's father - Mr. Scott Swift - stood aside, clapping and smiling in response.

Taylor and Travis Kelce have been dating since September. The relationship between the two American stars began when Travis went to Taylor's concert in July and tried to give her a bracelet with a phone number on it. Although Travis' bracelet giving story was not successful, Taylor noticed the player when he told this story in a podcast and was reported by many newspapers. Afterwards, Taylor surprised him by coming to watch Travis play and h.anging out with him. The singer spent a lot of time with her boyfriend in September and October before going on tour.

Taylor Swift abandoned her boyfriend after a short time going public, the boys strange attitude attracted attention - Photo 5

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal , Travis Kelce rarely talked about his new girlfriend. Travis admitted he had "never dated someone with such temperament" and praised Taylor as a smart, sweet g.irl.

Taylor Swift abandoned her boyfriend after a short time going public, the boys strange attitude attracted attention - Photo 6

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