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Zhang Jianyi pushed Qin Lin to fall, being uncomfortably convex when he was 'suspended' from the Lisa case

Ning Jing14:35:57 04/11/2023
Before his long term when Weibo was discolored due to the influence of going to see Lisa, Zhang Jiayi was recently exposed to a series of concave personalities unlike what people have seen causing a stir in CNET,

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Ngo Han: China's multi-talented female MC, "the son of people" in the legend, "cool hands" business

Nguyễn Kim14:36:14 01/08/2023
Ngo Han is not only the host of the famous program "Happy Camp" of Hunan satellite TV station, China. In addition, she is also known as an actress and singer who is loved and admired by many audiences.

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Truong Thien Ai was caught at the night market, her beauty was 'shocking'

Yang Mi23:22:48 30/04/2022
Appearing at a talented night market in Truong Sa, Truong Thien Ai received praise for her simplicity. But somewhere, the beauty of the new actress, the Crown Prince, is the main topic of interest more than anyone. Acting is the hottest profession right now. Despite the...

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Huynh Xiaoming's hidden marriage with ex-wife Angelababy made him pay too much

Yang Mi23:40:37 24/04/2022
After the divorce, the lives of Huynh Xiaoming and Angelababy have complete opposites. People are popular with the public, others are falling. It is said that there is no real love in showbiz and it all comes together for profit. The point seems to be the most noticeable couple...

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Ta Na - Truong Kiet accused of "playing dirty", threatening real estate brokers

Hoàng Phúc11:43:50 08/02/2022
Currently, the famous couple Truong Kiet - Ta Na has not yet responded to the incident. On the evening of February 7, the Chinese social network was noisy with the information that the famous couple Truong Kiet - Ta Na was accused of improper behavior by a netizen. This netizen...

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Ta Na suffered from depression, her career dropped after the accident of her husband Truong Kiet

Hoàng Phúc07:56:21 29/01/2022
The top famous female MC in showbiz Trung - Ta Na - said she faced depression after giving birth to her second c.hild. Recently, the Sina site reported on the entertainment program Friends, listen, Ta Na shared that she suffered from depression after giving birth for the second...

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Chiang Xin, a beauty with a personal feud with Liu Tao, was declared by Sun Le that she did not want to cooperate

Yang Mi17:54:23 22/12/2021
Is a real name, has beauty and has never been involved in any scandals. But, after emerging, Jiang Han was exposed by many people to "terrible heaven". Jiang Han is no longer a strange name to audiences who love Chinese-language films. She is an extremely reserved and devoted...

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"Tieu Long Nu" Ly Nhuoc Dong was accused of f.raud, the big Cbiz stars were also "indigo"

An Nhi21:43:40 18/11/2021
The online community is bewildered by the news that actress Ly Nhuoc Dong was involved in an investment scam. Ly Nhuoc Dong was born in 1966, is one of the leading Chinese characters of the Hong Kong entertainment industry in the early 1990s. From a flight attendant, she turned...

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Revealing the photo taken by the passing team of Trieu Lo Tu, is her visual "Green Tea" as beautiful as the praises?

Kylie18:28:58 08/09/2021
Appearing in a recent Happy Camp recording, Trieu Lo Tu received attention with his pure image. cute. In terms of the new generation of beauty goddesses, Trieu Lo Tu is one of the beauties who receive the most attention from fans. Being a famous h.ot g.irl from her school years...

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Running Man and the series of Chinese shows are behind the purge

Hậu Hậu09:50:59 07/09/2021
Over the years in China, reality TV shows have gradually become the spiritual food of many viewers. This is also a lucrative "granary" for broadcasters and producers to "pickpocket" viewers easily. The most popular reality TV shows in China, the first of which is Running man...

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Chau Chan Nam is about to be "touched" in the purge of Chinese showbiz?

Duyên Trần11:38:42 29/08/2021
The information that the great flower g.irl Trieu Vy was secretly sealed made the online community extremely excited. The Chinese entertainment industry is going through a huge purge when all the names that have been hidden in the past as well as the present are considered and...

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Duong Duong "stopped" when he witnessed Nhiet Ba cover "hit" Trieu Vy

Hồng Hạnh14:02:21 12/08/2021
In the latest episode of the Happy Camp program, the "beauty of Xinjiang" and prince Duong Duong had the opportunity to stir the atmosphere when "blowing" two extreme beauties to the show. Returning to showbiz with many new projects from movies to TV shows, actress Dich Le Nhiet...

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Ngo Diep Pham involved in EXO caused the program to be removed

Hồng Hạnh09:29:37 04/08/2021
On the evening of August 2, the biggest "surveillance" of CBiz took place when Ngo Diep Pham's account was simultaneously "discolored" from social networks. This is probably an extremely tense "angle of involvement" when 4 episodes of EXO recorded Happy Camp on June 9, 2012...

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Tu Dang: Canh Diem - Truong Bin Bin is on h.ot search because of the sweet "hint" series from movies to gameshow

team youtuber16:30:04 06/04/2021
Truong Bin Bin - Canh Diem recently participated in a propaganda interview for the movie Tu Dang that 2 people played. main. And just like that, the interview climbed to No.1 H.ot Search position with thousands of positive comments. The keyword that helps Truong Bin Bin - Canh Diem occupy the gold table is Truong Bin Bin's eyes looking at...

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Dilraba Dilpa shocked when she was too thin, her beauty was aging when she appeared on the show Happy Camp - P.leasure of the headquarters

team youtube16:30:30 30/03/2021
Recently, Dich Le Nhiet Ba and Ngo Loi have just participated in the show Happy Camp - P.leasure at the headquarters to promote the upcoming movie Truong Ca Hanh. Appearing in the show, Dich Le Nhiet Ba had her hair braided, the star of Tam Sinh Tam The Cham Thuong Thu also wore...

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Ha Canh - The most powerful MC in Cbiz and the controversial kiss with Trieu Le Dinh

team youtuber15:55:41 10/03/2021
With a small b.ody and a happy face, few would expect that the male MC is 46 years old, he is one of his artists. Cranes have a strong talent and position in the industry. If Yoo Jae Suk is in Korea, Ha Canh is one of the favorite national MCs in China. Born in 1974 in Hunan City, China

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Xiaotian Street | The male lead in the love story "My Little Happiness" makes people excited

team youtuber21:00:12 28/01/2021
With her acting, Duong Hieu Thien left a deep impression with her cold face, making viewers unforgettable and praised by the audience. Duong Xiaotian was born on June 2, 1991, in Tianjin, China, which is known to the public as a model with a huge height of 1m88. The guy has an...

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Thai Tu Khon | Lisa's rumored boyfriend (BlackPink) after "Youth has friends 2"

team youtuber21:00:24 07/01/2021
Thai Tu Khon born in 1998 is a talented Chinese singer and producer. Thanks to his handsome, youthful face and handsome lines, he attracts many fans. Not only that, Thai Tu Khon is also gifted in composing music as well as the ability to master the stage. Previously, male idol

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