Nicholas Tse repeatedly quarreled with Vuong Phi because he secretly did this for Truong Ba Chi

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For a long time, the media magazine has continuously published news about Nicholas Tse and his irresponsibility to his children. Accordingly, the 12-year-old actor is busy in love and is not with his son Lucas and Quintus. He left everything to Truong Ba Chi.

In fact, Nicholas Tse has long remained silent about this matter. I don't want outsiders to pay too much attention to my family's problems. Nicholas Tse is very concerned about his children and still silently sends allowances to his children but does not share.

Nicholas Tse repeatedly quarreled with Vuong Phi because he secretly did this for Truong Ba Chi - Photo 1

With information that Nicholas Tse gave Truong Ba Chi 80 million yuan (more than 270 billion VND) in alimony to raise 2 sons per year. The actor surnamed Ta himself once admitted that he always felt sorry for the children because he couldn't take care of them. Nicholas Tse decided to leave his entire fortune of 1 billion HKD (more than 3,000 billion dong) to Lucas and Quintus as an act of redemption for the children.

Nicholas Tse repeatedly quarreled with Vuong Phi because he secretly did this for Truong Ba Chi - Photo 2

In addition, Nicholas Tse initially did not gain custody of the children because he thought that Truong Ba Chi would be able to take care of the children better because he did not have any problems. Moreover, the actor wants to fulfill his original promise to his ex-wife. Nicholas Tse once promised that if he and Truong Ba Chi were no longer together, the children would stay with their mother.

The actor once affirmed that he himself always felt grateful to Truong Ba Chi for having worked hard to raise his children alone. As for the past, he completely forgave her. The two now keep close friends with each other and take care of their children together.

Nicholas Tse repeatedly quarreled with Vuong Phi because he secretly did this for Truong Ba Chi - Photo 3

However, because it was convenient to show concern for his ex-wife and 2 sons, Nicholas Tse intentionally kept Vuong Phi hidden. I don't want this to affect our relationship. But, Vuong Phi doesn't want her boyfriend to work secretly behind her back. That's why they often quarrel. With the time when Nicholas Tse and Vuong Phi did not meet each other, many people thought that they had broken up, but in fact the two were still together.

Nicholas Tse repeatedly quarreled with Vuong Phi because he secretly did this for Truong Ba Chi - Photo 4

Vuong Phi and Nicholas Tse fell in love in 1999, at that time Dinh Phong was 19 years old, new to the entertainment industry, and Vuong Phi was 30 years old, had a husband and had children of his own. In 2003, they broke up, Nicholas Tse married Truong Ba Chi, had two sons, and Vuong Phi went with Ly A Bang to give birth to a daughter.

Experiencing turbulent marriage, Nicholas Tse and Vuong Phi divorced in turn. They reunited in 2014. Since then, the two artists have received "public opinion hammer" because of their private lives, never appearing publicly. Rumors of them breaking up, having children constantly appear on social networks, the two rarely respond. In July, many people shared articles: "Vuong Phi took a risk to give birth to a daughter for Ta Dinh Phong at the age of 52", "Ta Dinh Phong edited his will to divide assets for his daughter". On Weibo, Tse's representative said that the two artists had never planned to have children. The Dinh Phong side asked the publisher to delete the related post.

Nicholas Tse repeatedly quarreled with Vuong Phi because he secretly did this for Truong Ba Chi - Photo 5

Over the years, Nicholas Tse has often worked as a judge on reality shows and has his own program about food. The film, which he starred in, was released in August, earning more than 185 million USD. According to Mirrormedia, the actor owns a fortune of more than 130 million USD. Vuong Phi is as rich as her boyfriend, owns many real estate in Beijing and Hong Kong.

Famous Chinese writer Han Tung Lac once said: "Vuong Phi and Nicholas Tse both meet the conditions to be able to decide their own life. They have the ability to win happiness, have courage. atmosphere to accept defeat and face mistakes. That's their luck. Isn't that enough to be admired?". Huanqiu newspaper said that whether they like or dislike the choices of Vuong Phi and Nicholas Tse, outsiders have no right to bind them with moral and ethical concepts.

Previously, the BJH site shared an interview done many years ago by the beautiful surname Vuong. When the MC asked the delicate question: "Why did you come back to Nicholas Tse?" Vuong Phi showed no hesitation when he replied that, for her, the role of a man in life is no necessary. Likes can reunite, dislikes break up, there is no distinction here.

Nicholas Tse repeatedly quarreled with Vuong Phi because he secretly did this for Truong Ba Chi - Photo 6

Vuong Phi's attitude in love affairs is always indifferent and indifferent. Whether or not there is love in this life is not so important. If Nicholas Tse does not pursue enthusiastically, praying for Vuong Phi to return, it is unlikely that the singer will reunite with a young love 11 years younger.

Page BJH commented, this means that in the heart of Vuong Phi, she does not consider Nicholas Tse as a long-term relationship, just a temporary lover. At the same time, the newspaper also asked whether Tse Tse heard it, feeling heartbroken or not.

However, there is an opinion that, just through the answer, netizens have realized that Vuong Phi is a master of love, good at capturing men's emotions, giving Nicholas Tse the feeling that he can lose her at any time. any time. That is why the actor always tries to pamper and love his girlfriend and keep her by her side, refusing to leave.

Nicholas Tse repeatedly quarreled with Vuong Phi because he secretly did this for Truong Ba Chi - Photo 7

Nicholas Tse repeatedly quarreled with Vuong Phi because he secretly did this for Truong Ba Chi - Photo 8

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