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Nam Em, sitting next to her husband-to-be, livestreamed and still "pretends" to confirm that he has not returned

Nguyễn Kim09:32:22 14/03/2024
The more dramatic love story of Nam Em and businessman Bui Huu Cuong has received attention all the time. From livestreams of denunciations, arguments, breakup announcements, and talk about reuniting together, many netizens shook their heads in frustration.

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Trieu Le Dinh shows off photos of her son, revealing her second pregnancy with Phung Thieu Phong?

Mộc Trà14:28:21 10/01/2024
Recently, Trieu Le Dinh rarely publicized the image of her son on social networks. Even though she let her son be publicly photographed, beauty Hoa Thien Cot still delicately chose a hidden corner to avoid revealing his face and ensure the b.aby's privacy.

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Cindy Lu is suspected of being pregnant with Dat G's c.hild, netizens are curious about Hoai Lam's reaction right now?

Bình Minh16:35:22 21/11/2023
The relationship between Cindy Lu - Hoai Lam and Dat G has never been out of the public eye. After a series of doubts about the broken mirror, Meritorious Artist Bao Quoc's niece and the original Saigon singer confirmed that they are still quietly together.

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Koi fish king accidentally revealed "reunion" Ha Thanh Xuan when asked "do you regret" post-breakup?

Bảo Tiên10:52:44 02/11/2023
Recently, Koi fish king Thang Ngo made the online community sell doubts about his ability to return to Ha Thanh Xuan through the way the businessman responded to comments on his personal page.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) leaked a clip of more than 3 minutes at a s.trip club, revealing her full "uncovered" performance?

Uyển Đình11:58:06 12/10/2023
After a 5-night performance at C.razy Horse s.trip club, Lisa returned to Korea but information about the show is still of interest to the public. A clip of Lisa's more than 3 minutes has just been spread by Chinese fans and received a huge amount of interaction.

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Lisa added never-before-released "stretch" behind-the-scenes photos, publicly shaping the image that was suspected of photoshopping

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:02:28 07/10/2023
After releasing a series of photos on fire at the C.razy Horse nightclub stage, Lisa continues to drive netizens c.razy with extremely glamorous behind-the-scenes photos. Notably, a creation that was once suspected to be a photoshop product was also publicly shared by Lisa.

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Leaking a clip of Lisa's family "touching" the billionaire prince after a meal, the idol's mother has an attention-grabbing reaction

Quỳnh Quỳnh07:19:07 05/10/2023
Social media is buzzing to share a clip of Lisa and her family having dinner with CEO Frédéric Arnault. Later, a relative of BLACKPINK's youngest brother had an interaction with the billionaire's son that caught attention.

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Bach Loc plans to "go home" with La Van Hi, Truong Lang Hach's fans strongly object?

Hoa Tuyết07:35:16 18/09/2023
The two collaborations were both successful, obviously Bach Loc still wants to continue filming with La Van Hi. Recently, she revealed that she hopes to play a villain if she reunites with actor La.

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Zhao Liying is pregnant for the 2nd time, Feng Shaofeng's mother promised more than 16 billion gifts if the couple reunited?

Kim Lâm07:05:54 12/09/2023
Zhao Liying was recently questioned about reuniting with her ex-husband Feng Shaofeng after 2 years of divorce because she was believed to be pregnant for the second time. In particular, the attitude of the ex-mother-in-law to turn the car attracted equally attention.

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Zhao Liying and Yang Zi "reconciled" after a row 7 years ago, preparing to reunite in a new movie?

Hoa Tuyết07:53:19 04/09/2023
Zhao Liying and Yang Zi have been rumored to have been involved in face-to-face rumors since their collaboration in the movie Tru Tien: Qing Yunzhi, it has been 7 years since many fans are curious about how the relationship of the two is.

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Irina Shayk wanted to protect her feelings for Tom Brady, decided to "sever" the friendship around

Hoa Tuyết22:41:55 17/08/2023
Recently, model Irina Shayk made the decision to stay away from all scrutiny of her close friends, because of her desire to move towards a serious romantic relationship with Tom Brady.

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Zhao Liying officially reunited Feng Shaofeng, happily took his son out and then went home together?

Bình Yên14:49:01 05/08/2023
After finishing an outing, Zhao Liying put his son in the car. The mother and daughter Zhao Liying returned to Feng Shaofeng's house together. Next, Lady Hua Tian Chen got into the car and returned to her home.

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Refund Nhism - Dang Thu Ha is corrected about the breakup, "exposes" the conspiracy theory?

Phương Nam09:33:49 13/05/2023
The news that Nhism and h.ot TikToker Dang Thu Ha broke up made many fans heartbroken, however, it all came from a clipping video recording Nhism's statement that made netizens sell their trust and confidence. What's the truth? After the information that streamer Nhism and h.ot...

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Huynh Xiaoming - Angelababy officially "reunited", was caught "going to the bar late" together?

Chi Chu13:36:42 28/04/2023
Recently, fans of the couple Huynh Xiaoming and Angelababy were extremely happy with the news that the two officially reunited. Accordingly, Huynh Xiaoming and his ex-wife were caught by the media gathering and partying together. Although divorced, the love story of Huynh...

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Justin Bieber "broken heart" because of Selena Gomez, exhausted Hailey Bieber wants a divorce?

Kiko11:30:12 24/04/2023
Amidst the noise of his ex-lover and his wife, Justin Bieber recently spoke out for the first time because he was so heartbroken. Previously, Hailey said that she was going through the most difficult time in her life when she was attacked by Selena Gomez fans Recently, Hailey...

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Camila Cabello did a "sensitive" thing in the middle of the road, questioning at Shawn after 2 years?

Kiko13:46:53 16/04/2023
Caught close-up "locking lips" passionately between the music festival Coachella, USA, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are said to have officially "fallen in love again" after 2 years of separation. People reported that Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello attracted attention when...

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Nam Em - Bach Cong Khanh "falls in love from the beginning" after being noisy and openly posting pictures of the other party?

Chi Chu14:14:44 25/03/2023
Despite a lot of controversy, Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh are always a couple that is loved by the audience. Recently, the female singer made a move that surprised many people when she publicly posted Bach Cong Khanh's photo on her personal page, Specifically, recently, Nam Em...

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Thanh Dao - Ex-wife of King Koi Fish: Wholeheartedly for her husband, unbelievable changes after divorce and suspicion of reunion?

Phương Nam16:20:35 16/03/2023
Divorce the Koi King with many doubts about cheating, the 3rd person. But since then, Thanh Dao has always behaved noble, not noisy and instead happy to enjoy life. his life. Thanh Dao is known to the public as the ex-wife of Koi King - businessman Thang Ngo. The two used to...

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Nhat Vy - ex-wife Ho Quang Hieu: Divorce after 10 days and a series of dating questions Quang Le, Quoc Truong?

Kiko17:24:30 15/03/2023
Nhat Vy - commonly known as Ivy Nguyen is one of the cult beauties of Vietnamese showbiz. After a short marriage of only 10 days with Ho Quang Hieu, Ivy Nguyen became a name that many people cared about and noticed. Ivy Nguyen's real name is Nhat Vy and is also the ex-wife of Ho...

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Ex-wife "King Koi" reacts strangely to the news of "everyone going their separate ways" with young love, questioning "reuniting"?

N.P17:14:01 13/03/2023
People recently suddenly noticed the strange move of Thanh Dao - the ex-wife of King Koi Fish. In the midst of the rift between male businessmen and young love, people suddenly questioned whether Thanh Dao and King Koi would reunite. On March 12, the social network was buzzing...

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Khoa Pug - Vuong Pham has just "reunited" and has been caught up in the scandal of "hacking and s.lashing", saying a surprising sentence?

KiKo14:23:49 13/03/2023
Khoa Pug is currently receiving a lot of attention when opening a h.ot pot restaurant. In addition to the reunion with Vuong Pham, the male youtuber recently suddenly spoke up when many people accused him of selling at a higher price than the surrounding shops. Recently, Khoa Pug...

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Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo "touch" each other, reunite after divorce: Happy ending for both

KiKo14:48:13 04/03/2023
After all the noise, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo seem to have completely put aside the past to continue their journey. Fans hope that the public will see this as a happy ending for both of them instead of criticizing and blaming. With an explosive combination in Descendants...

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Son Tung 'asked' Thieu Bao Tram 'answered', revealing always the ideal man after emotional trauma

Hoàng Anh14:25:23 16/02/2023
Although he has never officially publicly dated Son Tung, many viewers can also recognize the two's special relationship that lasts for 8 years. But after all their efforts and efforts, waiting, there still can't be a happy ending for the couple. After the emotional rift, Thieu...

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Lam Khanh Chi "shocked" Valentine's Day, preparing to reunite with her ex-husband after a noisy series?

Chi Chu13:45:03 14/02/2023
Once entangled in a lot of noise after the divorce, but recently, on Valentine's Day, Lam Khanh Chi surprised people when suddenly posting intimate pictures with her ex-husband with a choked status line, looking forward to getting back together. At the end of 2021, Lam Khanh...

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