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Ta Dinh Phong fainted at Xie Hien's hospital bedside, revealing his relationship with Cecilia Zhang

Thư Kỳ16:11:03 23/08/2023
After his biological father was hospitalized for treatment for a stroke, Ta Dinh Phong was deeply shocked, knelt by the hospital bed, cried because he felt that he was not worried and cared about Ta Hien, which touched many people.

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Truong Ba Chi dated Ta Dinh Phong to travel, the actor criticized Vuong Phi for not being equal to his ex-wife in many things

Ning Jing17:28:03 22/07/2023
Appearing together in Australia and having the appearance of two sons, Truong Ba Chi and Nicholas Tse, it is said that the broken mirror will heal, making many people overjoyed.

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Ta Hien cried for her grandson, Ta Dinh Phong spent 700 billion in exchange for his son, but was bullied by Truong Ba Chi

Yang Mi21:05:45 09/06/2023
After a period of neglecting his children, recently Nicholas Tse is not afraid to spend a large amount of m.oney i.n the hope of regaining custody of children from Truong Ba Chi. However, the actress took a harsh action that surprised many people.

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Truong Ba Chi blurted out, revealing that ex-husband Ta Dinh Phong did not marry Vuong Phi because of the contract

Thư Kỳ19:53:50 18/11/2022
The story of the trio Truong Ba Chi - Ta Dinh Phong - Vuong Phi has not stopped cooling down even though many years have passed. Recently, when Vuong Phi expressed his desire to get married, the actress "King of Comedy" reacted. The love issue between Truong Ba Chi, Nicholas Tse...

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Nicholas Tse repeatedly quarreled with Vuong Phi because he secretly did this for Truong Ba Chi

Nắng09:29:36 07/10/2022
For a long time, the media magazine has continuously published news about Nicholas Tse and his irresponsibility to his children. Accordingly, the 12-year-old actor is busy in love and is not with his son Lucas and Quintus. He left everything to Truong Ba Chi. In fact, Nicholas...

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