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Mai Davika was praised for her trendy fashion sense, surpassing Ho Ngoc Ha and Thu Ky

Bút Máy21:45:58 28/05/2024
When talking about see-through fashion, fashionistas often think of being picky about the wearer. However, Mai Davika's case is quite an exception. Every time she wears see-through clothes, her beauty and figure seem to explode.

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Ho Ngoc Ha overwhelmed Thu Ky when they were in the same frame, the senior made a basic mistake

Hoàng Phúc16:32:30 23/05/2024
On the evening of May 22, Ho Ngoc Ha attended the event of high-end jewelry company Bvlgari. In addition, the program also has the participation of two famous stars, Thai actress Mai Davika and actress Thu Ky.

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Mai Davika shows off her sweet visual, reacting to the "rain of money" on her birthday

Bút Màu17:05:30 18/05/2024
Mai Davika - nicknamed Thailand's most beautiful witch - celebrates her 32nd birthday with her boyfriend Ter Chantavit, colleagues and fans. In particular, his gift for his girlfriend made fans jealous.

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Suni Ha Linh shined in Attack 2 as captain, but the results were still disappointing

Vân Anh16:25:10 11/05/2024
Suni Ha Linh lit up the stage in the second performance round, performing excellently and taking the spotlight as team captain. However, the results were not very positive, which made fans extremely worried.

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Breaking the wind: Tran Le Quan causes a fever, Suni Ha Linh - Mai Davika are both estranged?

Đình Như09:28:08 11/05/2024
As a Vietnamese opera actor (a form of traditional opera), emerging as a phenomenon on theater stages thanks to his attractive handsome appearance, Tran Le Quan is w.inning the hearts of the audience when participating in "Pedal the Wind 2024".

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Suni Ha Linh "hesitated" at Pedal Wind 2024: Leaving first, being "beautiful butter" by Mai Davika

Thiên Di15:50:33 06/05/2024
Following Chi Pu, the only representative of Vietnam at Pedal Wind 2024 - Suni Ha Linh also entered the competition with many expectations from the domestic audience. However, recently, the singer Just Chill Go also encountered many troubles when participating in this program.

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Riding the wind: Suni Ha Linh swings on a rope, somersaults like a fairy "descending to earth", the sisters show their attitude

Minh Lợi06:48:12 20/04/2024
After many days of anticipation, the representative of Vietnam, Suni Ha Linh, officially presented at Dap Gio 2024 with the performance "Just chill". In particular, the staging of this performance made the Chinese stars gasp.

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Mai Davika matches the beauty of Minnie (G-IDLE) in Songkran, her beauty is "one 9 one 10"

Phi Đức14:50:42 19/04/2024
In addition to entertainment - cultural - religious activities, the appearance of famous beauties also became the focus of attracting much attention at Songkran. The beautiful witch Mai Davika competes with Minnie (G-IDLE) and Pham Bang Bang.

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Songkran goddess lineup in 2024: includes both Chinese stars and Korean idols

Phương Thảo16:10:24 16/04/2024
In addition to activities related to entertainment - culture - beliefs, the appearance of a group of beauties transformed into the goddess Songkran this year also attracted the public's attention.

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Baifern was suddenly hospitalized, causing fans to worry, and her boyfriend made a notable move

Vân Anh20:31:35 13/03/2024
Fans were extremely worried about the health condition of actress Baifern Pimchanok. She was suddenly hospitalized for intravenous fluids. Her boyfriend Nine Naphat immediately made a notable move.

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Son Tung and his old love group Ty Ty Dap The Wind Turn The Wave: 2 Vietnamese beauties, 1 Thai beauty

Kim Lâm16:55:26 09/03/2024
Recently, Son Tung and Suni Ha Linh were mentioned a lot by the public for their activities in the music field. During this time, many fans suddenly realized that Son Tung used to have the fate of being paired with the beauties of Billionaire Wind and Wave.

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Pedal Wind 2024: Beautiful seniors turn the show into a catwalk, Suni Ha Linh is sought after

Nguyễn Kim10:44:52 07/03/2024
Information about the 2024 Wind Pedaling program is getting hotter and hotter. On the day of the show's recording, the billion-billion cast appeared in a charisma that made the studio no different from the runway. Besides, Suni Ha Linh is also quite sought after by the media.

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Round 1 Odds: Suni Ha Linh on the Han Tuyet team, playing "dried blood" Mai Davika?

JLO07:17:11 07/03/2024
After Chi Pu, Suni Ha Ling received a lot of media attention when she confirmed her participation in Billion Billion Wind Turn season 5 in China. Currently, she and 29 other stars are in Hunan province to begin filming the first round of the show.

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The left-handed owner only "threatened" the Billion Billion Wind Cast, Suni Xia Ling saluted

Thảo Mai14:54:14 05/03/2024
In recent days, information about Cycling Monsoon season 5 has been extremely interested in the audience. Especially when Suni Ha Linh - a Vietnamese beauty following in Chi Pu's footsteps was present in China, preparing to ride the wind and turn the wave with the great sisters of the country of billions of people.

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Mai Davika Suni Ha Linh's rival at "Billion Billion Wind Pedal": Nothing but beautiful

Nhật Duy07:33:08 05/03/2024
The information that Mai Davika - the beauty of the Golden Pagoda participated in the Billion Billion Wind Ride is receiving a lot of attention from netizens. Audiences in Vietnam are very worried for Suni Ha Linh because she has to face a serious opponent.

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Ha Ho swept the Gucci show, her mother-of-three's b.ody charisma "beat" Mai Davika and Hanni

Bảo Nam16:20:30 24/02/2024
Ho Ngoc Ha's appearance at the fashion brand Gucci's show within the framework of Milan Fashion Week is causing a stir on social networks. The female singer was even praised for surpassing Mai Davika.

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"Witch" Mai Davika suddenly went bald, causing a stir on social media, causing her boyfriend to immediately take action

An Nhi13:52:31 20/01/2024
Mai Davika is one of Thailand's famous female stars. She possesses beautiful beauty and an outstanding, attractive figure. Recently, the beauty of the Golden Temple made waves on the internet with her bald head look that made it difficult for others to take their eyes off her.

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Tran Duc Bo declared shocked, claiming to be Vietnam's Mai Davika, how beautiful is post-transgender?

Phúc Sen11:06:14 08/12/2023
Internet phenomenon Tran Duc Bo caused a fever when he appeared at a recent event, with an impressive post-transgender beauty and changed his name to Man Nhi. And yet, the transgender g.irl shocked people even more by identifying herself as Mai Davika.

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Mai Davika and Anntonia Porsild hit back at the debate over where they stood at the event, who was right and who was wrong?

Minh Ngọc16:18:52 07/12/2023
Recently, when both beauties appeared at the same event, the online community was abuzz with discussion because the central position belongs to Anntonia Porsild, and Mai Davika is just on the sidelines.

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Mai Davika is as beautiful as a princess in a 138 billion villa, celebrating her mother's birthday with her boyfriend

Minh Ngọc17:40:24 25/11/2023
During her mother's birthday party held at a hundred-billion villa, the witch Mai Davika transformed into the heroine of a traditional Thai drama, as beautiful as a goddess.

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Ha Ho expressed her attitude when Kim Ly was publicly expressed her feelings and identity by a female star, leaving fans bewildered

Pinky12:57:46 29/10/2023
Ho Ngoc Ha just made people stir when a clip of her chatting with a female star, mentioning her husband Kim Ly, is spreading on social networks. Notably, her attitude when she heard this female star express her admiration for her husband.

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Quynh Chau revealed the extremely harsh behavior of the 'ghost g.irl' crew Mai Davika, all of them 'blue-faced'

Pinky17:00:38 07/09/2023
Runner-up Quynh Chau has just had a remarkable sharing revolving around Mai Davika, Asia's top superstar from Thailand, when the two had the opportunity to meet and work together recently.

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Cam Dan, once likened to a copy of Mai Davika, is now considered by netizens not to be at the same level because of 1 thing

Gia Hoàng14:58:19 07/09/2023
Once one of the prominent faces of Hau village, Cam Dan was favorably compared to the Vietnamese version of Mai Davika, but recently the decline of the beauty has gradually made the public bored.

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Li Yiqi dressed in a wedding dress with 1 billion jewelry, looking forward to getting married, Thai 'ghost g.irl' Mai Davika congratulated?

Ning Jing15:40:10 06/09/2023
The image of Li Yiqi dressed in a gorgeous wedding dress, mix match with billion-dollar jewelry received the attention of the audience. Besides, the appearance of Thai Maiden Mai Davika is equally attractive.

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