Wind Ride 2024: Suni Ha Linh chosen as captain, news of elimination first?

Đình NhưMay 05, 2024 at 14:31

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After the team split, the beautiful sisters of Wind Ride 2024 officially entered the rehearsal for Premiere 2. Vietnam representative - Suni Ha Linh received trust from teammates to be the captain for this Company.

Accordingly, after the 1st round, the side of the Wind Pedal 2024 competition has officially announced the individual achievement rankings. Accordingly, singer Liu Yun leads with 196 points, second is drama actor Tran Le Quan (181 points), actor-singer Thich Vy ranks 3rd (168 points). The representative of Vietnam - Suni Ha Linh - ranked 13th with 91 points.

Wind Ride 2024: Suni Ha Linh chosen as captain, news of elimination first? - Photo 1

In the second round, Suni Ha Linh joined Nicole Jung (former KARA member), Guo Shudao and Jin Dream Jia. While choosing the captain, the Vietnamese singer introduced herself: "I can speak Chinese and English. Rapping and dancing, I can both do well."

Hearing this, the group chose Suni Xia Ling as their captain. Nicole commented: "I believe you can handle this role." The other two members also agreed with Nicole and voted for the Vietnamese representative. Suni Ha Linh herself is full of confidence and affirms that she will do well in her new role.

Wind Ride 2024: Suni Ha Linh chosen as captain, news of elimination first? - Photo 2

It can be seen that while Nicole (Korean-American) uses English to talk to her teammates, the Vietnamese singer communicates in fluent Chinese. This is advantageous for Suni Ha Linh to become the captain in the second round, maybe even advance deep in the competition.

It is known that in the upcoming round, Vietnamese representatives will join 3 billion billion in the team to perform the song "Fog". This is a song that is considered very difficult to sing and Suni Ha Linh herself had to say "Oh my god", "So hard" after listening to her teammates read the lyrics and enter the training process.

Wind Ride 2024: Suni Ha Linh chosen as captain, news of elimination first? - Photo 3

In the position of captain plus choosing the w.inning song with lingering lyrics, requiring the singer to pronounce each word correctly, Vietnamese representatives faced many pressures and difficulties in the group 2 performance at Pedal Wind.

However, after the "teaser" of the performance in Cong 2, fans showed great confidence that she would shine.

Accordingly, in the latest episode, the teams have a drill in the presence of opposing teams. The 4 members of Team Suni performed confidently but only teased 1 part for the performance.

Wind Ride 2024: Suni Ha Linh chosen as captain, news of elimination first? - Photo 4

At the end, the beautiful sisters were given 1 solo performance to perform, if the other 3 members competed to rap, Suni Ha Linh only shouted: "Suni from Vietnam". Maybe the Vietnamese representative is hiding the song, waiting for the official performance to wow everyone?

In the previous season, Chi Pu also worked as the leader of group 2 and brought a special performance that received 847 votes from the audience in the studio, ranking 2nd out of 8 teams. Chi Pu also won 4th place, with 149 votes. Therefore, fans expect Suni Ha Linh to have an impressive team performance like Chi Pu last year.

Wind Ride 2024: Suni Ha Linh chosen as captain, news of elimination first? - Photo 5

In the previous round, Suni Ha Linh along with Han Tuyet, Chau Yangqing, Yamy Guo Dinh and Vinida performed the song "Hexagonal Snow Flower". The Vietnamese singer has many close-up moments, showing off her voice as well as having a break-dance part. The performance was commented as impressive and ranked 2nd overall.

Sohu published an article titled: "Will Vietnamese g.irl become the champion of 'Wind Ride 2024'? The contrast between the sweet g.irl on stage and Suni Ha Linh's h.ot g.irl on stage is too great." In particular, the Chinese news newspaper praised the singer born in 1990 and affirmed that the space for her to develop and prove herself is huge.

Wind Ride 2024: Suni Ha Linh chosen as captain, news of elimination first? - Photo 6

For her part, the Vietnamese singer affirmed that her journey at Pedal Wind 2024 has just begun, it may be difficult to avoid mistakes, sometimes "unstable, staggering" but also many interesting things. Suni Ha Linh hopes that the audience will feel her efforts to change and new colors in the following performances.

Wind Ride 2024: Suni Ha Linh chosen as captain, news of elimination first? - Photo 7

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