Son Ye Jin - Hyun Bin revealed their first son on their 1st birthday?

Khánh HuyềnNov 29, 2023 at 14:48

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On the 1st birthday of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin's first son, fans continuously sent their best wishes to the b.oy. Besides, the b.aby photo on Son Ye Jin's personal page is also causing chaos on social networks.

On November 27, 2022, Son Ye Jin gave birth to her first b.aby. Alkong is now 1 year old. On the occasion of her son's 1st birthday, the actress suddenly posted a picture of a b.aby on her personal page. The actress "Crash Landing on You" posted a picture of a b.aby and sent messages on this special occasion: "I almost can't remember what I looked like when I was a b.aby just looking at blurry photos." virtual. But seeing that image through Alkong's appearance is truly a magical experience."

Son Ye Jin - Hyun Bin revealed their first son on their 1st birthday? - Photo 1

This move has caused many people to mistakenly believe that he is the son of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. But it turned out to be Son Ye Jin's own childhood image. Son Ye Jin said that looking at the childhood photos of her and her son, there is indeed a similarity. However, Ye Jin's b.aby Alkonggie is much cuter than his mother.

Son Ye Jin - Hyun Bin revealed their first son on their 1st birthday? - Photo 2

The actress also thanked everyone for wishing her son a happy birthday: "Thank you for sending Alkong happy 1st birthday wishes. Alkong really likes gifts, but from now on, Everyone just needs to support with love or a sincere letter is enough. Wishing uncles and aunts a happy day. Instead of Alkong's photo, this is a photo of Alkong's mother. Alkong is cuter than my mother when she was young. a million times. Everyone's letters filled with love are the greatest source of encouragement, making me feel emotional every time. The weather is very cold now, everyone please dress warmly when going out."

Son Ye Jin - Hyun Bin revealed their first son on their 1st birthday? - Photo 3

Through the above post, Son Ye Jin made fans excited. They were even more excited when she told them that their little prince was so adorable. Netizens continuously left comments congratulating b.aby Alkonggie, hoping he would grow up quickly and have lots of fun.

Son Ye Jin - Hyun Bin revealed their first son on their 1st birthday? - Photo 4

Ye Jin previously confirmed that her son resembled both his parents when he was young, but recently he resembles her more. Becoming a mother makes her extremely happy, but in the process of raising children, Son Ye Jin cannot avoid difficulties.

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin also revealed his son's appearance on Entertainment Live earlier this year: "It seems that the b.aby takes a bit from both parents. But I heard that when he grows up, he will look like A lot has changed."

Son Ye Jin - Hyun Bin revealed their first son on their 1st birthday? - Photo 5

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin met in the movie The Negotiation and reunited in tvN's Crash Landing on You project. They announced their relationship in early 2021 after many dating rumors. In early February 2022, the two stars announced their marriage through posts on their personal pages.

Son Ye Jin - Hyun Bin revealed their first son on their 1st birthday? - Photo 6

Son Ye Jin once shared: "He is a very warm and trustworthy person to be around. I think it's important for a man and a woman to meet, share love and promise about the future." wonderful thing. We have become each other's destiny."

Son Ye Jin - Hyun Bin revealed their first son on their 1st birthday? - Photo 7

Sharing at a program, Son Ye Jin said Hyun Bin was the actress's first love and also became her last love. Since the day the two reunited in the hit movie Crash Landing on You, the audience has been actively "pushing the boat" and the couple's sweet ending made fans feel extremely happy. Both are talented actors and also possess excellent visuals. This can be said to be one of the most beautiful couples in Korea, placed on the same scale as husband and wife Bi Rain - Kim Tae Hee, Kim Woo Bin - Shin Min Ah.

Son Ye Jin - Hyun Bin revealed their first son on their 1st birthday? - Photo 8

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