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Jo Hyung Ki: Driver caused an accident, hid the b.ody, and leisurely advertised cars

Hoàng Phúc21:34:19 27/05/2024
While driving caused an accident and then hid the b.ody, veteran Korean actor Jo Hyung Ki continued his career as if nothing had happened. He even accepted to act in car commercials.

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Jimin dates an unpopular female celebrity, the other person drops a hint, dragging Jennie into it?

Thảo Mai16:58:38 17/05/2024
On the morning of May 17, Koreaboo newspaper reported that Jimin (BTS) and actress Song Da Eun had just taken over Asian social networks with suspicions of a secret date. In particular, this incident is also related to Jennie.

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Sun Woo Eun Sook "Autumn in My Heart": Divorced because her husband had bad intentions towards his sister-in-law

Hoàng Phúc20:06:40 11/05/2024
Korean actress Sun Woo Eun Sook once got married quickly to announcer Yoo Young Jae, but recently she suddenly announced her divorce because her husband sexually harassed her sister.

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Kim Hyun Joong returned to his hometown to work as a farmer after a scandal affecting his lover

Bút Chì17:19:05 09/05/2024
Impressed by his handsome appearance when participating in the movie Meteor Garden, actor Kim Hyun Joong has a large number of fans in the past. However, the controversy affecting his lover caused his career to slip without brakes.

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Clip of Song Joong Ki scrutinizing his ex-wife Song Hye Kyo, his face swollen, his expression boring

Bảo Nam11:42:32 09/05/2024
Besides the winners, the 2024 Baeksang Awards ceremony was also of special interest to the public thanks to the encounter at the event between Song Hye Kyo and her ex-husband Song Joong Ki after years of divorce.

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Queen Of Tears: Kim Ji Won - Kim Soo Hyun were spotted dating, predicted to get married?

Keng12:14:04 28/04/2024
The movie Queen Of Tears is about to end after a series of stormy days. The couple Kim Ji Won - Kim Soo Hyun is loved by many people, actively pushing the boat forward thanks to their beautiful couple image and extremely harmonious and sweet acting.

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Son Ye Jin seems to be gradually returning to spring, suspected of being pregnant for the second time because of one detail

Đình Như07:27:41 27/04/2024
Recently, Son Ye Jin often pleases fans by constantly posting new articles on her personal page, updating her daily life. Recently, she was rumored to be pregnant just because of a photo.

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Song Hye Kyo was cooperated by the big man for Lee Min Ho, but refused because of a handsome man?

Thảo Mai18:49:28 14/04/2024
Recently, Song Hye Kyo and her junior Lee Min Ho are two surprising names when the public actively pushes the boat, constantly linking them and hoping this couple will date soon.

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Oh Yoon Ah: Best friend Son Ye Jin, divorced husband, 1 raised her autistic son

Keng19:24:44 06/04/2024
Oh Yoon Ah is known as one of the famous screen girls in Korean showbiz. Besides her career, she is also famous for being 1 of 7 members of Son Ye Jin's powerful close friend group.

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Hyeri kicks Ryu Jun Yeol, feeling happy and lucky for 1 thing

Mi Lan14:12:17 06/04/2024
Hyeri opened up about her satisfaction with her current life and feeling lucky in the latest episode of the YouTube show Hyell s Club after a series of love triangle rumors erupted recently.

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Who is Miss Korea Misunderstood "Family is No. 1" star Hwang Jung Eum?

JLO19:32:11 05/04/2024
Jo Ha Eun - a beauty born in 1996 who participated in the Miss Korea Seoul 2020 contest was recently suddenly accused by Hwang Jung Eum of being a minor tam, interfering in a marriage with her big husband.

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Song Joong Ki implies Song Hye Kyo is bad, doesn't want his ex-wife to live well after divorce

Minh Lợi15:13:54 05/04/2024
Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo became charmed after working together in the drama "Descendants of the Sun." Unfortunately, this seemingly beautiful marriage ended quickly.

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V - Jennie "volunteered" to rescue Han So Hee amid a series of love affairs?

Đình Như16:23:36 30/03/2024
Two weeks since the noisy threesome broke out between Han So Hee - Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri, recently, the female lead My Name once again made people stir with a long letter rekindling old stories, blaming her boyfriend. forever silent.

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Quarrel to the Tomb: Hidden details of raising one's hand to say hello when possessed, the tiger biting off the tiger's waist

Keng16:15:21 28/03/2024
Exhuma (English name: Exhuma) is a Korean movie that is bombarding cinema complexes in Vietnam. In the movie, the scene where the eldest son of the Park family raises his hand to say hello after being possessed carries a deep meaning that not everyone knows.

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Song Hye Kyo is involved in the love affair 3 Han So Hee, immediately "tormenting" everything?

Keng16:25:01 19/03/2024
In recent days, the love affair between the trio Han So Hee - Ryu Jun Yeol - Hyeri has had many unexpected developments. In particular, the inconsistent actions and statements of Song Hye Kyo's clone made the above incident more tense.

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Han So Hee accepts the collapse of her image because of love, will it affect her career?

Vân Anh20:21:35 16/03/2024
During many years of hard work and dedication to acting, Han So Hee has always been loved for her talent, beauty and tireless efforts. However, the love story between her and Ryu Jun Yeol will probably become the grave of her career here.

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Lee Dong Wook stretches his face, corrects the ungraceful MC at the event in Vietnam

T.P10:17:34 08/03/2024
Korean actor Lee Dong Wook wowed Vietnamese fans with his direct questioning with the MC interpreter at the event in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. Accordingly, he was annoyed by the MC's unprofessional behavior.

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Im Se Mi: struggling for 18 years in the profession, shining after being "wife" Ji Chang Wook

Phong Trần15:40:50 19/02/2024
Im Se Mi has been pursuing acting for 18 years, but it will not be until 2023 that she really makes a mark in the hearts of audiences when she has the role of a lifetime in the movie Horrific Crime, starring opposite two male gods Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha Joon.

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Choi Kang Hee: 1-time Korean star, now has to wash dishes, sweep garbage, make osin

Keng17:02:33 03/02/2024
Famous actress Choi Kang Hee suddenly disappeared from the Korean entertainment industry for about 3 years. Until recently, Korean media suddenly revealed the current whereabouts of the star surnamed Choi after taking a break from acting.

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Natalie Portman and "American Doll" were tragically drowned by Han So Hee, fans were in turmoil

Thiên Di16:21:22 24/01/2024
Dior's show gathered famous Hollywood stars such as Rihanna, Anya Taylor-Joy, Elizabeth Debicki, Natalie Portman,... However, in the forest of stars, Han So Hee's beauty and charisma surpasses everything.

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Jo Han Chul: "supporting star" who balances every character, always the highlight of the film

Phong Trần15:00:40 24/01/2024
Jo Han Chul was born in 1973 and attended Seoul Jeonbuk Elementary School. He then attended Cheongju University in the Department of Theater and Film, and Korea National University of Arts in the Department of Acting.

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Park Min Young was disappointed with her boyfriend's taste, thinking she would be equal to Park Seo Joon

Vân Anh16:49:02 21/01/2024
It is thought that goddess Park Min Young's boyfriend taste will be as good as Park Seo Joon and Ji Chang Wook. Yet, she met a tycoon with an ordinary appearance, but was also involved in a scandal due to embezzlement.

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Shin Seung Ho: from Irene's bodyguard to the male lead who falls in love with his old idol

Phương Thảo23:25:46 13/01/2024
Shin Seung Ho was born in South Korea on November 11, 1995. He is a South Korean actor and model known for his leading role in the 2019 drama Moment of Eighteen, in which he played the role of Ma Hwi Young.

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IU collapsed when her 4 best friends Sulli, Goo Hara, Jonghyun, Lee Sun Kyun left one after another

Bảo Nam15:17:12 04/01/2024
IU has faced grief four times due to the d.eath of her best friend and brother in the profession. Lee Sun Kyun co-starred with her in My Mister. Meanwhile, Sulli, Goo Hara and Jonghyun are best friends of the nation's first love as singers.

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