BLACKPINK made YG spend 760 billion VND to "retain" for how many years?

Nguyễn KimMar 23, 2024 at 07:15

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After renewing the contract at the end of last year, YG said that BLACKPINK's activities are being planned to prepare for the group's return. Besides, fans can't help but wonder how long BLACKPINK will extend their group contract?

Recently, the 2023 business report of entertainment company YG Entertainment was announced and became a "hot" topic, when suddenly a huge number of 41.185 billion won (about 760 billion VND) was listed. Listed in the category Advance payments - Exclusive bribes.

BLACKPINK made YG spend 760 billion VND to retain for how many years? - Photo 1

Meanwhile, last year, news from the media showed that YG did not recruit any major artists from outside, or renew contracts with any other artists in the company besides BLACKPINK.

Korean media said that, even if YG signed a contract with another artist, it would be difficult to find a star currently affiliated with the company who could receive an upfront payment of up to dozens. billion won.

BLACKPINK made YG spend 760 billion VND to retain for how many years? - Photo 2

Therefore, industry insiders believe that BLACKPINK's renewed contract with YG is worth about 40 billion won (about 740 billion VND), with each member receiving 10 billion won (185 billion VND).

The fact that YG had to spend a large amount of m.oney to renew the contract with BLACKPINK shows that all 4 girls are the key assets that YG must hold. That's why many people wonder how many years BLACKPINK has renewed the contract with YG.

After YG's business report was published, domestic securities experts speculated that the contract term would be 4 years if depreciation is distributed semi-annually.

However, the initial payment of more than 5 billion won was disbursed in Q4 and left a balance of 35 billion won. If depreciation is allocated quarterly instead of semiannually, this indicates that the exclusive contract lasts only 2 years.

BLACKPINK made YG spend 760 billion VND to retain for how many years? - Photo 3

On the morning of March 22, YG also spoke up about the deposit amount to re-sign with BLACKPINK. Accordingly, talking to Yonhap newspaper, YG representative said: "Last year, we had renewed and new contracts, not only for BLACKPINK, but also for many IPs (intellectual property). Although we cannot r.eveal all contract details, this amount cannot be considered a prepayment just for BLACKPINK."

Considering the scale of the exclusive contract worth more than 41 billion won, it is estimated that even if other intellectual property contracts are included, this contract will be made for billions of won each with BLACKPINK members. However, it is known that the deposit amount for BLACKPINK members does not exceed 10 billion won each.

BLACKPINK made YG spend 760 billion VND to retain for how many years? - Photo 4

Late last year, YG announced that it had reached an agreement to re-sign group contracts with all 4 members ( Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, Rosé), but could not renew individual contracts.

Each BLACKPINK member is working hard on personal projects. Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo have founded their own companies, Odd Atelier, LLoud and Blissoo, respectively. Rosé is also in the process of preparing for independent activities.

That's why it's likely that the promise to release an album or a mega world tour concert that YG previously announced won't be fulfilled until at least 2025. Previously, Korean media predicted that BLACKPINK would start returning in the fourth quarter of 2024.

BLACKPINK made YG spend 760 billion VND to retain for how many years? - Photo 5

According to Yonhap News, currently YG only invests large sums of m.oney into BLACKPINK's group activities instead of individual activities, so there are many speculations that a series of BLACKPINK activities will be planned in the future.

BLACKPINK made YG spend 760 billion VND to retain for how many years? - Photo 6

A YG official said: " B.aby Monster will be active with its official debut in April. Treasure will continue to grow by expanding its scope of activities outside the Japanese market, entering Asian market. We are also preparing plans for BLACKPINK's group activities."

BLACKPINK made YG spend 760 billion VND to retain for how many years? - Photo 7

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