BLACKPINK was "pinched" by YG for 7 years, Jennie once hinted at this!

Hoa TuyếtMar 06, 2024 at 07:32

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After leaving YG, the 4 BLACKPINK members exploded into individual activities one by one. This could not help but spark speculation that female idols were "pinned" by their former management company when they were under their belt.

Until now, although always known for its little but quality principle, many people are still amazed by the number of songs that BLACKPINK has after 7 years of operation. According to a statistic at the end of 2023, the group has only released 33 Korean songs throughout their career.

BLACKPINK was pinched by YG for 7 years, Jennie once hinted at this! - Photo 1

Although there are more English singles, the number is only counted on the fingers. Up to now, the global g.irl group has released 2 full albums (The Album - 2020; Born Pink - 2022) and 1 series of singles in the first 2 years or so.

Compared to other g.irl groups of the same time as TWICE or Red Velvet, BLACKPINK's music store is indeed limited. For the group's fans, listening to it over and over again, memorizing even the b-sides is too familiar when "hungry for music". Meanwhile, TWICE, with more than 8 years of operation, has released up to 132 "pure Korean" songs (excluding English-Japanese singles - December 2023 data).

BLACKPINK was pinched by YG for 7 years, Jennie once hinted at this! - Photo 2

There is no denying that YG's strategy for "pet chicken" is quite effective, because the number is small, each product released has high recognition and achievement. But the fact that a big name like BLACKPINK owns less than 40 songs in nearly 1 decade of operation also raises many controversies.

A section of fastidious music fans said that Black Huong is just a successful product of the media and "tricks" to build an image. In terms of music alone, as an artist with influential discography music, the YG g.irl group still lacks many elements.

BLACKPINK was pinched by YG for 7 years, Jennie once hinted at this! - Photo 3

The rarity of the product means that BLACKPINK also rarely comebacks. Even in 2017, YG allowed the group to promote only with the single "As If It's Your Last" despite only being released for 1 year. As rookies, bands always have to be active to warm up their names.

YG's schedule has caused mixed opinions among fans. "As If It's Your Last" once haunted both BLACKPINK and fans and 4 beautiful girls chose this as the most hated song for performing it so many times.

BLACKPINK was pinched by YG for 7 years, Jennie once hinted at this! - Photo 4

The break between BLACKPINK's comebacks always makes fans "long neck" looking. The c.limax was between "The Album" and "Born Pink." In November 2020, BLACKPINK ended promoting "The Album" and the title track "Lovesick Girls". After that, the group sank into "silence" throughout 2021.

There was no group comeback, only Lisa and Rosé promoting solo quickly. BLINK waiting for BLACKPINK to return is no different from enlisted idols. By the end of August 2022, the group will officially return with the single "Pink Venom", paving the way to promote the album "Born Pink" and the long-term world tour ends in September 2023.

BLACKPINK was pinched by YG for 7 years, Jennie once hinted at this! - Photo 5

Following BLACKPINK, BLINKs are so "hungry for music" that just 1 comeback hint accidentally revealed is enough to go viral on all platforms. When they were at YG, now that the 4 girls no longer maintain their individual contracts, the group's comeback is more distant than ever.

The BLINK community circulated a famous quote "BLACKPINK's magazine covers are enough to "bury" the number of albums the group released". Although it is just a funny sentence, it has extremely strong "damage". BLACKPINK is a rare K-pop group because they rarely release music, but their names are always top, especially in the field of fashion.

BLACKPINK was pinched by YG for 7 years, Jennie once hinted at this! - Photo 6

In terms of the members' solo activities, YG focused on promoting their personal images to the girls in line with the international fashion direction. BLACKPINK graced the cover of the magazine as a "meal", maintaining the image of chic and modern lady.

The above strategy helps the group "explode" fashion, but inadvertently limits other areas. Typically, reality shows - which are fertile ground for groups that need to cover the national name, while BLACKPINK does not.

YG rarely lets the "chicken that lays the golden egg" participate in entertainment programs while some members are extremely potential. Fans explained that this helps BLACKPINK maintain their premium image, worthy of being a luxury brand ambassador.

BLACKPINK was pinched by YG for 7 years, Jennie once hinted at this! - Photo 7

Not long ago, Jennie herself hinted at being "stifled" by YG when participating in the Pinggyego show. Specifically, she shared, "In the near future, I will continue to promote with BLACKPINK, while also having to find my own music color and do personal activities.

I also think a lot about balancing the image fans want and the image the public wants. I also want to try things that I haven't been able to do in 7 years."

BLACKPINK was pinched by YG for 7 years, Jennie once hinted at this! - Photo 8

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