Rosé (Blackpink) spoke up to protect Hyeri amid the love controversy, what's the truth?

Vân AnhMar 18, 2024 at 10:28

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The social network is abuzz with a text message from Rosé ( Blackpink) that is said to be a move to protect her close sister Hyeri amid the noisy love affair of recent days. What's the truth?

In recent days, the noise surrounding the love story of Han So Hee - Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri is receiving special attention from netizens, not only in Korea but also a h.ot topic for international fans.

Rosé (Blackpink) spoke up to protect Hyeri amid the love controversy, whats the truth? - Photo 1
The story probably wouldn't have been as dramatic without Hyeri's "contribution". Specifically, after the news that her ex-boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol was dating her new lover Han So Hee in Hawaii was posted, Hyeri took the step of posting a story: "Interesting." Not only that, she also unfollowed actor Ryu on Instagram.

On the first day when the drama broke out, people did not know what was really going on, so many people thought that Hyeri needed to apologize to Han So Hee for the negative implications in her story that affected her new girlfriend Ryu. Jun Yeol.

Amidst Hyeri's commotion, Rosé - a member of BLACKPINK and also a close friend of the actress - suddenly made a move on her personal page. Accordingly, in the group chat with fans, Rosé is said to have sent a hidden message protecting her best friend Hyeri: "I've thought a lot about what this is. Turning off wifi is probably the right choice." .

Rosé (Blackpink) spoke up to protect Hyeri amid the love controversy, whats the truth? - Photo 2

Currently, this message translated into Vietnamese is being shared widely on TikTok. Everyone assumed that Rosé was referring to the noisy drama and affirmed that she should turn off the wifi to avoid related negative news.

Rosé (Blackpink) spoke up to protect Hyeri amid the love controversy, whats the truth? - Photo 3

However, this is actually false information as the content was translated by Google and caused misunderstandings for the online community. Specifically, Rosé's original message sent to fans meant: "I'm wondering between this (LTE) or this (Wifi). But when choosing wifi, it's probably the right choice."

Previously, Rosé also sent a message to tell fans about the fact that until now she was still using the LTE (4G) network and was teased by many people that she was still stuck in 10 years ago. Therefore, sharing the wifi network with fans is in fact just Rosé's daily story and has nothing to do with Hyeri's emotional noise.

Rosé (Blackpink) spoke up to protect Hyeri amid the love controversy, whats the truth? - Photo 4

As a famous female idol in a top g.irl group, Rosé is certainly always very careful in her public statements, and will not get involved in unrelated troubles because of an impulsive moment. Maybe as a friend, she will be by her side to encourage and share with Hyeri instead of "interfering" in other people's affairs like the text above.

Rosé (Blackpink) spoke up to protect Hyeri amid the love controversy, whats the truth? - Photo 5

Regarding the relationship between Hyeri and Rosé, Jisoo (Blackpink), the three first met when participating in the show Amazing Saturday in 2020. From here, Hyeri has maintained a close relationship with both Blackpink sisters, especially is Rose. The Reply 1988 actress once revealed that she "intentionally" approached Rosé to keep in touch and later become sisters.

Rosé (Blackpink) spoke up to protect Hyeri amid the love controversy, whats the truth? - Photo 6

Rosé and Hyeri once caused a stir with a series of 23rd birthday photos (2020) of the "Australian rose". The main vocalist of Blackpink once appeared mysteriously (r.evealing her voice but not showing her face) in Hyeri's daily vlog. The two go out to eat, go shopping and share each other's joy. Hyeri and Rosé also often "play alone" and film reality shows together, causing people to panic. When it comes to close sisters, Rosé will always remember Hyeri and vice versa.

Rosé (Blackpink) spoke up to protect Hyeri amid the love controversy, whats the truth? - Photo 7

Talking about Blackpink, Hyeri always gives compliments to the dedication and professionalism of the junior group. On the contrary, Jisoo and Rosé are not afraid to express their feelings for their close sister. Looking at Hyeri's amazing circle of friends, netizens can't help but admire and envy.

Rosé (Blackpink) spoke up to protect Hyeri amid the love controversy, whats the truth? - Photo 8

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