Rosé has a notorious "backing" force, full of powerful people, and a feverish identity

Thiên DiJan 15, 2024 at 07:07

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Not only does she impress with her achievements and position in the music world, Rosé ( BLACKPINK) also makes many people admire her by having close relationships with many famous stars and billionaires in the country and around the world.

Compared to Blackpink members, Rosé is a sociable member and has many relationships with celebrities in the entertainment world. Accordingly, the "powerful" close friends of the singer born in 1997 make many people admire.

First of all, we can mention Belgian designer Anthony Vaccarello - Creative Director of the famous fashion company St Laurent. He once shared a photo of Rosé visiting his family and giving a gift to his newborn son.

In addition, the female singer also visited Sofia Richie - a famous American model. Through a common relationship in the fashion industry, the two became close friends.

Rosé has a notorious backing force, full of powerful people, and a feverish identity - Photo 1

Rosé also had time to hang out with Jen Ramey (top model manager DNA Model Management), fashion "ghost" Soo Joo Park and former Victoria's Secret "angel" - Stella Maxwell.

The Blackpink member also went out privately with director Petra Collins, young singer Olivia Rodrigo (owner of the hit "Good 4 u") and stylist Devon Carlson.

Another time, fans saw the singer having dinner with Moises Arias (actor of the movie "Hannah Montana") and Jaden Smith (son of actor Will Smith). Dua Lipa is also a special friend of Rosé.

Rosé has a notorious backing force, full of powerful people, and a feverish identity - Photo 2

The audience expressed admiration for Rosé's "diplomacy". The female singer is considered a skillful g.irl who has good relationships with many top stars and celebrities in the country.

When talking about Rosé, we cannot ignore Lee Hyeri (G.irl's Day). The two often appear together on social networks and variety shows. The Blackpink member also had a lot of love for her friend and described the female lead of "Reply 1988" as a very funny, intelligent, dedicated, and thoughtful person.

Rosé has a notorious backing force, full of powerful people, and a feverish identity - Photo 3

In addition, Rosé is also close to the members of Red Velvet and Twice. In there, she kept in touch with Joy and maintained a close relationship. As for Twice, Rosé is close with Chaeyoung, always talking on the phone when she has free time.

Besides, the female singer also has a special relationship with Ashley (Lady Code). The two have been together since they were not famous, through one meeting at church. On social networks, Rosé and Ashley have repeatedly shared photos of them together or coming to support performances.

Rosé has a notorious backing force, full of powerful people, and a feverish identity - Photo 4

By accompanying each other in many hit products, Rosé and the YGX dance group also quickly became close friends. In particular, her friendship with Lee Jung - leader of YGX makes many people admire.

Recently, actress Lee Ji Ah shared a video of h.anging out with Kim Go Eun and Rosé. The three stars not only went to the game experience area but also went out to eat together. This is not the first time Rosé went out with two seniors.

Rosé has a notorious backing force, full of powerful people, and a feverish identity - Photo 5

In the Korean tycoon world, Rosé once caused a stir when she took photos with Lee Won Ju - daughter of chairman Lee Boo Jin of Korea's largest economic group Samsung. Next is "Samsung's great princess" Lee Boo Jin - younger sister of president Lee Boo Jin and CEO of Seoul's most luxurious hotel, Shilla. In addition, the photo also includes designer and entrepreneur Eva Chow - Council member and co-chair of the LACMA exhibition.

Rosé has a notorious backing force, full of powerful people, and a feverish identity - Photo 6

In addition to members of the Samsung family, Rosé's banquet table also included movie actor Lee Jung Jae and his girlfriend Im Se Ryung - Vice President of Korean Daesang Group.

Another time, Rosé and Korean First Lady Kim Geon Hee appeared as guests at a seminar to raise awareness about mental health at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum. held in California (USA).

Rosé has a notorious backing force, full of powerful people, and a feverish identity - Photo 7

US First Lady Jill Biden introduced Rosé as "a young woman with incredible talent and courage, a global superstar who is using the influence of her position as a driving force for good things." good in the world".

Rosé has a notorious backing force, full of powerful people, and a feverish identity - Photo 8

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