Han So Hee accepts the collapse of her image because of love, will it affect her career?

Vân AnhMar 16, 2024 at 20:21

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During many years of hard work and dedication to acting, Han So Hee has always been loved for her talent, beauty and tireless efforts. However, the love story between her and Ryu Jun Yeol will probably become the grave of her career here.

On March 16, Naver reported that Korean and Chinese social networks exploded with the news that Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol were dating in Hawaii. Actress Han So Hee also caused controversy when she spoke out twice about love affairs with completely different content. On social networks, she received strong criticism for her flippant attitude, denying being in love and then admitting to dating, c.ursing female singer Hyeri, Ryu Jun Yeol's ex-girlfriend.

Han So Hee accepts the collapse of her image because of love, will it affect her career? - Photo 1

Not only that, netizens also found holes in the timeline that the actress mentioned that was different from the actual facts. In the letter, Han So Hee said that Ryu Jun Yeol and his ex-girlfriend, female idol Hyeri, broke up in early 2023, but Korean media confirmed that the two artists officially went their separate ways in November 2023. This has raised suspicions that Han So Hee intentionally changed the timeline to hide her affair with Ryu Jun Yeol while he was still in love with Hyeri.

Han So Hee accepts the collapse of her image because of love, will it affect her career? - Photo 2

Faced with being suspected of lying and being a minor, Han So Hee personally responded to the comments to answer questions surrounding her relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol. In a comment criticizing the actress for being rude when r.evealing the time of a couple's breakup in a letter, Han So Hee confided: " I didn't hear about that breakup privately. I wrote them after reading an article posted last June. If people feel that what I mentioned was rude, I will delete it. But it is proof that I have no relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol before he broke up".

In response to the comment "Your image has fallen to the 10th level of hell", Han So Hee also frankly admitted that she had seriously lost points because of this love scandal. "I know that more than myself, image is a precious thing created by fans and people, not mine. Therefore, I am very sad, but I will humbly accept it even if my image falls. blamed for this incident" , Han So Hee announced that she would accept all consequences after the love drama.

Han So Hee accepts the collapse of her image because of love, will it affect her career? - Photo 3

Han So Hee is loved by the public thanks to her hard work and diligence in acting. She was once considered "the most beautiful g.irl on screen" thanks to her outstanding role in The World of the Married . But because of this title, Han So Hee is now sarcastically called a "little girl" in real life when the scandal breaks out, even though the truth is unclear.

Han So Hee's image of a single, beautiful, seductive, and personality that makes women fall in love with her has been greatly affected.

Han So Hee accepts the collapse of her image because of love, will it affect her career? - Photo 4

Posting a post admitting they were dating and apologizing after posting Story "I also find it interesting" that was considered a "parody" and "taunting" of Han So Hee's Hyeri also caused her to lose points in the public's eyes.

If this controversy cannot subside but continues for a long time, I am afraid that not only the beautiful image that she worked so hard to build, but also advertising contracts with big brands may be "frozen".

In early March, Korean media said that Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol would star in the new movie adapted from the webtoon Delusion . This is a horror film project set in Gyeongseong in 1935 and Shanghai in the 1800s, telling about what happened when artist Yun Iho - who was assigned to paint a portrait of the mysterious woman Song Jeong Hwa.

Han So Hee accepts the collapse of her image because of love, will it affect her career? - Photo 5

If the controversy lasts long or develops in an unfavorable direction, Delusion 's progress will be greatly affected by noise from the two main actors. Worse, the Delusion crew will be f.orced to quickly change actors and postpone planned plans.

Han So Hee accepts the collapse of her image because of love, will it affect her career? - Photo 6

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