BLACKPINK "replaces" BTS, Jennie is still spoiled in the midst of dating rumors V, Rosé is "snubbed" by juniors

Hoàng PhúcOct 07, 2022 at 13:57

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It's only a matter of time before BTS enlists in the army. Therefore, when a legend stops working with a full lineup, it is inevitable that other groups will rise up. BLACKPINK is the candidate with the greatest potential.

It is undeniable that BTS is currently leading Kpop with a series of great achievements, continuously topping Korean and international charts. The "global group" is sought after by the media, owning many huge advertising contracts. However, currently, BTS is facing the risk of not having enough activities because of the mandatory military service.

BLACKPINK "replaces" BTS, Jennie is still spoiled in the midst of dating rumors V, Rosé is "snubbed" by juniors - Photo 1

The fact that BTS performs military service is also the time when many K-pop groups can rise up and take the throne of K-pop. YTN News site thinks that BLACKPINK is the top candidate. This media agency highly appreciates the YG Entertainment g.irl group for their style and talent.

YTN News said that BLACKPINK's story is different from that of BTS, with potential for growth. "BLACKPINK has a clear identity, confidence and a vision of the world. They sing well, dance well and confidently o.ff their figure. They also have favorable conditions in the overseas market with global affection. This will be a miracle," said YTN News.

BLACKPINK "replaces" BTS, Jennie is still spoiled in the midst of dating rumors V, Rosé is "snubbed" by juniors - Photo 2

Another difference that can be noticed between the two groups is the message through the music products. While BTS comforts listeners by reflecting their sympathetic feelings towards minorities, BLACKPINK captures audiences' hearts with a show of strength, modern and traditional.

In their comeback with the full album BORN PINK, BLACKPINK has achieved many good achievements in the Western market. Pink Venom, Shut Down respectively entered the Billboard H.ot 100. BORN PINK also helped BLACKPINK become the first g.irl group to dominate the No. 1 position of the Billboard 200. On the Spotify platform, BLACKPINK also topped the chart for several weeks in a row.

BLACKPINK "replaces" BTS, Jennie is still spoiled in the midst of dating rumors V, Rosé is "snubbed" by juniors - Photo 3

Within two months of returning to the music scene, September 8, 2022, BLACKPINK topped the singer brand value chart, surpassing BTS, Lim Young Woong and many other big names. In addition, the fact that the members are Ambassadors of the most expensive brands in the world also helps BLACKPINK's name grow stronger.

"The fact that members do not need to enlist is a great advantage of g.irl groups. BLACKPINK has begun to write the history of K-pop after BTS," YTN News asserted.

BLACKPINK "replaces" BTS, Jennie is still spoiled in the midst of dating rumors V, Rosé is "snubbed" by juniors - Photo 4

It can be seen that not only BLACKPINK, but also 4 members of the group have also created a foothold through individual activities.

Debuting in 2016 with BLACKPINK, Jennie has a career and fortune many people dream of. With her extreme beauty and temperament, the female idol soon caught the eye of not only one but many famous brands in all fields. Since taking on the role of Chanel's House Ambassador, Jennie enjoys pampering "to the sky".

BLACKPINK "replaces" BTS, Jennie is still spoiled in the midst of dating rumors V, Rosé is "snubbed" by juniors - Photo 5

Recently, despite the noisy dating V (BTS), Jennie went to France to attend Paris Fashion Week. Participating in Chanel's show, Jennie made fans admire endlessly with her fashion sense and extreme temperament.

Jennie chose an off-shoulder design with a unique Chanel motif. The indifferent outerwear adds to the fatal charm of BLACKPINK beauties.

BLACKPINK "replaces" BTS, Jennie is still spoiled in the midst of dating rumors V, Rosé is "snubbed" by juniors - Photo 6

Interestingly, the design that Jennie wears has never been published before. More specifically, to fit her b.ody, Chanel did not hesitate to edit this one-of-a-kind outfit. The world-famous fashion house "breaks the rules" because of Jennie's spotless appearance.

Not stopping there, Jennie once put on the iconic "dress" at Chanel's Fall - Winter 2019 show. Few people would have guessed that this gorgeous outfit didn't initially fit the female idol.

BLACKPINK "replaces" BTS, Jennie is still spoiled in the midst of dating rumors V, Rosé is "snubbed" by juniors - Photo 7

Chanel quickly provided a "Made-to measure" service to solve this situation. The outfit is tailored to individual measurements, fitting every millimeter of the b.ody to help Jennie appear perfectly at the event.

Taking on the role of House Ambassador, Jennie always sits in the front row of Chanel's fashion shows. Not only that, she also met and talked intimately with many important people such as Textile and Garment Director - Kim Young Seong, Chanel Creative Director - Virginie Viard, Fashion President - Bruno Pavlovsky.

BLACKPINK "replaces" BTS, Jennie is still spoiled in the midst of dating rumors V, Rosé is "snubbed" by juniors - Photo 8

Chanel not only gives special treatment but also monitors Jennie's artistic activities. At the time of BLACKPINK's comeback, the leading French fashion house sent a coffee truck to support House Ambassador. Chanel's thoughtfulness for Jennie is indeed not enjoyed by everyone.

Chanel gave Jennie a lot of love and special treatment. In return, the female idol also brings a huge profit to the brand, contributing to promoting the development of her activities.

In contrast to Jennie, Rosé recently received sad news because she was "ousted" by her juniors. Specifically, recently rookie g.irl group NewJeans has been chosen as the new model for clothing brand O! Oi - very popular with teens and 20s.

BLACKPINK "replaces" BTS, Jennie is still spoiled in the midst of dating rumors V, Rosé is "snubbed" by juniors - Photo 9

Before that, Rosé's modeled for the brand for a few years but it seems her contract has expired. Thanks to Rosé, the brand acquired a chic and stylish image.

Rosé's unique silence, elegance and femininity helped shape the brand into what it is today.

BLACKPINK "replaces" BTS, Jennie is still spoiled in the midst of dating rumors V, Rosé is "snubbed" by juniors - Photo 10

The brand has contracted with new models since October 2022. Starting with their Fall-Winter collection, NewJeans - the "sister BTS" group will model for the brand.

BLACKPINK "replaces" BTS, Jennie is still spoiled in the midst of dating rumors V, Rosé is "snubbed" by juniors - Photo 11

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