Quynh Luong made a shocking statement about Mango Non: Fans criticized his talent, "pouring more oil on the fire"

Bút MáyJun 05, 2024 at 06:47

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The suspicion of Xemesis and Xoai Non's emotional problems is still the focus of attention from netizens. Not only netizens but many celebrities also expressed their views on the incident. Recently, Quynh Luong made a clip sharing about this that attracted the attention of many people.

Notably, right at the beginning, Quynh Luong said: "The story of Xoai Non's breakdown is very h.ot on social networks. Insiders have not spoken out, but outsiders have said a lot." Next, the actress said that she watched a clip saying that Xoai Non and Xemesis broke down due to not having a registration subject. She somewhat agrees with the above view. However, she objected to the statement that the cause of the collapse was due to Xoai Non's lack of education.

Quynh Luong made a shocking statement about Mango Non: Fans criticized his talent, pouring more oil on the fire - Photo 1

The actress shared: "For someone with an experience like me, there are thousands and tens of thousands of reasons for a breakdown. It's not just because you don't study enough to break down. Due to the perspective of life, judgment, outlook on life...., a lot of things. If you are better than others in education, experience, and qualifications, you have to give advice, encouragement, and comfort at these times, right? Why drag people's learning up to evaluate because they have little education, so it is broken?"

Quynh Luong added: "Maybe now due to quarrels with equations, Xoai doesn't know, so Mr. Hieu broke up. As an outsider, you can't use such a one-sided perspective. Going to school or learning anything, you have to know how to behave well. Don't just because people don't have enough education, we shake off and deny what they're trying to do. Let's just try to live our lives well."

Quynh Luong made a shocking statement about Mango Non: Fans criticized his talent, pouring more oil on the fire - Photo 2

The fact that Quynh Luong mentioned the marriage of Xoai Non and Xemesis with words such as "broken, broken" is causing discussion. Because up to this point, Xoai Non and Xemesis still keep silent before the information that they are both entangled in marital problems.

"Why is the story broken? Insiders haven't said anything yet"; "The problem of people's families, I hope no one will mention it. Take care of your housework"; "Oh, Mango Non and Xemesis have not confirmed their breakup or divorce"; "Now I know that Quynh Luong has talent" ... are comments from the public.

Quynh Luong made a shocking statement about Mango Non: Fans criticized his talent, pouring more oil on the fire - Photo 3

Previously, on the evening of May 31, Xoai Non had a response to netizens on the TikTok channel when many people criticized her for not being as educated as her husband. When someone said, "Do you see the importance of studying?", Xoai Non replied: "Try to hold a degree to m.ake m.oney. That kind of mouth in real life is very bad, g.irl."

Or with the comment "Rich people say they are uneducated or poorly educated, we say it hurts", she replied: "What about you? The education you say is really good, but it doesn't mean that you don't learn this or that. After you finish speaking, I see that you are not at the same frequency."

Mango Non had to speak out so harshly because all this time, she became the focus of criticism from an extremist part who said that she married for m.oney, clinging to her husband and her husband's family.

Quynh Luong made a shocking statement about Mango Non: Fans criticized his talent, pouring more oil on the fire - Photo 4

Previously, in 2020, Xoai Non made a controversial statement on the topic of education. Accordingly, when someone asked why she decided to quit high school, she said that the reason was that a lot of things happened when she was in school. Although she tried very hard, the results she received were not as expected but very low, giving birth to a feeling of depression, so she decided to drop out of school at the end of the 10th grade.

This made Xoai Non's parents very sad, so she wanted to prove to her family and everyone that she could be successful and make a lot of m.oney. In the end, Xemesis' wife affirmed: "It's better to study poorly and make a lot of m.oney than to study well and not m.ake m.oney. Society now only needs m.oney, do you understand?"

Quynh Luong made a shocking statement about Mango Non: Fans criticized his talent, pouring more oil on the fire - Photo 5

At that time, Xoai Non's statement made many people disagree, commenting on stones because they thought that she underestimated her studies and appreciated the value of m.oney. The comments also commented that Xoai Non was too young, at that time he was only 18 years old, did not have much experience, leading to rash and immature thoughts. In addition, many comments also expressed anxiety and disappointment when influential girls on social media advocated putting too much emphasis on material things instead of trying to study and expand their minds.

Quynh Luong made a shocking statement about Mango Non: Fans criticized his talent, pouring more oil on the fire - Photo 6

After that, Xoai Non apologized for this statement. She affirmed that she was nothing to teach others or force them to drop out of school after her, she herself had never done this. Her mistake was to say it inclearly in the livestream, which misled everyone: "My sentence is that people who have a degree, but saying that uneducated people are not necessarily making money".

Xoai Non (Pham Thuy Trang, born in 2002) and Xemesis (Nghiem Anh Hieu, born in 1989) officially returned to the same house in 2020. In the 4 years together, the two often share moments and are not afraid to admit that there were times when things went wrong to the point of thinking "open" but then overcame difficulties to be together.

Currently, many people also ask Xoai Non to speak out about the suspicion of emotional problems, but both Xemesis and she are silent, without any sharing.

Quynh Luong made a shocking statement about Mango Non: Fans criticized his talent, pouring more oil on the fire - Photo 7

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