Young Mango was sarcastically attached to a rich husband and the response made the antifan "dumb"

An NhiJul 26, 2022 at 11:36

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After getting married to "the richest streamer in Vietnam", h.ot g.irl Xoai Non continuously received offensive comments from antifans, most of which were opinions that she was a parasite of the rich husband's family.

Non mango is probably a familiar name for young Vietnamese. Possessing a Western face and a dream b.ody, she is considered a bright spot in many sitcom projects, music MVs, advertising projects,...

Young Mango was sarcastically attached to a rich husband and the response made the antifan "dumb" - Photo 1

In addition, she is also known as her wife Xemesis - a "popular" streamer in the Vietnamese gaming village. Since being a proud bride and having an admirable life, besides a happy marriage, the 10x h.ot g.irl is also often involved in false rumors about herself.

Young Mango was sarcastically attached to a rich husband and the response made the antifan "dumb" - Photo 2

Recently, Mango Non fans had the opportunity to "witness" her extremely deep response when she was accused of being a parasitic husband. Specifically, on her personal account, an antifan asked her the question: "I see that you are said to be a parasite a lot, do you feel sad?". Before the question was somewhat sensitive, she thought that Mango Non would be silent, but she did not hesitate to state her point of view.

Under the question, his wife Xemesis wrote: "It's a lie to say that it's not sad, but it doesn't affect Mango much. Mango realized that he tried to scream to prove that he was independent and did not rely on anyone, but no one believed him. Instead of thinking about what people say is not true about me, Mango focuses on going to school, going to work and improving myself. , so anyone who wants to understand will understand how I am."

Young Mango was sarcastically attached to a rich husband and the response made the antifan "dumb" - Photo 3

It can be said, although not comfortable with rumors about himself. However, instead of responding harshly like previous times, Non Mango chose to improve himself with specific plans to improve in the future. Facing the reaction of the h.ot g.irl 10X, most people were satisfied by her gentleness and sophistication. In addition, many people also think that the person who asked the question is somewhat unlucky because of the negative view they have for the married life of Mango Non and her husband Xemesis.

Young Mango was sarcastically attached to a rich husband and the response made the antifan "dumb" - Photo 4

Talking about the unnecessary negatives that antifans have for Mango Young, she was previously involved in many speculations about "relying" on her husband's family. It can be seen that, from the time she was a girlfriend to the time she got married to Xemesis, Mango Non was often accused of taking advantage of her rich husband. Many times, she received disparaging sentences with content similar to "don't sit still" when she became a proud bride, used her husband's m.oney, etc. Each time, Non mango reacted to regain her publicity. equal to yourself.

According to Mango Non confided, from a young age she was aware of earning m.oney to take care of herself, being able to m.ake m.oney before getting married. In the present, even though she is married, she continues to work very hard, not like everyone else's perspective. Mango Non said that during the time she was dating until marrying Xemesis, most of the expensive branded items were paid for by herself.

Young Mango was sarcastically attached to a rich husband and the response made the antifan "dumb" - Photo 5

As can be seen, Mango is still constantly trying to prove to everyone about his financial independence. Therefore, the speculations surrounding her husband's eating or living are considered inaccurate information about her.

Phimesis and Non mango first met at a game event at the end of 2018. Then streamer Xemesis was a guest and the hotgirl joined you at the event. At the end of February 2019, Xemesis posted the first photo taken with her girlfriend on her personal page with the caption: "Young Mango", which is also the source of the current Non mango nickname.

Young Mango was sarcastically attached to a rich husband and the response made the antifan "dumb" - Photo 6

Faced with the voices coming and going, neither Xemesis nor Mango took notice. The streamer himself said that netizens do not understand their feelings, so they have such words. He also admits that he has spent many years on the battlefield and can fully understand his love story.

In addition, the online community also discussed because they thought there was a difference in the economic potential of the two families. While Xemesis is a young master from a rich family, studying abroad since childhood, Trang has a normal background, she herself dropped out of school in 10th grade.

Young Mango was sarcastically attached to a rich husband and the response made the antifan "dumb" - Photo 7

Despite the age difference of 13 years, they are still praised by many netizens as "suitable for a couple", because Xemesis is a talented streamer, has a huge fortune, and Mango Non is also outstanding with beautiful beauty, has Western traits.

Young Mango was sarcastically attached to a rich husband and the response made the antifan "dumb" - Photo 8

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