Mai Phuong "caught the eye" of the big man, standing out when competing with the reigning MW 2021

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Miss World 2023 - Miss World contest is taking place in India with many interesting activities. Vietnam's representative Mai Phuong is still ranked among the top contestants of this year's season.

Recently, international beauty site Sash Factor released its first rankings. This result is based on the observation and performance of more than 100 beauties during a week in India. The g.irl who is expected to be crowned is the representative from Peru, followed by the representative from the Czech Republic and third place belongs to the representative from Turkey.

Mai Phuong caught the eye of the big man, standing out when competing with the reigning MW 2021 - Photo 1

Mai Phuong of Vietnam is expected to finish 11th overall. Being in the Top 20 as well as position 11 is recognition of the efforts of the g.irl born in 1999 during the past time.

Previously, according to the rankings of a famous beauty site, they also released a list of the 12 most prominent and impressive names in this year's season. Mai Phuong of Vietnam is ranked 9/12. This result is not only based on the media effects or followers of the girls on social networks, but they perceive the contestants' potential, communication and especially philanthropic projects and volunteer activities. throughout recent times.

Mai Phuong caught the eye of the big man, standing out when competing with the reigning MW 2021 - Photo 2

Although all predictions at this time are only subjective, hopefully this will be a source of motivation to help Mai Phuong become more confident to shine ecstatically in the final night that will take place on March 9.

Currently, Mai Phuong has been showing stable performance at Miss World 2023. She scored points with her elegant and luxurious fashion style, along with her ability to communicate in English fluently, compared to a female. diplomatic prince. The fact that she constantly "scrambled" English to greet flight attendants at the airport and her roommates made Vietnamese fans very proud.

Mai Phuong caught the eye of the big man, standing out when competing with the reigning MW 2021 - Photo 3

Recently, the beauty born in 1999 completed the presentation contest about the charity project quite smoothly. She spoke about the YAKO by Mai Phuong project with all her conviction and compassion. It is known that she speaks English and does not need a translator.

The photo of Mai Phuong competing with Karolina Bielawska - the reigning Miss World 2021 - received many compliments from the audience at home. It's easy to see that the Vietnamese representative is preparing quite well when arriving in India. Standing in the same frame with the seniors in a dress that is not too fussy but exudes elegance - in accordance with Miss World criteria.

Originally, Mai Phuong and Karolina Bielawska had the opportunity to meet and interact with each other when the beauty from Poland came to Vietnam for work. Meeting each other again, the two appeared very affectionate and gave each other warm hugs.

Mai Phuong caught the eye of the big man, standing out when competing with the reigning MW 2021 - Photo 4

Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong was crowned Miss World Vietnam 2022, 1.7 m tall, measurements 82-63-92 cm. In addition to her beauty, Mai Phuong is highly appreciated for her educational background, with an IELTS score of 8.0. Many fans expect Mai Phuong to go deep in the competition. She had two years to prepare for the competition, including learning the catwalk, critical thinking, and preparing costumes.

Mai Phuong caught the eye of the big man, standing out when competing with the reigning MW 2021 - Photo 5

According to the schedule, February 22 is the qualifying round of the Sports Beauty contest. February 23 is the Head to Head Challenge. In addition, there will be additional competitions such as Fashion Beauty on March 2 and Talent Beauty on March 3.

Miss World 2024 final takes place on March 9. The reigning Miss World 2021 is Polish beauty - Karolina Bielawska. She is the Miss World with the longest tenure in history, lasting more than 3 years.

Mai Phuong caught the eye of the big man, standing out when competing with the reigning MW 2021 - Photo 6

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