Rumor has it that Phuong Nhi - Luong Thuy Linh "fell apart", what does the management company say?

Phong TrầnFeb 23, 2024 at 15:18

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The close friends Phuong Nhi - Luong Thuy Linh suddenly raised suspicions of "cheating" when a post appeared "exposing" the unexpected truth of the runner-up named "billionaire fairy", making many fans extremely excited. s.hock.

Famous from the Miss World Vietnam 2022 contest with the title of 2nd runner-up, Phuong Nhi is one of the young queens receiving the most attention currently. The beauty born in 2002 was praised by netizens for her beauty and was given the title "billionaire fairy" because of her sweet and pure beauty.

Rumor has it that Phuong Nhi - Luong Thuy Linh fell apart, what does the management company say? - Photo 1

Recently, since preparing for Miss International until now, Phuong Nhi has continuously received a lot of criticism and attracted many antifans because of her unsubtle statements and behavior.

Rumor has it that Phuong Nhi - Luong Thuy Linh fell apart, what does the management company say? - Photo 2

After a period of silence, Phuong Nhi was suddenly caught in a "scandal" related to relationship problems with senior Luong Thuy Linh.

Specifically, a person posted an article detailing Luong Thuy Linh unfollowing and deleting all the photos and videos the two took together on social networks. During that time, Luong Thuy Linh posted the story "You're so fake" (temporary translation: you are very fake).

Rumor has it that Phuong Nhi - Luong Thuy Linh fell apart, what does the management company say? - Photo 3

Not stopping yet, from August 2023 until now, if you pay attention, you will know that Phuong Nhi no longer has skin to ship with Luong Thuy Linh like before, her seniors also no longer interact outside or on Phuong Nhi's social networks, even though others Luong Thuy Linh still interacts regularly. Many people suspect that the pair of "unfaithful" sisters are taking a break from playing.

Rumor has it that Phuong Nhi - Luong Thuy Linh fell apart, what does the management company say? - Photo 4

Recently, social networks have been constantly buzzing with suspicions that Phuong Nhi is dating the c.hild of a "big man" related to a car brand. The content of this article says:

"Recently, PN's dating hints were revealed in the newspaper. It's not natural that at events of a certain car company, the SV family only has LTL and PN attending continuously, LTL is quite suitable not to mention, but PN appears. continuously at this company's events, but not a flower, another more luxurious runner-up. In SV, only these 2 girls follow this company's guy on Instagram, there is news that this guy is the current PN's lover first When she knew and flirted with PN, she noticed LTL first. Last August, after the national costume show of the MG contest, PN wore a t-shirt with Prince V's name written on it, probably to assert her sovereignty. I know. Add to that the fact that you always build a pure image in interviews saying you've never had a lover, but you're constantly showing off photos with your high school sweetheart in the countryside and hugging the young master at the hotel in PQ."

Rumor has it that Phuong Nhi - Luong Thuy Linh fell apart, what does the management company say? - Photo 5

Rumor has it that Phuong Nhi - Luong Thuy Linh fell apart, what does the management company say? - Photo 6

Currently, both Phuong Nhi and Luong Thuy Linh have not spoken further about this issue. Previously, Phuong Nhi was questioned by netizens when she often called Luong Linh "husband". Many people think that Phuong Nhi can joke normally at first when she is close to her seniors. But always calling Luong Thuy Linh "husband" publicly on social networks has been criticized as disrespectful to Luong Thuy Linh.

Rumor has it that Phuong Nhi - Luong Thuy Linh fell apart, what does the management company say? - Photo 7

When asked about the information spreading on social networks about the relationship between Luong Thuy Linh - Phuong Nhi, the management company of the two Haus said: "This is just rumors and speculation. There is no rift or What is the conflict between you?

Not only was she involved in the controversy surrounding her separation from her "husband" Luong Linh, Phuong Nhi was also criticized by netizens for not being tactful with her close sister Mai Phuong. Specifically, the beauty from Thanh Hoa did not come to see Mai Phuong off to India to attend Miss World 2024. Although before that, the top 3 Miss World 2021 maintained an extremely close relationship. This makes many fans confused and continues to raise doubts about the conflict between the two beauties.

Rumor has it that Phuong Nhi - Luong Thuy Linh fell apart, what does the management company say? - Photo 8

However, it cannot be ruled out that Phuong Nhi has her own school schedule and schedule so she cannot arrange time to support her seniors. On her personal page, the 2002 beauty still sent wishes to her sister Mai Phuong on her journey at Miss World.

Rumor has it that Phuong Nhi - Luong Thuy Linh fell apart, what does the management company say? - Photo 9

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