After Mai Phuong's failure, what does Vietnamese beauty need to do to advance far at Miss World?

Trường NguyễnMar 15, 2024 at 16:26

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Despite her good performance throughout the Miss World contest, it was Mai Phuong's failure that made the Vietnamese beauty fan community wonder what to do to get into the top ranks.

After many years of regularly carrying the bell to beat foreign countries at the Miss World front line, about 20 beauties were sent to compete, but not once did the Vietnamese representatives touch the green crown. Even reaching the final Top 5 is something that has never happened.

Remember, when Miss Karolina - Miss World 2021 visited Vietnam, Ms. Pham Kim Dung - the copyright holder of Miss World in Vietnam personally asked the queen from Poland for what reason? Vietnamese representatives have not yet entered international beauty contests. At that time, Karolina replied: "In recent years, Vietnamese representatives have been very strong and received a lot of attention. But the problem is not beauty, but rather that Vietnamese beauty queens do not know how to stand out." Perhaps the phrase "don't know how" is the key word that future generations of juniors need to pay attention to when coming to the most prestigious and fierce beauty playground on the planet like Miss World.

After Mai Phuongs failure, what does Vietnamese beauty need to do to advance far at Miss World? - Photo 1

Over the past two decades, many people have been wondering what the representatives from Vietnam are missing. It's not an English story because Mai Phuong has an IELTS level of 8.0, nor is it a height thing because Dieu Ngoc stands out with a physique of 1m80. If it's because of her b.ody, Loan Nguyen can overwhelm all opponents from Latin America, if we say it's because it's not beautiful enough, Tieu Vy's face can be compared to a once-in-a-lifetime beauty. So what is the reason why Vietnam missed the chance to touch the crown five times seven times?

After Mai Phuongs failure, what does Vietnamese beauty need to do to advance far at Miss World? - Photo 2

Perhaps beauty lovers have come to a clear distinction between a Vietnamese g.irl speaking good English and responding well in English.

Agree, Mai Phuong communicates in English quite fluently and she understands what she is saying and what content she needs to convey to the other person. But it just stops at transmitting information from one person to another. Obviously, in the Head to Head competition, the Vietnamese representative did quite well, but she was limited in b.ody language, eyes and intonation. Meanwhile, gods of war like the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom or Lebanon, they express themselves with poise. They bring the history - country - people and spirit of their homeland to attract the emotions of the judges. Therefore, Mai Phuong's weakness is the lack of strong, groundbreaking arguments and is often one-sided, unable to summarize the meaning.

After Mai Phuongs failure, what does Vietnamese beauty need to do to advance far at Miss World? - Photo 3

With the Miss World contest, the judges are not too concerned with the image and visuals of the girls appearing on the red carpet or the graceful evening gowns, but are more interested in their thinking and how they present themselves. With a number of contestants up to 120 people, they don't have enough time to listen to what all the girls have to say. Most Vietnamese beauties are making a basic mistake of waiting for someone to call their name, then they dare to dare. Stand up to present your point of view. Meanwhile, strong opponents do not have the courage to give each other a chance because every moment is about scoring and competing. Therefore, I am f.orced to volunteer, f.orced to be bold.

After Mai Phuongs failure, what does Vietnamese beauty need to do to advance far at Miss World? - Photo 4

It can be seen that the new Miss World 2024 has an extremely outstanding background. She founded a charity foundation named after Krystyna - to provide quality education for children. In July 2022, Krystyna and Sonta Foundation built an English school for more than 300 children in Tanzania. At the same time, Krystyna also supported lunches and built a clean water supply system for all teachers and students at the school. She also called for and planted more than 1,000 trees, aiming to f.ight deforestation, increase biodiversity and minimize the impact of climate change. Krystyna hopes to raise awareness about the importance of forests and promote sustainable forestry practices. All of these things she did when she was not yet 23 years old.

After Mai Phuongs failure, what does Vietnamese beauty need to do to advance far at Miss World? - Photo 5

After Mai Phuongs failure, what does Vietnamese beauty need to do to advance far at Miss World? - Photo 6

Meanwhile, Mai Phuong's profile consists of only a few bullet points, she is introduced as the founder of the YAKO By Maiphuong fund. A project to produce and sell fashion and use all revenue for charity. Even Do Ha or Luong Thuy Linh - Tieu Vy don't have a story "salty enough" to bring to Miss World. Because the time from being crowned domestically until going abroad is only 3 months of preparation.

After Mai Phuongs failure, what does Vietnamese beauty need to do to advance far at Miss World? - Photo 7

It will be a long time before Vietnam has a representative who has a unique mindset and mark when carrying bells to f.ight in foreign lands. And the beauty of countries in the region is that they know their strengths but do not let it overshadow the standards, requirements and criteria of a global competition. That's success.

After Mai Phuongs failure, what does Vietnamese beauty need to do to advance far at Miss World? - Photo 8

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