Park Eun Bin not participating in part 2 "Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo"?

An NhiAug 30, 2022 at 14:19

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Success with the female lead role in "Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo" made Park Eun Bin extremely popular. Therefore, as soon as there are rumors that the drama will continue to be produced in part 2, the audience is extremely looking forward to Park Eun Bin's participation.

The great success of the movie "Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo" has made the producer "green light" to continue producing season 2 of the drama. Specifically, Korean media reported that "Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo" will be produced part 2, scheduled to air in 2024.

Park Eun Bin not participating in part 2 "Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo"? - Photo 1

ASTORY CEO Lee Sang Baek shared his hopes and plans for the second season, "Thanks to the warm support from viewers, 'Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo' will return with season 2. , which we hope to air in 2024. Coordinating the schedules of the cast and production team is not easy, so we will have to discuss this a lot."

Regarding the cast, CEO Lee Sangbaek assured viewers that not much will change: "We have plans with more than 90% actors and production staff."

Park Eun Bin not participating in part 2 "Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo"? - Photo 2

However, in a new interview with ET, the film's lead actress Park Eun Bin said that she has not received any specific information for part 2. Park Eun Bin also left open the possibility of participating in the film: "For with my next project, it will first be after I rest a bit and I think I will need more consideration and determination.From my image to now, I have been through a period of time. I spent a lot of time with Woo Young Woo. So in order to prepare for a new role, I think I will have to evaluate as much as I did for this project, if not more."

In ENA's hit drama, "Strange Female Lawyer Woo Young Woo," Park Eun Bin plays the lead role of Woo Young Woo, a young lawyer with autism spectrum syndrome who starts working at a law firm. big law firm.

Park Eun Bin not participating in part 2 "Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo"? - Photo 3

Initially, the film did not receive much attention because it was shown on the television channel of a small cable station, further exploiting the unfamiliar topic of the autism spectrum. However, the film has gained great sympathy with the audience when it comes to many different issues that exist in society but are not given due attention such as women, small business owners, gender minorities. ...

Especially, Park Eun Bin's natural and delicate acting has won the hearts of the audience, gradually bringing sympathy to the character Woo Young Woo. Sharing his feelings before and after the drama was broadcast, Park Eun Bin said, "Although it is true that I put a lot of effort into the drama, I left an impression on viewers after the broadcast and did not meet the audience's expectations. I was a bit scared by the sudden, explosive reaction right after the broadcast, I was asked for autographs more often."

To create his version of Woo Young Woo, Park Eun Bin commented, "Both positive and negative as the story changes from episode to episode. I took that as the main point to draw viewers towards Woo Young Woo, who speaks of an unusual and strange but meaningful and beautiful life".

Park Eun Bin not participating in part 2 "Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo"? - Photo 4

She further explained, "I decided that it was my moral responsibility to exclude references as much as possible and not use real people with autism as a means, to emphasize Woo Young's uniqueness. Woo. Woo Young Woo is not a representative or spokesperson for people with autism, so I wanted to show her unique features."

As for how the drama will live on in her memories, Park Eun Bin shared, "It was a project that made me feel unfamiliar with the fear of trying new things. Young Woo is more mature than me. She knows the weight and influence of adults and is someone who wants to use that influence well. like a magic spell."

In university, Park Eun Bin majored in psychology and communication, which is not often seen in actors. She explains that she chose these majors because she enjoys human relationships and learns more about herself.

Park Eun Bin not participating in part 2 "Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo"? - Photo 5

Digging deeper, she elaborated on this experience when describing the difference between the person Park Eun Bin and the actress Park Eun Bin.

After debuting as a c.hild actress, Park Eun Bin has worked tirelessly for more than two decades in acting. When asked about feeling exhausted and how to recover, Park Eun Bin honestly shared that she feels very tired these days.

With the success of the film, the main cast and crew took a short break in Bali. Referring to that, Park Eun Bin shared that her favorite way to rest is to do nothing and just relax.

Park Eun Bin not participating in part 2 "Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo"? - Photo 6

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