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Moon Woo Jin: "Park Seo Joon kid" blossoms, netizens discover future god

Minh Ngọc23:07:18 08/01/2024
Moon Woo Jin is best known for his role as a childhood vice president in "Secretary Kim Star." He impressed when he suddenly appeared with a blossoming appearance at the age of 15 in the movie Castaway Diva in 2023.

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Song Hye Kyo was "crushed by her head" by Song Joong Ki to visit her boyfriend?

Hoàng Phúc11:49:14 15/08/2023
The recent moves of Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki make the public think that the once-golden couple is having a battle on the media front. Recently, the fact that her ex-husband surpassed the actress surnamed Song caused a lot of controversy.

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Song Hye Kyo makes a male god blush, even a 11-year-old Korean beauty is scared when standing next to her!

Thảo Mai07:50:20 06/05/2023
Participating in movies for more than 23 years, Song Hye Kyo has pocketed many lifetime roles and countless offers to represent big brands. She is considered a "top-class" worthy of reality in Korea when continuously topping the charts of commercial value, national conversion...

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Joo Hyun Young - Who is Park Eun Bin's best friend in the strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo?

Minh Lợi17:55:29 15/04/2023
Recently, the movie "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" (Extraordinary Attorney Woo) has created a huge fever when "bombing" Korean movie charts. In particular, besides the female lead Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin), her best friend Dong Geurami (Joo Hyun Young) also received a lot of...

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Song Hye Kyo was troubled by Lee Min Ho's ex-lover, related to dating rumors with a male actor?

Minh Lợi09:44:08 08/04/2023
On April 4, the Baeksang Arts Awards announced the official list of candidates. In particular, in the field of dramas, the stars of The Glory series were named in many important categories. Most notably, Song Hye Kyo (as Moon Dong Eun) was nominated for the Best Actress...

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Song Joong Ki is not fully happy even though he has just announced his new love, Song Hye Kyo is excited?

Minh Lợi16:33:21 10/01/2023
The movie "The Youngest B.oy" has helped Song Joong Ki to flourish on his career path and continue to explode in love from the audience. The work with the content of attractive market fighting is creating a huge fever in recent times. However, despite the high viewership ratings...

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Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin received sad news at the end of the year, the reason was because of Song Joong Ki

Minh Lợi14:47:48 19/12/2022
"Crash Landing on You" was officially "ousted" by the youngest son of the tycoon from the chart of the most popular movie in cable history. Many fans of Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin felt regret when "Crash Landing on You" out of the top 3. However, they still congratulated Song Joong...

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IU, Gong Hyo Jin and the Kbiz beauties are famous not only for their acting but also for this talent

An Nhi11:54:42 22/09/2022
In the harsh entertainment industry, talent alone is not enough, many actors struggle to find a place because they cannot choose the right script. However, there are names known as "the golden hand in the village choosing the script", quickly rising like a kite in the wind...

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Park Eun Bin not participating in part 2 "Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo"?

An Nhi14:19:39 30/08/2022
Success with the female lead role in "Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo" made Park Eun Bin extremely popular. Therefore, as soon as there are rumors that the drama will continue to be produced in part 2, the audience is extremely looking forward to Park Eun Bin's...

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Kang Ki Young: Dull for 13 years, now changing his life thanks to "Strange female lawyer", perfect marriage

Hoàng Phúc13:20:09 27/08/2022
Although his career has not been outstanding and outstanding, but with his efforts and talents, Kang Ki Young has always created certain successes in his acting career. In particular, most recently, the actor caused a fever when he returned to the screen through the role of Jung...

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Park Eun Bin didn't go out to eat with the crew because of friction, "Strange Female Lawyer" won't have a part 2?

Hoàng Phúc14:04:57 26/08/2022
Rumored to have a disagreement with the crew of the movie Weird Female Lawyer Woo Young Woo, so they didn't go out to eat together, Park Eun Bin recently revealed the real reason behind. Rebutting the rumors, she said that this action is for the purpose of preventing the spread...

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Song Hye Kyo - Son Ye Jin, Yoona - Suzy and the rival couples of Korean cinema, who is better than whom?

Hoàng Phúc07:42:46 18/08/2022
Debuting at the same time and often meeting each other while "comparing" for the top position, the following famous Korean actor pairs are always suspected by the audience that there is an underground war between them even though there has never been one. any hostility. Song Hye...

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Jisoo, Lisa openly fell in love with "Strange female lawyer" Park Eun Bin, and imitated doing a lovely act.

Hoàng Phúc09:14:38 11/08/2022
Right from the first days of its broadcast, Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh's drama "Strange Lawyer Woo Young Woo" has created a fever in the domestic market and many Asian countries. The film received a large number of fans of different ages and professions, including celebrities...

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Park Eun Bin was once suspected of a fake love drama with Yoo Seung Ho because of an interesting relationship

Hoàng Anh09:17:05 08/08/2022
The unimaginable success of the work "The strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo" has helped Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh reach a new level. The couple was actively pushed by the public from the movie to the outside. However, recently, after digging through the actress's past...

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Kang Tae Oh reveals the truth about the h.ot kiss scene with Park Eun Bin

An Nhi13:03:27 30/07/2022
The sweet "lip lock" scene of the main couple Lee Jun Ho and Woo Young Woo in the latest episode of "Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo" made the audience "melt". Recently, the star of "The strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo" Kang Tae Oh appeared on the program "Kim Shin...

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Park Eun Bin is afraid to play Woo Young Woo, once participated in Taeyang - Taeyeon's MV and a series of little known secrets

Hoàng Phúc10:59:38 26/07/2022
The name Park Eun Bin is a h.ot topic discussed a lot on domestic and foreign forums. The actress conquered the audience with her talent through her latest role in the movie "Strange Lawyer Woo Young Woo". Although only 29 years old, few people know that Park Eun Bin's career has...

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Park Eun Bin - An actor but afraid to watch movies, together with Jang Dong G.un caused a fever for a while

Nắng16:00:23 20/07/2022
Park Eun Bin is one of the Korean actresses who have been interested in recent times by the audience thanks to her role as Woo Young Woo, a female lawyer with autism spectrum disorder in the movie Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Vietnamese title: Weird Female Lawyer Woo Young Woo)...

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Han So Hee was cursed for being nominated at Baeksang 2022, Son Ye Jin was confusingly absent?

An Nhi11:58:08 12/04/2022
After the nomination list at the 58th Baeksang Awards was announced, the audience was not satisfied. The Baeksang Film and Television Arts Awards Ceremony is one of the a.ward ceremonies held annually and on a large scale in Korea. However, in recent years, this a.ward ceremony...

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Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Se Young and the most successful national c.hild stars puberty in Korea

Hoàng Phúc07:33:54 07/02/2022
The c.hild stars made a spectacular makeover that made netizens admire. In Korean movies, c.hild actors have a lot of acting space and leave a great impression. But there are not many people who can maintain their popularity and develop into professional actors when they grow up...

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Park Eun Bin "Glass Shoes": He was hated when he was a c.hild, grew up to be very holy

Hậu Hậu11:20:47 19/08/2021
It can be said that the movie Glass Shoes once "stormed" Asian screens and took away the audience's tears. Not only the main actors, but the girls and boys who played the main characters in childhood also showed "not average" acting. Among them, Park Eun Bin received many...

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