Kang Tae Oh reveals the truth about the h.ot kiss scene with Park Eun Bin

An NhiJul 30, 2022 at 13:03

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The sweet "lip lock" scene of the main couple Lee Jun Ho and Woo Young Woo in the latest episode of "Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo" made the audience "melt".

Recently, the star of "The strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo" Kang Tae Oh appeared on the program "Kim Shin Young's hope song at Noon" of MBC FM4U.

Kang Tae Oh reveals the truth about the h.ot kiss scene with Park Eun Bin - Photo 1

"Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo" tells the story of Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin), an intelligent young woman with a remarkable memory but lacks social skills due to autism. Starting her first job at the firm as a lawyer, Woo Young Woo faces challenges and prejudices outside the courtroom as she wins cases with the help of trainee lawyer Lee. Jun Ho (Kang Tae Oh) and senior lawyer Jung Myung Seok ( Kang Ki Young). The film depicts her struggles and successes as a lawyer using her impressive memory and creative thought process to solve cases.

Kang Tae Oh reveals the truth about the h.ot kiss scene with Park Eun Bin - Photo 2

According to Nielsen Korea, the 10th episode of "Strange Female Lawyer Woo Young Woo" achieved an average nationwide rating of 15.2%. One of the most notable scenes of episode 10 was the kiss scene between Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho. Sharing about the kiss scene with actress Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh explained, "It was late when we filmed, we were still in the hallway of an apartment, so we had to keep quiet. I was very nervous because it was a kiss scene. I talked to Eun Bin unnie who was sweeter than usual."

The actor confessed he had difficulty with the line "I think it would be better if you opened your mouth a little more". "I think that line will change depending on how I say it. So I tried to check the atmosphere at the scene. Eun Bin led the romantic atmosphere while acting, so it was It just happens naturally."

Kang Tae Oh reveals the truth about the h.ot kiss scene with Park Eun Bin - Photo 3

Kang Tae Oh recalls the moment when he first read the script for "Strange Female Lawyer Woo Young Woo". He commented, "Honestly, I can't read fast, but I just enjoy this script. It's like eating delicious food. I feel that it's a heartwarming drama where the lines are dialogue. sweet, melting. I think it would be great to participate in this drama regardless of the role."

Regarding the scene where Lee Jun Ho's character removed Woo Young Woo's eyelashes, he joked, "Lee Jun Ho is a bit flirty. People say that Lee Jun Ho is like a fox, but I denied it. . However, when I saw that scene, I thought he was probably a bit too much."

Kang Tae Oh reveals the truth about the h.ot kiss scene with Park Eun Bin - Photo 4

It can be said that, because of the hotness of the film, the cast also received the attention of a large audience. Accordingly, the sharing of the male lead Kang Tae Oh about the ideal model was also dug up by netizens. Specifically, when it comes to his ideal type, he did not hesitate to r.eveal, "I like people with short hair. I don't know why, but every time I see someone with beautiful short hair, I want to look back even more. look again".

The audience immediately discovered the similarity between Kang Tae Oh's ideal type and the female lead Park Eun Bin who played Woo Young Woo in the drama "Strange Lawyer Woo Young Woo".

Kang Tae Oh reveals the truth about the h.ot kiss scene with Park Eun Bin - Photo 5

Immediately after appearing with short hair, Park Eun Bin continuously received compliments from the audience because she was too suitable for this hairstyle. The online community thinks that when she has long hair, Park Eun Bin exudes a luxurious and beautiful look, and when she cuts her hair short, the actress impresses the audience with her pure and lovely appearance.

This coincidence makes movie lovers happy to associate Kang Tae Oh and Park Eun Bin. Not only are they similar to each other's ideal models, the strange female lawyer couple Woo Young Woo also makes the audience's heart drop because of the caring actions they both have for each other behind the scenes and also the chemical reactions in each other. episode.

Reportedly, Kang Tae Oh is expected to start his military service in August or later in September.

Kang Tae Oh reveals the truth about the h.ot kiss scene with Park Eun Bin - Photo 6

The actor's agency representative told the media, "Kang Tae Oh has to enlist at the end of the year. He hasn't received a summons yet, so he's waiting."

Man of Creation also added that Kang Tae Oh may be enlisting as an active-duty soldier.

"It is true that Kang Tae Oh originally wanted to enroll in the UDT or the marines" - the company representative said - "However, because special units like UDT and branches like the marines require an application. As members of staff have to pass certain exams, Kang Tae Oh may choose to enlist as a regular soldier to begin his mandatory service immediately."

Kang Tae Oh reveals the truth about the h.ot kiss scene with Park Eun Bin - Photo 7

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