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Oc Thanh Van cried angrily while cooking for her 3 children in Australia, why?

Đình Như10:21:10 10/06/2024
After announcing to settle in Australia and temporarily suspend artistic activities in Vietnam, the life of Oc Thanh Van and her 3 children in a foreign country still receives the attention of many audiences.

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Oc Thanh Van mentioned divorce, fake marriage, r.evealing her real relationship with her husband

Uyển Đình14:17:39 05/06/2024
Oc Thanh Van's life in Australia has always been of interest to the audience. The actress has been involved in divorce rumors many times, fake marriage with her husband, until recently, she spoke out about the real relationship of the two.

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Snail Thanh Van bragged about going out with her "lover", wanting to be away from her husband amid divorce rumors?

Quỳnh Quỳnh08:59:41 02/06/2024
Recently, the fact that Oc Thanh Van and 3 children came to Australia has sparked many rumors about married life. Therefore, every move of the actress is of special interest to everyone.

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My Tam's side spoke up about the rumor of adopting the daughter of late actress Mai Phuong

Phong Trần12:24:25 15/05/2024
Social networks suddenly spread the news that female singer My Tam will adopt the daughter of late actress Mai Phuong. This information received attention from the online community. My Tam side also officially spoke out about this.

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Oc Thanh Van encountered an accident in the US, asked her husband for help, and received a more shocking statement in return!

Thảo Mai13:41:45 25/04/2024
Recently, Oc Thanh Van's overseas life has received attention from the audience. Recently, the actress said she felt sorry for herself because she had an incident but her husband was not by her side.

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Oc Thanh Van struggled in Australia, suffered countless hardships with her children in a foreign land, it was painful to hear

Thanh Phúc21:31:27 22/04/2024
The life of female artist Oc Thanh Van since settling in Australia has always been a topic of public interest. Few people know that she has to learn to adapt day by day, facing many difficulties, especially when it comes to arranging work with her 3 children.

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After being rumored to be divorced, Oc Thanh Van is now in a fake marriage, helplessly going online to ask for help

Hướng Dương10:00:42 10/04/2024
Settling in Australia, Oc Thanh Van continuously encountered false rumors about her personal life. Most recently, she got caught up in the controversy of having a fake marriage to live abroad, and had to speak up to correct it.

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Cat Tuong visited Oc Thanh Van's house in Australia, r.evealing the truth about her junior's divorce rumors

Bảo Nam10:55:22 27/03/2024
Cat Tuong had the opportunity to return to Australia after 2 years. She visited the private home of actress Oc Thanh Van. Here, the former MC You want to date expressed surprise at his junior's property in a foreign country.

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Oc Thanh Van's fortune was extremely shocking amid rumors of divorce, living in Australia, and a lot of m.oney

Thanh Phúc21:31:41 21/03/2024
Meritorious Artist Oc Thanh Van made the audience admire her dream life when she came to Australia. Even though she has temporarily left showbiz, Oc Thanh Van still has a full life, living in a villa and driving a luxury car that everyone who sees will be jealous.

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Rumor has it that Snail Thanh Van divorced her husband and settled in Australia, having to raise 3 children alone?

Bảo Nam11:57:26 20/03/2024
Snail Thanh Van was recently caught up in rumors that she divorced her husband and went to Australia to be a single mother. Faced with this noise, the owner spoke up. At the same time, the actress also revealed her life in a foreign land.

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Snail Thanh Van was awarded Meritorious Artist and now has to work as a shipper in Australia, struggling in a foreign land?

Pinky10:28:22 19/03/2024
Oc Thanh Van surprised many people when she shared her current life after her family moved to Australia. Leaving the glory of showbiz, Oc Thanh Van still loves her job. After 20 years of career, she has now been awarded the title of Meritorious Artist.

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Mai Phuong was once confessed to by a close friend: She wanted to welcome her mother and daughter to America to live with them

Trường Nguyễn10:30:30 14/03/2024
Male singer Ngoc Chau's confessions about the past of late actress Mai Phuong received a lot of attention from public opinion. Everyone expressed their emotion at the late actor's lifestyle and personality.

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Oc Thanh Van settled in Australia, close friend Mai Phuong clarified about the donation to Lavie?

Hoàng Phúc15:05:13 04/01/2024
Regarding the information about Lavie's savings book that is interested again, singer Truong Bao Nhu voiced that this m.oney is still kept safe for Lavie, without any copper chipping.

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Phung Ngoc Huy celebrates her daughter's birthday, nanny reveals Lavie's strange attitude towards her father

Juni Nguyễn10:05:01 22/08/2023
In addition to being reunited with her daughter after many years, Phung Ngoc Huy also recently held a warm and happy birthday party to make up for b.aby Lavie during many years of separation.

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Phung Ngoc Huy reunites with daughter Lavie after many years, her reaction is surprising

Ning Jing21:44:55 10/08/2023
After a long time settling in the US as well as taking care of all procedures, Phung Ngoc Huy recently returned to Vietnam to reunite with b.aby Lavie after many years of separation. This is also considered good news for b.aby Lavie.

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Mai Phuong's daughter nanny constantly posted an apology, Oc Thanh Van also worried people

Nắng11:05:06 07/08/2022
Recently, on her personal page, the nanny, the daughter of the late artist Mai Phuong, suddenly posted a status line that confused many people. Specifically, the MC shared: "It's like a mental crisis!". Then, below the article, Oc Thanh Van also left a comment: "Huhu"...

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Thanh Van snail warned that his biological mother was cheated of 100 million, netizens also blamed the opposite: "Lack of love for children and grandchildren"

Nam Phương22:01:32 30/04/2022
The actress's mother had to borrow and transfer nearly 100 million VND to the bad guys. The development of digital technology is an opportunity for bad guys to take advantage of and appropriate people's property. Most of them are targeted at psychologically weak groups such as...

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Oc Thanh Van - A multi-talented female artist and a strong marriage for more than a decade with her first love

An Nhi10:52:26 23/04/2022
Not only has a successful career, Oc Thanh Van is also a full-fledged female artist with a happy marriage. Thanh Van snail whose real name is Pham Thi Thanh Van, in addition to being known as an actress - a rare multi-talented MC of Showbiz Viet, she not only shines in the...

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Quy Binh suddenly posted a 'hidden' status saying that he had his first c.hild, many Vietnamese stars immediately did this?

Huỳnh Như19:33:31 15/03/2022
With a very hidden status, Quy Binh attracted many Vietnamese stars as well as netizens. On the morning of March 15, on her personal page, actress Quy Binh posted a curious status line: "06:55, March 15, 2022", along with the status of feeling lovely. Although Quy Binh did not...

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B.aby Lavie - The daughter of the late actress Mai Phuong as a photo model, a feature like a "copy" of her late mother!

Hoàng Phúc14:43:07 03/01/2022
The new image of b.aby Lavie has attracted the attention of many people. Recently, on the social network appeared the image of Lavie as a c.hild model for an acquaintance's fashion brand. It can be seen that the daughter of the late actress Mai Phuong is now grown up, she has long...

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Thanh Van snail is still being scolded for 'selling fake goods'

Khánh Lam10:37:54 31/08/2021
Thanh Van snail was confused, I don't know where the customer defaulted to selling poor quality products... Recently, Oc Thanh Van urgently posted when having trouble in business. According to his wife Tri Rua, although she has stopped all forms of trading in the past 2 months...

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Phi Thanh Van appeared emaciated after the funeral of her biological mother, the Vietnamese stars were sad

Duyên Trần15:04:44 17/08/2021
Recently, Phi Thanh Van caused confusion when she changed her profile picture on her personal page to a black background. A few minutes later, the actress sadly announced that her biological mother had passed away, but she could not be near her parents in the last days of her...

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How is the life of the late actress Mai Phuong's daughter now?

Nam Phương15:52:19 16/07/2021
Escaping the noisy nurturing dispute after her biological mother passed away, the current life of Mai Phuong's daughter in the nanny side received great attention from the audience. After actress Mai Phuong passed away, her daughter - Lavie - suddenly became a name that...

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Ho Quang Hieu told the story of losing his wallet and losing ten million dong, but the people were "angry"?

team youtuber15:30:05 26/04/2021
The story started with Ho Quang Hieu posting a h.ot status full of time and information to announce the incident. lost wallet. Hard fans who love to watch Ho Quang Hieu on TikTok also know that he is no longer emotionless but has become a super quality salt barn in showbiz. Even many viewers thought that Ho

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