My Tam's side spoke up about the rumor of adopting the daughter of late actress Mai Phuong

Phong TrầnMay 15, 2024 at 12:24

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Social networks suddenly spread the news that female singer My Tam will adopt the daughter of late actress Mai Phuong. This information received attention from the online community. My Tam side also officially spoke out about this.

Recently, on social networks, information was suddenly shared that the daughter of late actress Mai Phuong was adopted by singer My Tam. This post also confirms that b.aby Lavie does not need to go to the US to stay with Phung Ngoc Huy because she has been raised by "mother My Tam".

My Tams side spoke up about the rumor of adopting the daughter of late actress Mai Phuong - Photo 1

This information quickly attracted attention and caused a stir in the online community. A part congratulated b.aby Lavie on having good support, but some netizens expressed doubts about the authenticity of this information. Talking to the media, My Tam side denied adopting b.aby Lavie.

My Tams side spoke up about the rumor of adopting the daughter of late actress Mai Phuong - Photo 2

Previously, near Tet, b.aby Lavie and My Tam had the opportunity to meet when the singer was doing charity work at a nursing home. It is known that the daughter of the late actress Mai Phuong is also one of My Tam's young fans, and was brought there by her nanny to accompany this meaningful activity.

My Tams side spoke up about the rumor of adopting the daughter of late actress Mai Phuong - Photo 3

At that time, little Lavie surprised My Tam, repeatedly praising "Very good" while crossing her arms and sending wishes to her grandparents at the nursing home. Before leaving, My Tam also proactively offered to give her a bottle of perfume with the names Lavie and actress Mai Phuong engraved as a souvenir.

Lavie's nanny once shared: "Yesterday will probably be a day of many happy memories for b.aby Lavie when she gets to meet Ms. My Tam and she also gives the b.aby a perfume bottle engraved with her mother's and b.aby's names. I always know Thank you for the kindness around you. I thank you and everyone very much." In particular, the nanny said that the late actress Mai Phuong's daughter was so happy that she didn't want to change her clothes after being hugged by singer My Tam.

Four years ago, Vietnamese showbiz was tinged with mourning when it heard that Mai Phuong passed away from cancer. Currently, b.aby Lavie - Mai Phuong's daughter is being raised by a nanny in Vietnam. The b.aby will reunite with his father in the US after his father gets full custody of the c.hild. While waiting for all paperwork to be completed, actress Mai Phuong's daughter received attention from all her colleagues and friends. In addition to the two nannies who take care of her, MC Oc Thanh Van and singer Truong Bao Nhu also love her very much.

My Tams side spoke up about the rumor of adopting the daughter of late actress Mai Phuong - Photo 4

In August 2023, Phung Ngoc Huy returned to Vietnam to visit his daughter and then continued to the US to arrange his life and complete the sponsorship documents for his c.hild.

Phung Ngoc Huy shared about his reunion with Lavie: "During 3 weeks in Vietnam, I picked up b.aby Lavie from the nanny's house to my parents' house. Before returning home, on weekends I often video called my c.hild, Each time we talked for 30 minutes to 1 hour, but we didn't know what the c.hild liked. We hadn't seen each other for a long time. She was 10 years old, so at first we couldn't get close to each other. The c.hild was still very shy and needy time to interact. Then I find out what my c.hild needs and likes and from then on, father and son love each other very much."

My Tams side spoke up about the rumor of adopting the daughter of late actress Mai Phuong - Photo 5

Even though she doesn't have a family nearby, Lavie still has good academic results. She always achieved the title of excellent student and received tuition from the school until the end of high school. According to her nanny, the late actress Mai Phuong's daughter is gentle, studious and very independent. She can do housework, cook, and bake by herself.

My Tams side spoke up about the rumor of adopting the daughter of late actress Mai Phuong - Photo 6

Besides, Lavie is very talented in art and bold in front of the camera. The nanny let her study some talented subjects such as piano and modern dance so that she could develop comprehensively and find her passion. There was a time when Lavie also worked as an advertising model for a brand.

My Tams side spoke up about the rumor of adopting the daughter of late actress Mai Phuong - Photo 7

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